Ramsar Bulletin Board, 1 July 1997

Improving the data on Ramsar sites. Pursuing Resolution VI.13 wherever it may lead, the Bureau is urging Contracting Parties to bring the data on Wetlands of International Importance up to date and up to standard. The revised Information Sheet on Ramsar Wetlands (RIS) is being communicated to the Parties via diplomatic channels; draft RISs for sites with none on file have been developed by the Bureau and the Ramsar/Wetland Sites Officer (Wetlands International) and are being sent to the Parties for correcting and approval; and the Parties are being asked to update RISs for all sites designated prior to 31 December 1990. Get more detail here [29/6/97]

Focus on Costa Rica. Friends of the Earth inaugurates a new wetlands research center in Costa Rica. Focus on Costa Ricareprints an article from Costa Rica Today that gives you the whole story. Not only that, we have another article from the same newspaper, entitled "The secret of the wetlands", which briefs Costa Ricans on wetlands and Ramsar and the upcoming COP. [17/6/97]

Mongolia approves accession. In a fax received 12 June in the Bureau, Mr B Ganbaatar, Director of International Cooperation and Projects in the Ministry of Nature and the Environment of Mongolia, informed the Secretary General that the Parliament of Mongolia accepted accession to the Convention on Wetlands on 5 June 1997. The Ministry of External Relations is presently communicating the instrument of accession to the Director General of UNESCO, and we look forward to welcoming Mongolia to the family of Contracting Parties as soon as UNESCO signifies that it has been received. [13/6/97]

Cooperation with the World Heritage Convention. At an 11 June meeting between Jim Thorsell and Rolf Hogan of the Natural Heritage Programme and the Ramsar Bureau, new channels for increased cooperation were quickly and painlessly agreed upon, including, among other points, 1) liaison on specific joint actions in regard to threats, management planning, and approaches to national authorities in regard to sites shared between the two Conventions or adjacent; 2) assistance in identifying potential worthy sites for future designation under both Conventions (Renée Ferster Levy has identified at least 39 World Heritage sites with major wetland components and another 28 with secondary ones); 3) coordination of reporting formats and reporting on shared sites; 4) mutual assistance in training workshops (especially a proposed World Heritage workshop to be linked to the Ramsar COP in Costa Rica) and funding initiatives; 5) and joint publicity efforts, as in the Ramsar Newsletter and shared training slide show presentations. Momentum is building. [13/6/97]

Norway Visit coming up. The Bureau's Regional Coordinator for Europe, Tim Jones, will visit Norway from 16-20 June as a guest of the Trondheim-based Directorate for Nature Management (the Administrative Authority responsible for implementation of the Convention in Norway). The Norwegian delegation at the Brisbane Conference initiated the Bureau's visit, which is aimed at reviewing implementation of the Strategic Plan in Norway, with special emphasis on management issues at some of the country's 23 Ramsar sites. The visit has been arranged in close cooperation with the county and municipal authorities that play key roles in site management and land-use planning issues. [4/6/97]

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