Hungary's Contribution to the Management Guidance Procedure


(6 April 1997)

[The following is a replica of Hungary's letter to the Bureau dated 28 March 1997 announcing the voluntary contribution of 10,000 Swiss francs towards application of the Management Guidance Procedure in Eastern and Central European Contracting Parties. -- Web Editor.]

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Tel: 36-1/457-3300, 201-3843, Fax: 36-1/201-2846

Mr. Delmar Blasco
Secretary General
Ramsar Bureau
Gland, Switzerland

28 March 1997

Dear Mr. Secretary General,

It is a great pleasure to inform you about the decision made in the Ministry for Environment and Regional Policy concerning mandatory as well as voluntary contributions to be paid to several international conventions and organizations during the current year.

As you may know Hungary has always considered it important to pay its dues to the budget of the Ramsar Convention. A special effort was made in 1995, to support the implementation of the Convention on the international level, by pledging 25 thousand CHF on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Convention.

In 1997 we are in the position to offer 10.000 CHF as a voluntary contribution above the annual contribution. Through the provision of this exceptional financial support we wish to emphasize our commitment to the realization of the objectives of the Convention, with special regard to its Strategic Plan.

By this contribution we intend to assist the Management Guidance Procedure missions in Eastern and Central European Contracting Parties, as well as the organization of the Pan-European Regional Ramsar Meeting, to be held in Latvia.

We will arrange for the bank transfer of both the mandatory and the voluntary contribution soon.

Yours sincerely

dr. Nandor Zoltai
head of department

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