Botswana's Accession to the Convention


(24 February 1997)

[Note: This is a replica of UNESCO's letter to the Secretary General informing the Bureau of the accession of Botswana to the Ramsar Convention. -- Web Editor.]

United Nations Educational,
Scientific and Cultural Organization

UNESCO logo17 JAN. 1997

Reference LA/JD/971432


Mr. Delmar Blasco
Bureau of the Ramsar Convention
Rue Mauverney 28
CH-1196 Gland

Subject : Convention on Wetlands of International Importance especially as Waterfowl Habitat adopted at Ramsar on 2 February 1971 as amended by the Protocol of 3 December 1982 - Accession of Botswana


I wish to inform you of the deposit on 9 December 1996 of the instrument of accession of Botswana to the above-mentioned Convention.

In accordance with Article 5, paragraph 3, of the Protocol of 3 December 1982 amending the Convention, "Any State which becomes a Contracting Party to the Convention after the entry into force of this Protocol shall, failing an expression of a different intention at the time of the signature or of the deposit of the instrument referred to in Article 9 of the Convention, be considered as a Party to the Convention as amended by this Protocol". As the Protocol came into force on 1 October 1986 and as Botswana has not expressed a different intention as stipulated above, Botswana is considered as becoming a party to the Convention as amended by the Protocol.

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 2 (4) of the Convention, Botswana submitted documents containing a description of a wetland known as "The Okavango Delta System" to be included in the list of Wetlands of International Importance established by the Convention and maps indicating the boundaries of this wetland. The original of the document containing the description of wetland is annexed hereto. The maps are being sent to you by separate mail.

In conformity with Article 10 (2), the Convention as amended by the Protocol will enter into force, for Botswana, four months after the deposit of its instrument of accession, that is to say on 9 April 1997.

The Director-General will duly inform the States concerned of the deposit of this instrument of accession.

Yours sincerely,

J. A. Kusi
Director Office of International Standards and Legal Affairs

7, place de Fontenoy
75352 Paris 07 SP France
Tel + (33.1)45 68 10 00
Fax + (33.1)45 67 1690

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