Wetlands of International Importance: Indonesia, Berbak Park


In completing his master's studies in 2000, Asril conducted field research at the Berbak Park Ramsar site in Indonesia on behalf of the government's Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology. Berbak, one of the world's best known expanses of wetland, located in Jambi Province, Sumatra, Indonesia, had been hard hit by the fires of 1997, and Asril's task was conduct field measurements on the extent of recovery.

Here are some of his photos taken in the course of his studies.

The village of Airhitamiaut ("black water sea") on the river of the same name. Two "black water" rivers flow through Berbak, so one is differentiated by the word for "sea" and the other, for "inland". Asril pinpoints this coastal village on the outskirts of Berbak at GPS 01°19.285'S by 104°26.289'E

Taken near the Berbak guardian's sub-office at the same coordinates.

Smoke plumes at sunset, along the side of the Berbak river.

Local folks clearing their land, more smoke along the Berbak river.

Slash and burn techniques at the edge of Berbak Park, and moving inward.

A spider, evidently.

Along the Airhitamlaut river in the heart of Berbak Park. Asril notes that despite the greenness, much of the area behind the shore was struggling to survive the 1997 fires.

Asril's party canoeing through the Melaka river.

The Airhitamlaut river at the heart of Berbak Park.

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