Wetlands of International Importance: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bardaca Wetlands


Bardaca Wetland (Bardaca-mocvarni kompleks). 02/02/07; Republic of Srpska Entity; 3,500 ha; 45°06'N 017°27'E. Important Bird Area. Situated in the floodplain of the Sava River near the border with Croatia, about half of the Ramsar site comprises fishponds constructed since the early 20th century and further enlarged in the 1960s for irrigation purposes. The ponds, floodplain forest, meadow and swamp areas support a range of endangered species and make an important nesting and stopover site for birds. There is a rich fish fauna (e.g., Gymnocephalus schraetzer, Zingel streber) and a range of amphibians such as Salamandra salamandra, rana dalmatina, and the pond tortoise Emys orbicularis. The hydrological regime has been interrupted by the construction of channels, pump stations, and damming of nearby streams, but presently pressure comes from permanent, intensive agricultural practices such as intensive pasturing and unwise use of fertilizers and pesticides. Aquaculture and fish production remain a primary economic pursuit. With assistance from the Ramsar Small Grants Fund, a management plan is currently under development. Ramsar site no. 1658. Most recent RIS information: 2007.

Economic aspects of the Ramsar site; angling chalets along one pond for fishing tourists

Small farmsteads in the Ramsar site

Sheep grazing around the harvest ponds of the fish farm (empty at this time of the year)

Commercial fishing

Workshop participants (Dorothea August, right)

Motel, venue for the November 2006 workshop

Pumping station for fishponds

Small-scale pasturing on the banks: goats, pigs, etc.

Sava floodplain area

Herons in empty fishpond

Grazing geese in the floodplain area

-- photos by Dorothea August, Ramsar

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