13th Meeting of the Scientific and Technical Review Panel (STRP) -- Participants

13th Meeting of the Scientific and Technical Review Panel,
Gland, Switzerland, 30 May - 2 June 2006


Regional networker STRP members:
Africa: Dr Heather MacKay, Chair of STRP
Asia: Ms Rebecca D'Cruz, STRP Vice-Chair
Europe: Dr Karén Jenderedjian
Neotropics: Sra. María Rivera Gutierrez
North America: Prof. Royal C. Gardner
Oceania: Dr Philippe Gerbeaux

Thematic expert STRP members:
Dr. Teresita Borges Hernández - Inventory & assessment/indicators
Mr Randy Milton - Wise use/ecological character
Dr Mike Acreman - Water resource management
Mr David Stroud - Ramsar site designation/management
Dr Max Finlayson - Wetlands & agriculture
Ms Christine Prietto - CEPA

International Organization Partner (IOP)
STRP member representatives
BirdLife International: Mr David Pritchard
IUCN: Dr Mark Smith
IWMI: Dr Rebecca E. Tharme
Wetlands International: Dr Douglas Taylor
WWF: Ms Archana Chatterjee

Observer organization representatives:
UNCCD CST: Mr Viorel Blujdea
CBD Secretariat: Mr Jo Mulongoy
UNCCD Secretariat: Mr Ndegwa Ndiang'ui
CITES Secretariat: Mr Tom De Meulenaer
FAO : Dr Lucilla Spini
UNEP-WCMC: Dr Robert Pople
Society of Wetland Scientists: Mr Robert McInnes
Ducks Unlimited U.S.A.: Dr W. Alan Wentz
RIZA - Netherlands: Mr Joost Backx
GWP - The Global Water Partnership: Mr Bruce Gray
UNEP/AEWA: Mr Sergey Dereliev
ESA-ESRIN: Mr Diego Fernandez-Prieto
GBIF: Ms Beatriz Torres
The Nature Conservancy: Mark Spalding

Other Observers
Chair, Ramsar Standing Committee: Mr Paul Mafabi Gumonye
Vice-Chair, Ramsar Standing Committee: Mr John A. Bowleg
Ramsar Oceania Officer: Mr Vainuupo Jungblut

Invited Experts
Ms Eleni Fitoka - inventory/assessment
Mr George P. Lukacs - agriculture

Observers - Members of CEPA Oversight Panel
Mr Charles C. Amankwah
Sr Stefan Bohórquez
Mr Tunde Ojei

Ramsar Convention Secretariat
Dr Peter Bridgewater - Secretary General
Dr Nick Davidson - Deputy Secretary General
Ms Margarita Astralaga - Senior Advisor for the Americas
Dr Guangchun Lei - Senior Advisor for Asia
Dr Tobias Salathe - Senior Advisor for Europe
Dr Sandra Hails - CEPA Programme Officer
Dr Dwight Peck - Communications Officer
Mr Sebastia Semene Guitart - Development Officer
Mr Adrian Ruiz Carvajal - Assistant for the Americas
Ms Dorothea August - Assistant for Europe
Ms Lucia Scodanibbio - Assistant for Africa
Ms Pragati Tuladhar - Assistant for Asia
Ms Mireille Katz - Executive Assistant to the Secretary General
Ms Paulette Kennedy - Finance and Projects Administrator
Ms Catherine Loetscher - Administrative Assistant
Ms Montse Riera - Office Services Assistant

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