12th Meeting of the Scientific and Technical Review Panel (STRP)

12th Meeting of the Scientific and Technical Review Panel,
Gland, Switzerland, 1-4 February 2005


Report of the meeting

STRP appointed Members

Dr Max Finlayson, Eriss - Australia
Mr Manikchand Puttoo, National Parks & Conservation Service - Mauritius
Dr Heather MacKay, Water Research Commission - South Africa
Dr Lijuan Cui, Research Institute of Forestry - China
Mr Najam Khurshid, Expert consultant -Pakistan
Mrs Tatiana Minaeva, Wetlands International Russia Office - Russia
Dr María José Viñals, Univ. Polit. de Valencia SEHUMED - Spain
Mr David Stroud, Joint Nature Cons. Committee - UK
Dr Teresita Borges, Direc. De Medio Ambiente - Cuba

IOP Members

Mr David Pritchard, BirdLife International
Dr Jean-Yves Pirot, IUCN Wetlands and Water Resources Programme
Dr Douglas Taylor, Wetlands International
Mr Tunde Ojei, Wetlands International
Ms Ellen Dieme-Amting, Wetlands International
Mrs Edith Wenger, WWF International
Mrs Archna Chatterjee, WWF International

Observers & invited experts

Ms Rebecca Tharme, International Water Management Institute (IWMI)
Mr Diego Fernandez-Prieto, European Space Agency (ESA)
Mr Frank Alberts, RIZA, Netherlands
Dr Gordana Beltram, Slovenia (Chair of Standing Committee)
Dr Christoph Zöckler, World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP -WCMC)
Valerie Kapos, UNEP - World Conservation Monitoring Centre
Mr Randy Milton, Canada
Mrs Rebecca D'Cruz, Expert Consultant - Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (Ramsar Synthesis Report)
Mr Sergey Dereliev, UNEP Technical Officer (representing CMS/AEWA secretariats)
Mike Acreman, Institute of Hydrology & Ecology (IHE), UK
Mr Andreas Grünig, Swiss Federal Institute for Agro-Ecology and Land Use Research

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