Standing Committee Subgroup on COP8 -- DOC. COP8 SG-19



Meeting of the Standing Committee Subgroup on COP8
Gland, Switzerland, 15 - 17 May 2002

Agenda item 19


Report and recommendations from the Subgroup on the STRP on the review of STRP's links with other science networks

Action requested: The Subgroups on Finance and on COP8 are invited to note the progress in preparing this review and recommendations, and the proposed arrangements for making available the draft recommendations to the May meetings of the Subgroups.

1. The 26th meeting of the Standing Committee (Decision SC26-29) approved the Terms of Reference for the Standing Committee's Subgroup on the modus operandi of the Scientific and Technical Review Panel for undertaking a "Review of scientific support and synergies amongst partners to improve core science foundation support to the STRP and the Ramsar Convention", with the assistance of Wetlands International and the Ramsar Bureau.

2. As set out in the Terms of Reference, Wetlands International, with the assistance of Ramsar's other International Organization Partners (BirdLife International, IUCN, and WWF International), has been preparing a draft review paper which incorporates suggested recommendations for consideration by the Subgroup on the modus operandi of the STRP.

3. Completion of this draft review paper has been unavoidably delayed beyond its planned schedule for circulation to the Subgroup. It is now anticipated that this will take place by 15 April 2002.

4. On the basis of comments received, Wetlands International, with the assistance of the Bureau, will then prepare draft recommendations for consideration by the Subgroups on Finance and COP8. It is proposed that these recommendations will have been circulated electronically to the members of the Subgroups in early May so as to permit their consideration of the draft recommendations prior to their meetings in mid-May.

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