Standing Committee Subgroup on COP8 -- Draft Agenda

CONVENTION ON WETLANDS (Ramsar, Iran, 1971)Meeting of the Standing Committee Subgroup on COP8
Gland, Switzerland, 15 - 17 May 2002
Agenda item 1


Subgroup on COP8: Australia, Costa Rica, France, India, Mexico, Spain (Chair), and Togo. Observers: Slovenia, USA.

NOTE: On 15 and 16 May the Subgroup meeting will be open to all Contracting Parties wishing to attend as observers. On 17 May, the meeting of the Subgroup on COP 8, acting as the Jury for the Ramsar Award, will be a closed meeting with no observers.

Draft Agenda and Programme

Wednesday 15 May
09:30 - 13:00 and 15:00 - 18:00

1. Opening of the meeting and adoption of the agenda

2. Brief report from the Bureau and the Host Country on developments concerning preparations for COP8 since the last meeting of the Standing Committee (DOC. COP8 SG-2)

3. Draft resolution on Action where Ramsar sites unavoidably lose international importance, prepared by the Contact Group established by Standing Committee decision SC26-4 (DOC. COP8 SG-3)

4. Draft resolution on Review of Ramsar site boundaries for reasons other than urgent national interest, prepared by the Contact Group established by Standing Committee decision SC26-4 (DOC. COP8 SG-4)

5. STRP proposal on Climate change & wetlands: impacts & mitigation (DOC. COP8 SG-5)

6. STRP proposal on Principles and Guidelines on integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) (DOC. COP8 SG-6)

7. Draft resolution on Synergies with other conventions, prepared by the Bureau (DOC. COP8 SG-7)

8. STRP draft resolutions on Gaps and disharmonies in existing Ramsar guidance on ecological character, with prioritization in favor of practical matters, and on a Wetland Ecosystem Assessment Framework (DOC. COP8 SG-8)

9. Discussion paper on Article 3.2 and the reporting of change in ecological character, both human- and naturally-caused changes, and elements of a possible draft resolution on this matter (DOC. COP8 SG-9)

10. STRP's draft resolution on impact assessment and document for the Parties interpreting the CBD's Guidelines on this matter in the Ramsar and wetland context (DOC. COP8 SG-10)

11. COP8 paper and draft resolution on the possible admission of unimpeachable unofficial data to the Ramsar Sites Database (DOC. COP8 SG-11)

18:15 - 19:30 Reception, IUCN entrance hall

Thursday 16 May
09:30 - 13:00 and 15:00 - 18:00

12. Revised New Guidelines on management planning for Ramsar sites and other wetlands (DOC. COP8 SG-12)

13. Draft resolution and annex on the report of the World Commission on Dams (WCD) and its recommendations in the Ramsar and wetland context (DOC. COP8 SG-13)

14. Draft resolution and additional Ramsar guidance on the use of the proposed CBD Guiding Principles [Guidelines] on invasive species (DOC. COP8 SG-14)

15. Draft resolution on Guiding principles on cultural values (DOC. COP8 SG-15)

16. Draft resolution on changes in the Ramsar Information Sheet (DOC. COP8 SG-16)

17. Draft resolution on Guidelines for the designation of mountain wetlands as Wetlands of International Importance (DOC. COP8 SG-17)

18. Draft resolution on Wetlands and agriculture (DOC. COP8 SG-18)

19. Report and recommendations from the Subgroup on the STRP on the review of STRP's links with other science networks (DOC. COP8 SG-19)

20. Proposed workshop on education, communication and public awareness (CEPA) related to wetlands, and preparations by an Ad-Hoc Group on the Ramsar Outreach Programme (DOC. COP8 SG-20)

21. Report on progress with the preparation of a discussion document on the role of cultural and socio-economic issues in the Ramsar Convention, and results of the discussion at CBD's COP6 on the working paper on "The CBD and Ramsar approaches to criteria and classification of inland water ecosystems (for national elaboration of annex I to the Convention on Biological Diversity as pertinent to inland water ecosystems)"

22. Progress being made in the preparation of a report on Lessons learnt in the implementation of the of the Strategic Framework for the Ramsar List (Resolution VII.11), based on the analysis of the National Reports, and a draft resolution for future action

23. Any other issues

Friday 17 May
09:30 - 13:00

Closed meeting of the Subgroup on COP8 acting as the Jury for the Ramsar Wetland Conservation Award 2002

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