42nd Meeting of the Standing Committee


42nd Meeting of the Standing Committee
Gland, Switzerland, 16-20 May 2011

Reports from the meeting

Report of the meeting (English only)  
Decisions of the meeting  
Décisions de la Réunion  
Decisiones de la Reunión  
Documentation for the meeting . .
Report of the Management Working Group. 
Report of the Subgroup on Finance. 


List of participants
Participants' contacts

Opening Statements

The Chair of the Standing Committee (Mr Yeon-chul Yoo)
The Director General of IUCN (Ms Julia Marton-Lefèvre)
Wetlands International on behalf of the IOPs (Ms Jane Madgwick)
The Secretary General of the Convention (Mr Anada Tiéga)

PowerPoint presentations (in PDF format)

1. Report of the Secretary General (Anada Tiéga)
2. Romania wetlands (Romanian delegation)
3. COP11 venue (Romanian delegation)
4. COP11 logo and slogan (Romanian delegation)
5. Regional Initiatives (Tobias Salathé)
6. BlackSeaWet (Grigore Baboianu)
7. Ecosistemas de manglar y arrecifes de coral (Frizia Ortiz de Ora Flores)
8. Ramsar Centre for Eastern Africa (Paul Mafabi)
9. Ramsar Regional Centre for Central and Western Asia (Yasaman Rajabkhah)
10. Report of the Chair of the STRP (Heather Mackay)
11. STRP review of the RIS (David Stroud)
12. Promotion and utilization of the Changwon Declaration (Lew Young)
13. Partnerships (Claudia Fenerol)
14. Regular update on status of Ramsar Sites (Tobias Salathé)
15. Wetlands in the Americas (María Rivera)
16. CEPA Oversight Panel (Sandra Hails)
17. 40th anniversary in Iran (Lew Young)
18. 40th anniversary in Mexico (María Rivera)
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