Resolution VI.20: Thanks to the people and governments of Australia

6th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties
Brisbane, Australia
19-27 March 1996

1. EXPRESSING its deepest appreciation for the generous support provided by the Australian authorities at all levels for the 6th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties;

2. PAYING PARTICULAR TRIBUTE to the City of Brisbane, which has welcomed participants to the city and contributed so effectively to the meeting;

3. GRATEFUL to the Australian Government for its "Pledging Initiative" on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the Convention, inviting special contributions for the implementation of the Strategic Plan; and

4. NOTING with appreciation the announcement made at the meeting by the Federal Government of Australia of the proposed designation of seven new sites for the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance and the commitment to finalize the development of a Commonwealth Wetlands Policy;


5. RECORDS its thanks and appreciation to its Australian hosts, in particular the Federal Government of Australia, the State of Queensland, the City of Brisbane, and the Australian non-governmental organizations;

6. ACKNOWLEDGES the significance of the financial contributions made by the Federal Government, the State Government of Queensland, Brisbane City Council and the Australian private sector towards the organization of the 6th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties;

7. EXPRESSES its appreciation of Australia's 25th Anniversary pledge towards the implementation of the Strategic Plan, which together with the pledges made by Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, France, Ghana, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Japan, Netherlands, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Ducks Unlimited, and the 19 national NGOs will increase the effectiveness of the Convention;

8. PAYS TRIBUTE to the success achieved in the promotion of education and public awareness of wetland values in Australia, which will guide the Convention's work in this field during and after its twenty-fifth anniversary year;

9. WISHES the people, the State Governments, and the Federal Government of Australia every success in their continued quest to promote wider application of the Convention in Australia and on the world scene; and

10. EXPRESSES its appreciation for continuing Australian support for the Convention's world-wide activities.

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