Resolution VI.14: The Ramsar 25th Anniversary Statement, the Strategic Plan 1997-2002, and the Bureau Work Programme 1997-1999

6th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties
Brisbane, Australia
19-27 March 1996

1. RECALLING that the text of the Convention on Wetlands was adopted 25 years ago in the Iranian city of Ramsar;

2. RECOGNIZING that wetlands are an essential component of the Earth's natural systems and that their hydrological and ecological functions support local human populations and development, and maintenance of biodiversity;

3. CONCERNED that there has been a significant loss and degradation of wetlands with the consequent reduction in global biodiversity, and that there are serious ongoing and impending threats to many remaining wetlands;

4. APPRECIATING the critical importance of cultural heritage, local practices and indigenous knowledge and that local communities therefore have an important role to play in the wise use and conservation of wetlands;

5. CONSIDERING that it is appropriate for the present meeting to mark the 25th anniversary by the approval of a Statement reviewing the achievements of the Convention in its first quarter of a century and indicating its orientations for the 21st century;

6. NOTING the instructions of the 5th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties (Kushiro, Japan, 1993) to the Standing Committee, through its Resolution 5.1, to "prepare strategic plans for the following two triennia for presentation at the 6th Meeting of the Conference of Contracting Parties";

7. AWARE that the Strategic Plan 1997-2002 has been prepared by the Standing Committee in consultation with the Contracting Parties and non-governmental partners;

8. REITERATING that the implementation of the Convention is a partnership between the Contracting Parties, the Standing Committee, the Scientific and Technical Review Panel and the Bureau on the one hand, and numerous partners in the international community, including the other environment-related Conventions, and national and international non-governmental organizations on the other hand;

9. FURTHER NOTING the desire of many parties to rename the Ramsar "Monitoring Procedure" to reflect more accurately its true function;

10. FURTHER RECALLING the function of the Standing Committee to supervise the conduct of the Bureau's programmes; and

11. STRESSING the importance of linking the Bureau's triennial work programme to the triennial budget;


12. ADOPTS the "Ramsar 25th Anniversary Statement";

13. APPROVES the Strategic Plan 1997-2002 as the basis for the implementation of the Convention;

14. DECIDES to rename the Ramsar "Monitoring Procedure" the "Ramsar Management Guidance Procedure";

15. ADOPTS the Bureau Work Programme 1997-1999.

[Note: the "25th Anniversary Statement," the Strategic Plan 1997-2002, and the Bureau Work Programme 1997-1999 are published as separate documents within the Conference Proceedings.]

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