Report of the 3rd Meeting of the Standing Committee, 5 June 1987


3rd Meeting of the Ramsar Standing Committee
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, 5 June 1987



Voting members

  • Canada (Mr. H.A. Clarke), Vice Chairman
  • Chile (Dr. R. Schlatter)
  • Netherlands (Mr. F.C.M. van Rijckevorsel)
  • New Zealand (Mr. N.R. Hellyer)
  • United States of America (Mr. L. Mason)


  • Iran (Mr. H.A. Ashtiani)
  • Mauritania (Mr. I. Thiaw)
  • Norway (Mr. S. Eldoy)
  • United Kingdom (Dr. D.R. Langslow)
  • United States of America (Dr. T. Dahl)


  • Mr. M. Smart

1. Opening of the meeting

The delegate of Canada noted that the delegates of Pakistan, Poland and Tunisia, the other members of the Standing Committee, had been obliged to leave Regina already. In the absence of the delegate of Pakistan, Chairman of the Standing Committee, the delegate of Canada assumed the chair in his capacity as Vice-Chairman.

He pointed out that the sole purpose of the present short meeting of the Standing Committee was to establish the Working Group to examine how criteria and guidelines for identifying wetlands of international importance might be elaborated and how the wise use provisions might be applied, as set out in Recommendation 3.1 of the Conference of the Contracting Parties.

2. Establishment of the Working Group

The Vice-Chairman suggested that membership of the Working Group be based on the same principles of regional representation that had governed appointment of the Standing Committee. This was agreed unanimously. It was further agreed that the members of the Working Group should be: Norway (for Western Europe), Iran (for Asia), Australia (for Oceania), Chile (for Southern America), the United States of America (for Northern America) and Mauritania (for Africa). The Vice-Chairman requested the secretariat to contact the delegate of Poland with a view to the appointment of a seventh member of the Working Group from Eastern Europe.

The Vice-Chairman recalled that the Working Group was empowered by Recommendation 3.1 to consult with appropriate technical advisors. He suggested that Dr. K. Haarmann, whose name had been put forward by the delegate of the Federal Republic of Germany, should be one of these advisors. The delegate of the United States of America proposed that Dr. Dahl of the US Fish and Wildlife Service should be another of these observers.

The Vice-Chairman noted that, by the terms of Recommendation 3.1, the Convention Bureau was to act as coordinator of the Working Group, and requested the Bureau to provide support, as appropriate and possible, for the Group’s work.

3. Closure of the meeting

There being no further business, the Vice-Chairman declared the meeting closed at 13h40.

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