Recommendation 5.6: The role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the Ramsar Convention

5th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties
Kushiro, Japan
9-16 June 1993

RECALLING the instrumental role that international Non Governmental Organizations including IUCN, IWRB, ICBP (now "BirdLife International") and WWF have played in the creation of the Ramsar Convention;

AWARE that these organizations have continued to make important technical, promotional and financial contributions to the implementation of the Ramsar Convention, and to support the Ramsar Bureau;

AWARE that national environmental NGOs can represent influential movements in society and that - through their expertise - they can play an active role in the promotion of wise use, management and conservation of wetlands;

CONSCIOUS that in some countries environmental NGOs require further strengthening and development;

NOTING that Article 6.2 of the Convention envisages expert contributions to the work of the Convention by concerned organizations;


RECOMMENDS that the Contracting Parties strongly support and give particular attention to the development and functioning of national and international NGOs that aim for conservation and wise use of wetlands; and

ENCOURAGES Contracting Parties to consult NGOs, provide them with relevant information and offer them ample opportunities to contribute to the formulation and implementation of governmental wetland policy.

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