Recommendation 3.11: Recommendation of thanks

The 3rd Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties
Regina, Canada
27 May - 5 June 1987

RECOGNIZING the outstanding results of the present Meeting of the Conference which have created a solid base for more effective operation of the Convention;

APPRECIATING the extensive support provided for the Meeting by both the Canadian Federal authorities and the Province of Saskatchewan;

EMPHASIZING the significance of the support provided by Canada for the participation of delegates and observers from developing countries, as well as Canada's role in the work of the Task Force established at the Groningen Meeting of the Conference;

RECALLING that before the Regina Meeting, Canada had already designated 17 wetlands for the Ramsar List covering more than 10 million hectares, a larger area than any other Contracting Party;


EXPRESSES its thanks and appreciation to its Canadian hosts, in particular the Federal Minister of the Environment, the Canadian Wildlife Service, the Saskatchewan Minister of Parks, Recreation and Culture, and the many public and private organizations from Saskatchewan which provided support;

NOTES with appreciation the further listing by Canada of 11 new wetlands for the List; and

EXPRESSES ITS CONVICTION that the Regina Meeting will prove to be a milestone in the development of the Convention, by establishing a solid administrative and legal basis for further progress and by broadening the scope of the Convention's operations so that it is more relevant to the needs of developing countries.

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