Documents for the 25th meeting of the Standing Committee -- Index Page

25th Meeting of the Ramsar Standing Committee
Gland, Switzerland, 23 - 27 October 2000

List of Documents for Standing Committee 25

Note: Documents for the 25th meeting of the Ramsar Standing Committee are being couriered in hardcopy to all Standing Committee members and registered observers. Readers wishing to comment on the content of the SC25 papers should contact the Ramsar Bureau or their Regional Representatives on the Standing Committee.

Please note: Facts and figures cited in these documents are intended to be accurate and up-to-date as of the time of the finalization of the documents. They will not be updated  here as conditions change.

Document Number
Document title
DOC. SC25-1
DOC. SC25-2
DOC. SC25-2add
DOC. SC25-3
DOC. SC25-3add
DOC. SC25-4
DOC. SC25-4add
DOC. SC25-5
DOC. SC25-6
DOC. SC25-6add
DOC. SC25-7
DOC. SC25-8
DOC. SC25-9
DOC. SC25-10
DOC. SC25-11
DOC. SC25-12
DOC. SC25-13
DOC. SC25-14
DOC. SC25-15
DOC. SC25-16
DOC. SC25-17
DOC. SC25-18
DOC. SC25-19
DOC. SC25-19add
DOC. SC25-20
DOC. SC25-21

Audited accounts for FY1999 and status of the Reserve Fund

DOC. SC25-22
DOC. SC25-23
DOC. SC25-24
DOC. SC25-24add
DOC. SC25-25
DOC. SC25-26
DOC. SC25-27
DOC. SC25-28
DOC. SC25-29
DOC. SC25-29add
DOC. SC25-30
DOC. SC25-30a
DOC. SC25-31
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