Documents for the 24th meeting of the Standing Committee

24th Meeting of the Ramsar Standing Committee
Gland, Switzerland, 29 November-2 December 1999
Agenda item 8

DOC. SC24-6

Report from the 8th meeting of the Scientific and Technical Review Panel

Action requested: The Standing Committee is requested to:

i. receive the report from the Chair of the STRP on the discussions held at its 8th meeting, review, modify as necessary, and approve the STRP’s Work Plan for the triennium;

ii. note the progress of Contracting Parties informing the Bureau of their National Focal Points for STRP matters and, as necessary, recommend follow-up actions; and

iii. consider for adoption the draft Terms of Reference for National STRP Focal Points, as prepared by the STRP and provided as Annex II of STRP's report of its 8th meeting (attached).


1. The first meeting of the newly constituted STRP for this triennium was held at the Ramsar Bureau 22-24 September 1999. The members of the STRP elected Dr Jorge Jiménez (Costa Rica) to be their chair for this triennium and it is expected that he will attend the Standing Committee to present the report of the STRP meeting and introduce the proposed STRP Work Plan for 2000-2001.

2. As indicated in the Annotated Agenda, COP7 Resolution VII.2 on ‘Composition and modus operandi of the STRP’ invited Contracting Parties to nominate national focal points for STRP matters. Through Diplomatic Note 1999/4, 28 June 1999, Contracting Parties were formally invited to do so, and at the meeting of the Standing Committee the Bureau will report on the progress in receiving such nominations, the deadline for which was 31 October 1999.

3. At its 8th meeting, the STRP considered its modus operandi and developed for consideration by Standing Committee draft Terms of Reference for the National Focal Points.  These are provided as Annex II of the STRP's report (attached).

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