38th Meeting of the Ramsar Standing Committee

38th Meeting of the Standing Committee
Changwon, Republic of Korea, 27 October 2008

Decisions of the meeting

SC members present: Austria, Bahamas, Benin, China, Czech Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Gabon, Georgia, Kenya, Korea (Republic of), Samoa, Slovenia, Thailand, Uganda, United States

Permanent Observers present: Netherlands, Switzerland; IUCN, Wetlands International, WWF International

Observer Parties present: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Iraq, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Suriname, United Kingdom

Agenda item 3: COP10 Provisional Agenda

Decision SC38-1: The Standing Committee approved the Provisional Agenda in COP10 DOC. 1, Rev. 2, for transmittal to the Conference of the Parties for adoption under COP Agenda item III.

Agenda item 4: COP Rules of Procedure

Decision SC38-2: The Standing Committee approved the proposed amendments to the COP Rules of Procedure, as noted in DOC. SC38-4 (and COP10 DOC. 2, Rev. 1), for transmittal to the COP under COP Agenda item IV.

Agenda item 5: Nomination of the COP10 President and Vice-Presidents

Decision SC38-3: The Standing Committee agreed to recommend to the COP the nominations of Mr Maanee Lee, Minister of Environment of Korea, as President of the COP, Mr Kim Chan-woo, Director General of the Ministry of Environment of Korea, as Alternate President, and Mr Patrick van Klaveren of Monaco and Ms Rejoice Mabudafhasi of South Africa as Vice-Presidents.

Agenda item 6: Appointment of the Credentials Committee

Decision SC38-4: The Standing Committee agreed to recommend Mauritius, Thailand, France, Chile, Mexico, and Australia for election as regional representatives to the Credentials Committee, with Australia to serve as its Chair.

Agenda item 7: Establishment of other COP committees

Decision SC38-5: The Standing Committee agreed to nominate the existing members of the SC Subgroup on Finance for election by the COP to the COP Committee on Finance and Budget and to propose that an additional Party from each region should be elected as well from nominations from the regional meetings. The SC decided not to propose other COP committees to be created by the COP under Agenda item VI.

Agenda item 9: Issues arising from past COP Resolutions

Agenda item 9.1: COP9 DR6 on Transboundary Ramsar Sites

Decision SC38-6: Following further consideration of issues arising from COP9 DR6, and noting that the broader issues of “basins with water resources that bathe two or more countries”and water management and international cooperation on such matters are already covered by other guidance adopted by Contracting Parties, and confirming that such matters are of continuing high implementation importance for Parties, as is recognized in the draft Strategic Plan 2009-2014 (COP10 DR1), the Standing Committee recommended that:

i)       DR6 should not be reopened for negotiation during COP10;
ii)      the further study on this issue called for in the COP9 Conference Report should be pursued, resources permitting, and the Secretariat is requested to further explore with IUCN and other interested organizations and Parties ways and means of undertaking this; and
iii)     the STRP should be requested to review the adequacy of the current guidance for designation and management of transboundary Ramsar sites in the Strategic Framework and guidelines for the future development of the List of Wetlands of International Importance andother relevant guidance adopted by Parties, and as appropriate to prepare further guidance for Contracting Parties on these matters.

Agenda item 9.2: Legal status of the Secretariat

Decision SC38-7: The Standing Committee agreed to recommend that the COP, under Agenda item XII, should establish a contact group to consider the way forward on the legal status of the Secretariat.

Agenda item 10: The Changwon Declaration

Decision SC38-8: The Standing Committee approved the draft Resolution (DR 32) with the Changwon Declaration, to be transmitted to COP10, taking account of the suggestions from this meeting.

Agenda item 13: Small Grants Fund

Decision SC38-9: The Standing Committee approved the Secretariat’s proposals for Small Grants Fund 2008 appropriations and ranking of proposals as found in DOC. SC38-8.

Agenda item 14: Any other business

Decision SC38-10: The Standing Committee agreed that the statement from the International Organization Partners should be added to the COP agenda and charged the Conference Committee with deciding the best place to fit it in.

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