37th Meeting of the Ramsar Standing Committee

37th Meeting of the Standing Committee
Gland, Switzerland, 2-6 June 2008
Agenda item 5.2
DOC. SC37-3

Draft Resolution X.00

Facilitating the work of the Ramsar Secretariat staff at international level

1. RECALLING that the Convention on Wetlands is accredited as an intergovernmental treaty by the United Nations (UN Treaty Series No. 14583), but that the Secretariat of the Convention has no legal recognition per se, as it is administered by IUCN (Article 8.1 of the treaty text);

2. AWARE that the absence of such a recognition, providing an international organization legitimization for Ramsar Secretariat staff, is substantially impeding or slowing down important working procedures of Secretariat staff;

3. NOTING that the Conference of the Contracting Parties wishes to improve this situation and instructed the Secretary General in Resolution IX.10 "to engage in a consultative process with appropriate bodies such as IUCN and UNESCO, as well as the government of the host country and other interested organizations and governments, regarding the options, as well as legal and practical implications, for the transformation of the status of the Ramsar Secretariat towards an International Organization or other status whilst still recognizing and maintaining its links with IUCN and the host country";

4. RECOGNIZING that the process responding to the instructions of Resolution IX.10 is ongoing and is intended to provide the Ramsar Secretariat with a formal international status and with solutions to the current operational difficulties and obstacles encountered by Secretariat staff in their daily work;

5. WISHING to facilitate the work of the Ramsar Secretariat at international level without further delay, independently of, and without preempting the conclusions and outcomes of the above process;


6. CALLS on each Contracting Party to facilitate the work of the Secretariat through regularly informing all relevant Ministries and other governmental services about the formal nature of the Convention on Wetlands as a global, intergovernmental treaty, the work that the Parties have entrusted to the treaty Secretariat, and the obligations of implementation of the treaty and its Resolutions in each Contracting Party as well as through international cooperation as addressed in Article 5 of the treaty and further specified through Resolution VII.19;

7. URGES Parties to invite Ramsar Secretariat staff to participate in relevant meetings and on-site visits to be held in their territory in order to further the approaches promoted by the Convention and to support the implementation of its obligations;

8. ASKS Contracting Parties to facilitate these visits of Ramsar Secretariat staff on their territory by drawing the attention of their relevant administrative services and Consulates about the character of the Convention and by assisting in the delivery of travel documents needed for Ramsar Secretariat staff to enter their territory, in order that their visits can be planned and undertaken in a timely manner;

9. CALLS upon Contracting Parties and non-Party States hosting international meetings, that address issues of relevance or of potential interest to the Convention on Wetlands to inform the Ramsar Secretariat about such meetings and to invite a representative of the Secretariat to actively participate in such meetings in order to facilitate further cooperation and synergies among international organizations and processes, as addressed through Resolutions IX.3 and IX.5; and

10. URGES Contracting Parties hosting these meetings to facilitate the registration of Ramsar Secretariat staff to attend them and, in doing so, to formally recognize that Ramsar staff are representing the established intergovernmental Secretariat of the global Convention on Wetlands.

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