34th Meeting of the Ramsar Standing Committee

34th Meeting of the Standing Committee
Gland, Switzerland, 10-13 April 2006
DOC. SC34-13

Agenda item 10.1

Themes for World Wetlands Day 2007 and 2008

Action requested: The Standing Committee is invited to endorse the suggested themes for World Wetlands Day 2007 and 2008.

1. The Convention has long recognized the important role that inland, coastal and near-shore marine wetlands play in maintaining fisheries resources, and the social, cultural and economic importance of sustainable fishing throughout the world for human well-being. The first fisheries guidelines, adopted at COP9 through Resolution IX.4, emphasise the need to increase awareness of the importance of wetland management for fisheries and request "the Ramsar Secretariat to draw attention to the important role of wetlands in fisheries resources conservation and sustainable use through its ongoing CEPA activities, in particular through future World Wetlands Day celebrations and events". It would thus seem appropriate to focus WWD 2007 on Wetlands and Fisheries.

2. River basin management has always been high on the Convention's agenda since the adoption of Resolution VII.18 which provided comprehensive guidelines for integrating wetland conservation and wise use into river basin management. Most recently, at COP9, new challenges for integrating wetlands into river basin management were documented in Resolution IX.1 Annex C i. It would seem timely to focus WWD 2008 on River Basin Management.

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