31st Meeting of the Ramsar Standing Committee

31st Meeting of the Standing Committee
Gland, Switzerland, 6-10 June 2005

DOC. SC31-1

Draft Agenda and Programme

Monday, 6 June
15:00 - 18:00 Subgroup on COP9: as Ramsar Award jury, in closed session

Tuesday, 7 June
10:00 - 12:00 Subgroup on COP9: Administrative issues for Ramsar COP9
12:00 - 13:00, 14:00 - 16:00 Subgroup on Finance

Wednesday 8 June
10:00 - 11:00 Closed session of Standing Committee 31

Selection of Ramsar Award/Evian Special Award laureates

11:15 - 13:00, 15:00 - 18:00 Plenary session

1. Opening statements:

Chair of the Standing Committee, Gordana Beltram, Slovenia
Director-General of IUCN, Achim Steiner (including a statement on behalf of the four International Organization Partners)
Secretary General, Peter Bridgewater

2. Adoption of the agenda

3. Admission of observers

4. Report of the Secretary General (DOC. SC31-35)

5. Report of the Chair of the STRP (DOC. SC31-3)

6. Report of the Chair of the Subgroup on Finance: review of 2002 income and expenditure audited accounts; review of 2003 core and projects income and expenditure; status of projects; Ramsar Secretariat budget 2004 and 2005 (DOC. SC31-4)

7. Preparations for Ramsar COP9:

7.1 Reports from the Chair of the Subgroup on COP9, Chair of the Standing Committee, and Secretary General (DOC. SC31-2)
7.2 Preparation and consideration of draft Resolutions for COP9 (DOC. SC31-5)
7.3 Ramsar and water: implementing the outcomes of the 13th meeting of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development
Note. It is anticipated that the Secretary General will table a short report on the outcomes of CSD13 and its implications for the Convention, as the basis for a possible COP9 draft Resolution on this matter (DOC. SC31-37).

8. Scientific and technical COP9 draft Resolutions and guidelines:

8.1 COP9 DR1: Additional scientific and technical guidance for implementing the Ramsar wise use concept (DOC. SC31-6)

8.2 COP9 DR1 - Annex A: A conceptual framework for the wise use of wetlands and the maintenance of their ecological character. (DOC. SC31-7)

8.3 COP9 DR1 - Annex B: An integrated framework for wetland inventory assessment and monitoring (IF-WIAM) (DOC. SC31-8)

8.4 COP9 DR1 - Annex B i): Summary guidelines for rapid assessment methodologies for inland, coastal and nearshore marine wetlands (DOC. SC31-9)

8.5 COP9 DR1 - Annex C: An integrated framework for Ramsar's water-related guidance (DOC. SC31-10)

Note. Three additional new water-related guidelines are proposed to be attached to this COP9 DR1 Annex, as follows:

8.6 COP9 DR1 - Annex C i): River basin management: additional guidance and framework for analysis of case studies (DOC. SC31-11)

8.7 COP9 DR1 - Annex C ii): Supplemental guidelines for the determination and implementation of environmental water requirements for wetlands (DOC. SC31-12)

8.8 COP9 DR1 - Annex C iii): Guidelines for the management of groundwater to maintain wetland ecological character (DOC. SC31-13)

18:00 Reception for all delegates in the IUCN foyer

Thursday, 9 June
10:00 - 13:00, 15:00 - 18:00 Plenary session

8. Scientific and technical COP9 draft Resolutions and guidelines (continued):

8.9 COP9 DR1 - Annex D: Revised Strategic Framework and guidelines for the future development of the List of Wetlands of International Importance. (DOC. SC31-14)

8.10 COP9 DR1 - Annex E: Ecological 'outcome-oriented' indicators for assessing the implementation effectiveness of the Ramsar Convention. (DOC. SC31-15)

8.11 COP9 DR2: Future priorities for the scientific and technical implementation of the Convention (DOC. SC31-16)

8.12 COP9 DR4: The Ramsar Convention and the conservation and sustainable use of fish resources (DOC. SC31-17)

9. Policy and procedural COP9 draft Resolutions and guidelines:

9.1 COP9 DR5: Synergies with other conventions (DOC. SC31-18)
9.2 COP9 DR6: Designation and management of transnational Ramsar sites (DOC. SC31-19)
9.3 COP9 DR7: Guidelines for addressing Ramsar sites which no longer meet the Criteria for designation (DOC. SC31-20)
9.4 COP9 DR8: Regional initiatives in the framework of the Ramsar Convention (DOC. SC31-21)
9.5 COP9 DR9: A strategic framework for the implementation of the Convention (DOC. SC31-22)
9.6 COP9 DR10: The role of the Ramsar Convention in natural disaster prevention, mitigation and adaptation (DOC. SC31-23)
9.7 COP9 DR11: Use of the term "Ramsar Secretariat" (DOC. SC31-24)
9.8 COP9 DR12: Revised modus operandi of the Scientific and Technical Review Panel (DOC. SC31-25)
9.9 COP9 DR15: Wetlands and poverty reduction (DOC. SC31-32)
9.10 Implementation of the Convention's Communication, Education, and Public Awareness (CEPA) Programme in 2006-2008 (DOC. SC31-33)
9.11 COP9 DR16: The status of sites in the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance (DOC. SC31-36)

19:30 - 22:00 Group dinner

Friday, 10 June
10:00 - 13:00, 15:00 - 18:00 Plenary session

10. COP9 Financial and budgetary matters

10.1 COP9 DR13: Financial and budgetary matters (DOC. SC31-26)

10.2 COP9 DR14: Evaluation of the Ramsar Endowment Fund as a mechanism to resource the Small Grants Fund (DOC. SC31-27)

11. COP9 draft Resolutions submitted by Contracting Parties (DOC. SC31-28)

Note. Under this Agenda item, the Secretariat will present any draft COP9 Resolutions submitted by Contracting Parties in line with COP9 Subgroup Decision SG COP9-2, with recommendations about how each might be presented to COP9.

12. Proposed amendments to the COP Rules of Procedure (DOC. SC31-29)

13. Date of the 32nd Meeting of the Standing Committee

14. Any other business

a) Request for International Organization Partner (IOP) status: the International Water Management Institute (IWMI)

15. Adoption of the report of the meeting

16. Closing remarks

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