30th Meeting of the Ramsar Standing Committee -- Agenda paper SC30-6

30th Meeting of the Ramsar Standing Committee
Gland, Switzerland, 13-16 January 2004
Agenda item 7

DOC. SC30-6

Report of the Subgroup on Resolution VIII.45

Action requested: No action is requested until the Subgroup's report has been finalized and circulated or tabled at the Standing Committee meeting.

1. Resolution VIII.45 (2002), entitled Operation of the Conference of the Contracting Parties and the effectiveness of Ramsar Convention Resolutions and Recommendations, included the following charge to the Standing Committee. Amongst other things, the Conference of the Parties

10. DIRECTS the Standing Committee to undertake, as one of its highest priorities, a general review of the effectiveness of the process of drafting, considering, adopting and implementing Resolutions and Recommendations adopted by the Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Meetings of the Conference of the Parties;

11. DIRECTS that this review focus on the effectiveness and efficiency of the Convention, from a broad perspective rather than on a country by country basis;

12. DIRECTS the Standing Committee, based upon this review of the effectiveness and efficiency of the process of drafting, considering, adopting and implementing Resolutions and Recommendations, to prepare and circulate to Parties in a timely manner a report and recommendations on this matter, including possible amendments to the Rules of Procedure, to be considered at COP9;


18. REQUESTS the Standing Committee to analyse, report and provide recommendations on possibilities to improve the efficiency of the meetings of the Conference of the Parties; and

19. RECOMMENDS that in preparing the agenda and programme for future COPs the Standing Committee, host country and Bureau endeavour to maximise the wise use of time on the agreed agenda for Convention business, including reports previously circulated as conference documents.

2. Accordingly, in Decision SC29-6 (February 2003), the Standing Committee "established a Subgroup on Resolution VIII.45 to work intersessionally by correspondence, and by meetings if needed and feasible, and to be composed of: Morocco (Africa), Iran and Japan (Asia), Austria and Romania (Europe), Argentina (Neotropics), the USA (North America) as Chair, with a representative from Oceania to be named after consultations in the region [Papua New Guinea], and BirdLife International representing the International Organization Partners".

3. The Subgroup on Resolution VIII.45 has been progressing these issues, but as of the time of the mailing of the Standing Committee documentation, the Subgroup's report for the Standing Committee's 30th meeting has not yet been finalized. That document will either be circulated at a later date or tabled at the meeting.

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