Resolution VIII.15: The 'San José Record' for the promotion of wetland management

"Wetlands: water, life, and culture"
8th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties
to the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar, Iran, 1971)
Valencia, Spain, 18-26 November 2002

1. RECALLING that Resolution VII.12 of Ramsar COP7, held in San José, Costa Rica, directed the Ramsar Bureau, with assistance from the Scientific and Technical Review Panel (STRP), to investigate and report to COP8 on the feasibility of the Convention establishing a record, to be called the "San José Record", of sites where management plans are being implemented which are models for demonstrating application of the Ramsar Guidelines for the implementation of the wise use concept;

2. WISHING to contribute to an ongoing consideration of the management of Ramsar sites and to encourage managers to share their experience and know-how;

3. SEEKING to support a process to enhance and exchange experiences between countries from all regions;

4. CONSIDERING the need to promote better management through full participation of local communities;

5. ALSO CONSIDERING the importance of training and transfer of technical know-how for the implementation of sustainable use of wetlands; and

6. TAKING ACCOUNT of the recommendations of the STRP, which considered that it is appropriate to establish the 'San José Record';


7. APPROVES the establishment of the 'San José Record' for the promotion of wetland management and the mechanisms for its operation, as annexed to this Resolution, subject to the availability of resources;

8. DECIDES that the purpose of the 'San José Record' is to focus attention upon examples of effective management and exemplary practices implemented at Ramsar sites and other wetlands, including the process used to develop management plans and information about their costs, if available, and to make those plans, practices, and personal contacts available as examples and resources to other practitioners;

9. FURTHER DECIDES that the criteria for the acceptance of examples of effective management and exemplary practices onto the San José Record should be in line with national guidelines and/or local requirements and/or the New Guidelines for management planning for Ramsar sites and other wetlands adopted by this meeting through Resolution VIII.14, and that such management examples should demonstrate and follow application of these guidelines;

10. INVITES Contracting Parties to make voluntary contributions towards the development and maintenance of the logistics of this Record;

11. REQUESTS the Ramsar Bureau, with the assistance of the STRP, to establish, resources permitting, the necessary procedures for the creation and maintenance of the San José Record;

12. ENCOURAGES Contracting Parties, the STRP, National Focal Points for Communication, Education, and Public Awareness (CEPA), the Convention's International Organization Partners, Ramsar site managers, and other bodies to identify examples of effective management and exemplary practices at Ramsar sites and other wetlands for listing on the San José Record, and to submit nominations for consideration through the approved procedure, once established; and

13. REQUESTS the Ramsar Bureau, with the assistance of the STRP, to assess the implementation of the San José Record and to report to COP9 on its achievements.


San José Record for the promotion of wetland management

1. Nomination -

1.1 Examples of effective management and exemplary practices are proposed by the interested Contracting Party and management authority, with the endorsement of the corresponding National Ramsar/Wetland Committee (or equivalent) where it exists.

1.2 The Contracting Party shall submit:
1.2.1 a copy of the management plan (or hyperlink);
1.2.2 a case study [1];
1.2.3 certification of an authorized budget by the management authority; and
1.2.4 a description of mechanisms for community participation.

2. Review -

2.1 The Nomination package is reviewed by the concerned Ramsar Bureau's Regional Coordinator.

2.2 The Regional Coordinator prepares an evaluation report and recommends to the Standing Committee inclusion or not in the San José Record. Once accepted, the nomination package must be posted on the Ramsar Web site.

2.3 The Contracting Party must reapply every five years.

1. Case study prepared in a peer review technical journal; format: background, performance assessment, lessons learned, training, etc.

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