Resolution VI.13: Submission of information on sites designated for the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance

6th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties
Brisbane, Australia
19-27 March 1996

1. RECALLING Article 3.2 of the Convention, which requires information on changes or likely changes to listed wetlands to be passed without delay to the Bureau;

2. FURTHER RECALLING Resolution 5.3 which requests Contracting Parties to submit completed information sheets for listed sites, including inter alia information on disturbances and threats which may affect the site or its surroundings;

3. NOTING with appreciation the analysis presented to the present meeting by Wetlands International on data held in the Ramsar Database;

4. CONCERNED at reports submitted to the present meeting that maps and descriptions submitted by Contracting Parties are often of inadequate quality;

5. CONVINCED that the effective operation of the Convention requires the submission of maps of listed wetlands and of descriptions, using the Information Sheet on Ramsar Wetlands and the Classification System for Wetland Type approved under Recommendation 4.7 and amended by Resolution VI.5; and

6. FURTHER NOTING that data held in the Ramsar Database do not as yet allow conclusions to be drawn on the composition of different types of threats facing listed sites, or comparisons between the position of listed and unlisted sites;


7. URGES Contracting Parties to give priority to providing the Bureau by 31 December 1997 with maps and completed Information Sheets on Ramsar Wetlands for all sites designated for the Ramsar List, and to revise the data provided at least every six years (i.e. every second Meeting of the Conference) for monitoring purposes;

8. FURTHER URGES Contracting Parties to fulfil Article 3.2 of the Convention and Resolution 5.3; and

9. REQUESTS that Wetlands International develop further its analysis of threats to sites included in the Ramsar List, in particular with a view to presenting a summary of the frequency and distribution of different categories of threat affecting the sites, and drawing conclusions on the success or otherwise of Ramsar listing in reducing such threats.

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