Resolution 5.3: Procedure for initial designation of sites for the List of Wetlands of International Importance

5th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties
Kushiro, Japan
9-16 June 1993

RECALLING that the Fourth Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties approved Recommendation 4.2 which established revised criteria for identifying wetlands to be designated for the "List of wetlands of international importance";

FURTHER RECALLING that a datasheet and classification system for "wetland type", developed for describing Ramsar sites, were endorsed by Recommendation 4.7, also adopted at the Fourth Meeting of the Conference;

EMPHASIZING the value of the Ramsar criteria, datasheet, and classification system for standardizing collection and analysis of information on wetlands at international level;

AWARE that regional scientific inventories of wetlands have been completed for large areas of the world and that these are being complemented by an increasing number of National Scientific Inventories, prepared officially by Contracting Parties in line with Recommendation 4.6 of the Fourth Meeting of the Conference;

RECOGNIZING that some wetlands were designated for the List before any criteria or information recording system had been developed under the Convention;


URGES Contracting Parties to ensure that any new sites to be added to the List fulfil one or more of the criteria established by Recommendation 4.2 and in case of doubt, urges Contracting Parties to enter into informal consultations with the Convention Bureau and its technical advisors prior to listing new sites;

FURTHER REQUESTS that, in addition to a map showing definitive site boundaries, a completed Ramsar datasheet be submitted to the Convention Bureau upon designation of a wetland for the List, and that particular attention be given to completing sections 16-17 (conservation measures), 21-24 (functions and values), and 31 (criteria for inclusion);

URGES Contracting Parties to consult existing regional wetland inventories, and relevant expert bodies including non-government organizations, to assist them in the identification of potential Ramsar sites in their territories if no National Scientific Inventory is available;

COMMENDS those Contracting Parties which have established National Scientific Inventories, and encourages those which have not done so to establish them, where appropriate with technical and/or financial support from other Contracting Parties and/or relevant expert bodies including non-government organizations; and

INSTRUCTS the Convention Bureau, in consultation with the Contracting Party concerned and according to the Procedure appended as an annex to the present Resolution, to undertake a review of information submitted to the Ramsar database and, where available information is inadequate, to identify listed sites which may not meet the criteria established by Recommendation 4.2.

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