Recommendation 4.9.4: Conservation of the Leybucht, Federal Republic of Germany

4th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties
Montreux, Switzerland
27 June-4 July 1990

NOTING that the East Frisian Wadden Sea in Lower Saxony has been designated by the Federal Republic of Germany for the Ramsar List, and includes both Dollart and Leybucht;

RECALLING that this site was mentioned in Regina document DOC. C.3.6 as being likely to incur change in ecological character because of the building of the Dollart harbour;

REGISTERING its satisfaction at information submitted to the present meeting about the abandonment of the harbour construction project, and the consequent maintenance of the ecological character of the Dollart section;

EXPRESSING its appreciation of the many demonstrations made at the present meeting of tripartite cooperation between Denmark, the Federal Republic of Germany and The Netherlands for the conservation and wise use of the Wadden Sea;

REGISTERING its concern at actions taken at the Leybucht, involving building of new dikes, including additional activities;


REQUESTS the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany to provide additional information, as has previously been done, on measures being taken at the Leybucht;

TRUSTS that the ecological character of the Ramsar site will be maintained, if necessary by imaginative management or restoration measures; and

CALLS on the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany to take, as far as possible, appropriate initiatives for compensatory measures, if sections of the East Frisian Wadden Sea Ramsar Site have their boundaries restricted in the urgent national interest.

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