Recommendation 4.6: Establishment of national scientific inventories of potential Ramsar sites

4th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties
Montreux, Switzerland
27 June-4 July 1990

NOTING the criteria for the identification of wetlands of international importance, formally adopted at Cagliari, revised at Regina and further revised by the present Conference;

RECOGNISING the value of establishing national scientific inventories of wetlands on the basis of these criteria for improving the general level of knowledge on the world's wetlands and for facilitating the designation of sites for the List;

ACKNOWLEDGING the progress achieved in many countries towards the development of wetland conservation policies and the increasing awareness, among national, regional and local authorities responsible for water management and land use, of the necessity to conserve wetlands;

CONVINCED that the establishment of inventories carried out on the basis of the best scientific information available at both national and international level constitutes the most effective method to achieve the designation for the List of the largest possible number of sites;

CONSIDERING that REC. 1.4, REC. 2.3 and REC. 3.1 should therefore be supplemented by the following recommendation:


RECOMMENDS that Contracting Parties establish, as far as possible in collaboration with competent national and international bodies, national scientific inventories of wetlands showing, in particular, those which are of international importance according to the criteria adopted by the Conference of the Parties; and

REQUESTS the Bureau to promote the development of these inventories by Contracting Parties and to assist those Contracting Parties that may request it in implementing this recommendation.

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