Diplomatic notification 2005/2:


Notification 2005/2

Ramsar Small Grants Fund 2005: Call for Project Proposals

The Secretariat of the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar, Iran, 1971) presents its compliments and has the honour to refer to the following:

The Secretariat is pleased to issue the call for proposals for the SGF 2005, which should be made in line with the revised Operational Guidelines accompanying this notification.

The new deadline for the submission of proposals, which must include the signed endorsement of the project by the Ramsar Administrative Authority of the country concerned, is 30 June 2005. As indicated in the Operational Guidelines, the Secretariat's Advisory Service is available to assist those preparing a proposal for submission to the SGF. Those wishing to seek the advice of this service should send a draft of their project proposal to the Secretariat at least two months before the deadline for submission of projects.

Those preparing a project proposal for submission to the SGF 2005 cycle should note that Section B "Format for Proposals" has been rearranged such that the "Project Summary and Endorsement Form" is now placed before the "Detailed Project Proposal" format. Both these sections must be completed and submitted to the Secretariat for the proposal to be considered administratively complete.

Attention is also drawn to paragraph 4.b) of the Operational Guidelines, which states that:

"The 30th meeting of the Convention's Standing Committee (January 2004) has authorised the Ramsar Bureau to cancel, at its discretion in consultation with the Standing Committee Chair and the Chair of its Subgroup on Finance, any project which has not complied satisfactorily with its reporting requirements within three years of the date of the signing of the project contract."

The Secretariat requests all Ramsar Administrative Authorities to draw the revised SGF Operational Guidelines to the attention of all those in their countries considering submitting a project proposal for the SGF 2005 cycle.

Project approvals for the SGF 2004 cycle will be made by the Standing Committee's Sub-group on Finance when it meets in March 2005, in line with Decision SC30-20 of the 30th meeting of the Convention's Standing Committee.

The Secretariat of the Convention on Wetlands respectfully requests that the content of the present note be communicated to the competent national authorities and avails itself of this opportunity to renew the assurance of its highest consideration.

Gland, 14 January 2005

Encl: SGF Operational Guidelines 2003-2005

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