Diplomatic notification 2001/3: Draft Strategic Plan 2003-2008


Notification 2001/3

Draft Strategic Plan 2003-2008

The Bureau of the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar, Iran, 1971) presents its compliments and has the honour to refer to the following:

Resolution VII.27 of the last Conference of the Parties "Instructs the Standing Committee to prepare for consideration and adoption at Ramsar COP8 [18-26 November 2002] a revised Strategic Plan for the Convention to cover the period 2003-2008, in consultation with the Contracting Parties, International Organization Partners, other Convention secretariats and relevant intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations".

In implementing this Resolution, the Standing Committee at its 24th Meeting in October 1999 adopted the following decision:

"Decision SC24-13: The Standing Committee adopted the following drafting procedure to prepare the Strategic Plan 2003-2008:

i) the Ramsar Bureau prepares a first draft, engaging, if necessary, external consultants from the Ramsar network, by 30 June 2000;

ii) the Bureau mails the draft to the Drafting Group members for comments, with a deadline by 31 August 2000, and incorporates the input received;

iii) the Drafting Group meets in Gland two days in advance of the Standing Committee meeting in 2000 and reports progress to and incorporates input from the Standing Committee;

iv) the third draft is translated into French and Spanish and is distributed for comments to all Contracting Parties, other conventions, and relevant intergovernmental institutions and NGOs in January 2001, with a deadline for comments by 30 April 2001;

v) the Bureau compiles the input received and circulates a revised draft to the Drafting Group by the end of May 2001;

vi) the Drafting Group holds a meeting in late June/early July 2001 and adopts a final draft for submission to the Standing Committee meeting in 2001;

vii) the Standing Committee considers and approves the final draft at its meeting in 2001 for submission to COP8 in 2002.

The Standing Committee also decided that the regional representation on the Subgroup on the Strategic Plan will be as follows: Algeria for Africa, Japan for Asia, Slovak Republic for Europe, Trinidad and Tobago for the Neotropics, the USA for North America, and Australia for Oceania. Other members of the Subgroup will be Paul Mafabi (Uganda) as Chair, the Chairperson of the STRP, a representative of each International Organization Partner, and the Secretary General, ex officio."

The Bureau is now circulating the 3rd draft of the Strategic Plan 2003-2008 for comments from Contracting Parties, other conventions, and relevant intergovernmental institutions and NGOs. Since the drafting process is delayed by some 40 days in relation to the schedule agreed by the Standing Committee, the deadline to receive comments will be 30 May 2001. Upon request, the Bureau will be pleased to send electronic copies of the draft, so that revisions can be made directly on the text. Please contact Dr. Dwight Peck at peck@ramsar.org.

The Bureau invites the Ramsar Administrative Authority in each Contracting Party to circulate this draft for comment to all interested institutions, scientists and practitioners with an interest in wetland issues, and in particular to the members of National Ramsar/Wetland Committees where these exist.

The Bureau of the Convention on Wetlands respectfully requests that the content of the present Note be communicated to the competent national authorities and avails itself of this opportunity to renew the assurance of its highest consideration.

Gland, Switzerland, 13 March 2001

Enclosure: Draft Strategic Plan 2003-2008

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