Diplomatic notifications 1998

The secretariat of the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar, Iran, 1971) communicates officially with the governments of the Contracting Parties by means of formal notifications through diplomatic channels, usually directed to each government's permanent mission to the United Nations in Geneva or some similar official contact specified by the Contracting Parties.  Copies of diplomatic notifications are also sent to the "administrative authority", the agency within each Party's government that is charged with implementation of the Convention in that country.

dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notification 1998/1: The 7th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties; and Preparation of National Reports (23 January 1998)
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)
Note 1998/1: La 7e Session de la Conférence des Parties contractantes et la préparation des Rapports nationaux
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notificación 1998/1: 7a Reunión de la Conferencia de las Partes Contratantes y Preparación de Informes Nacionales

dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notification 1998/2: Revised Invoices for Annual Contributions 1998 (12 February 1998)
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Note 1998/2: Contributions annuelles 1998 - Facture révisée
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notificación 1998/2: Contribuciones anuales de 1998 - Factura revisada

dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notification 1998/3: Ramsar and water (19 February 1998)
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Note 1998/3: Ramsar et l'aqua
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notificación 1998/3: Ramsar y el agua

dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notification 1998/4: Call for nominations for the Ramsar Wetland Conservation Award (20 February 1998)
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Note 1998/4: Sollicitation de nominations pour le Prix Ramsar pour la conservation des zones humides
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notificación 1998/4: Invitación a presentar candidaturas al Premio Ramsar a la Conservación de los Humedales

dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notification 1998/5: Call for nominations for the Scientific and Technical Review Panel (19 March 1998)
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Note 1998/5: Propositions de candidature pour le Groupe d'évaluation scientifique et technique
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notificación 1998/5: Candidaturas para el Grupo de Examen Científico y Técnico

dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notification 1998/6: Cooperation between the Convention on Wetlands and the Convention on Biological Diversity (27 March 1998)
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Note 1998/6: Coopération entre la Convention sur les zones humides et la Convention sur la diversité biologique
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notificación 1998/6: Cooperación entre la Convención sobre los Humedales y el Convenio sobre la Diversidad Biológica

dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notification 1998/7: Next meeting of the Ramsar Standing Committee, 19-24 October 1998 (22 July 1998)
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Note 1998/7: Prochaine réunion du Comité permanent
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notificación 1998/7:Próxima reunión del Comité Permanente de Ramsar

There was no official Diplomatic Notification 1998/8, sorry.

dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notification 1998/9: Minutes of the 7th Meeting of the STRP (18 September 1998)
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Note 1998/9:Le résumé du rapport de la réunion du GEST
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notificación 1998/9: Resumen de las Actas de la 7a. Reunión del GECT

dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notification 1998/10: Annual contributions 1999 (2 November 1998)
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Note 1998/10:Contributions annuelles 1999
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notificación 1998/10: Contribuciones nacionales 1999

dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notification 1998/11:Auditors’ Report for 1997 (14-30 October 1998)
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Note 1998/11: Rapport des vérificateurs des comptes pour l’année 1997
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notificación 1998/11: Informe de los Auditores para el año 1997

dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notification 1998/12:Minutes of the 21st Meeting of the Ramsar Convention Standing Committee (2 December 1998)
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Note 1998/12: Procès-verbaux de la 21e Session du Comité permanent Ramsar
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notificación 1998/12: Las Actas de la 21a. Reunión del Comité Permanente

dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notification 1998/13:1999 Ramsar Wetland Conservation Awards (7 December 1998)
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Note 1998/13: Prix Ramsar pour la Conservation des Zones humides
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notificación 1998/13: Premios Ramsar a la Conservación de los Humedales, 1999

dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notification 1998/14:COP7 registration materials(9 December 1998)
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Note 1998/14: 7e Session de la Conférence des Parties contractantes
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notificación 1998/14: 7a. Reunión de la Conferencia de las Partes Contratantes

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