Montreux Record - Questionnaire


(adopted by the Conference of the Contracting Parties in Resolution VI.1, Brisbane, 1996, accompanying the Guidelines for Operation of the Montreux Record)

Section One: Information for assessing possible inclusion of a listed site in the Montreux Record

    Essential items

    Name of site

    Ramsar Criteria for listing the site as internationally important

    Nature of the change in ecological character/potential for adverse change

    Reason(s) for adverse change, or potential adverse change, in ecological character

    Additional items which may be included

    Date Information Sheet on Ramsar Wetlands submitted

    Date and source of Information Sheet updates (e.g. National Reports, national wetland inventory, specific survey)

    Benefits and values derived from the site

    Extent to which values and benefits derived from the site have decreased or changed

    Monitoring programme in place at the site, if any (technique(s), objectives, and nature of data and information gathered)

    Assessment procedures in place, if any (how is the information obtained from the monitoring programme used)

    Ameliorative and restoration measures in place or planned (if any) so far

    List of attachments provided by the Contracting Party (if applicable)

    List of attachments provided by the Ramsar Bureau (if applicable)

Section Two: Information for assessing possible removal of a listed site from the Montreux Record

    Success of ameliorative, restoration or maintenance measures (describe if different from those covered in Section One of this questionnaire)

    Proposed monitoring and assessment procedures (describe if different from those in Section One of this questionnaire)

    Extent to which the ecological character, benefits and values of the site have been restored or maintained (provide details)

    Rationale for removing the site from the Montreux Record (refer to "Guidelines for Operation of the Montreux Record", together with Section One of this questionnaire)

    List of further attachments (if applicable)

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