Resolution 5.7: Management planning for Ramsar sites and other wetlands

5th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties
Kushiro, Japan
9-16 June 1993

RECALLING that Contracting Parties to the Ramsar Convention designate wetlands within their territory for the "List of wetlands of international importance", and formulate and implement their planning so as to promote the conservation of listed sites;

AWARE of the need to take appropriate measures after designation so as to promote the conservation of listed sites, as indicated in Annex II to Montreux Recommendation 4.2, which states that "at each listed wetland, consideration should be given to the need for management" and that "if management measures are deemed appropriate, a management plan should be developed and put into action";

EMPHASIZING the need for each Ramsar site to have its own management plan;

NOTING that Contracting Parties also establish nature reserves on other wetlands which are not designated for the Ramsar List; CONSCIOUS that, while wetlands vary enormously throughout the world, a methodology for management planning, both for Ramsar sites and other wetlands can provide guidance for Contracting Parties;

NOTING FURTHERMORE that management planning should aim to achieve a balance between conservation and utilization, and should reinforce the Convention's "wise use" principle;

WELCOMING the initiatives taken by some Contracting Parties to develop methodologies of general relevance and the efforts already made to test their validity;


CALLS ON Contracting Parties to develop management plans for each wetland designated for the Ramsar List;

REQUESTS Contracting Parties to send copies of examples of such management plans to the Ramsar Bureau, in particular those that relate to sites on the Montreux Record or which illustrate good practice and successful approaches;

REQUESTS Contracting Parties to establish the appropriate legal and administrative structures for the application of such management plans, and to provide funds for the implementation of the plans and for training of the necessary staff;

FURTHER REQUESTS that, as far as necessary, Contracting Parties apply the "Guidelines on management planning for Ramsar and other wetland sites", attached as an annex to the present resolution;

CALLS ON Contracting Parties to consider using these guidelines to review and, where necessary, update existing management plans;

REQUESTS the Standing Committee and the Scientific and Technical Review Panel, in collaboration with the Convention Bureau and partner organizations, to follow up practical application of these guidelines at specific sites and to consider the need for refinement of these guidelines in the light of experience; and

URGES that funds be made available, from multilateral or bilateral aid sources, through non-governmental channels or from the Convention's Wetland Conservation Fund for the preparation of management plans and the application of these guidelines at wetlands in developing countries.

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