Recommendation 6.9: Framework for National Wetland Policy development and implementation

6th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties
Brisbane, Australia
19-27 March 1996

1. RECALLING Recommendation 4.10, which calls on Contracting Parties to formulate National Wetland Policies as an important step towards facilitating conservation and wise use of wetlands and the implementation of the Wise Use Guidelines of the Convention, thus reconfirming that "the wise use concept extends to all phases of wetland conservation, including policy development, planning, legal and educational activities, and site specific actions";

2. NOTING that Recommendation 4.10 calls on all Contracting Parties to work towards the formulation of comprehensive national policies in the long term and that such policies may be formulated in whatever manner is appropriate to their national institutions;

3. MINDFUL of the direction by the Ramsar Standing Committee to the organizers of Technical Session A at the present meeting to foster: (a) Guidelines that will accelerate the formulation and implementation of such National Wetland Policies, and (b) Guidelines that will promote stronger links between National Wetland Policies and the wise use of wetlands on the one hand with regional planning, especially in coastal zones, on the other; and

4. RECOGNIZING that there are many national models and mechanisms for development and implementation of national wetland policies, and that dissemination of knowledge of national experience in this area would be of significant value to many Contracting Parties considering the development of wetland policies and to the Convention in the implementation of its Strategic Plan 1997-2002;


5. RECOGNIZES that there is a need for the production of a framework for development and implementation of National Wetland Policies, for use by Contracting Parties which as yet have no policy of this kind, and including examples and illustrations;

6. CALLS on the Ramsar Bureau to produce a report including such a framework and, in addition, an analysis of the status of wetland policies world-wide, together with examples of national processes and considerations for the consultation on, and writing and implementation of, National Wetland Policies, within a range of national political and constitutional situations and with respect to National Biodiversity or Conservation Action Plans or Policies;

7. URGES Contracting Parties to provide summary information and copies of relevant National Wetland Policy documents to the Ramsar Bureau, as source materials for the preparation of this framework;

8. FURTHER URGES Contracting Parties with experience in development and implementation of National Wetland Policies to share staff time and expertise with other Ramsar Parties initiating such a policy; and

9. REQUESTS the Ramsar Bureau to coordinate the publication of the report, in cooperation with those partners that may offer to lead or participate in its production and provide resources for this purpose.

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