Annex to Resolution V.4 concerning the Montreux Record


Record of Ramsar sites where changes in ecological character have occurred, are occurring, or are likely to occur.

1. The Convention Bureau shall draw up the Montreux Record initially on the basis of sites listed in paragraph 224 of document INFO C.4.18, prepared from National Reports submitted to the 4th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties. Sites that have come to the attention of the Convention Bureau subsequently shall be included in the Montreux Record subject to the procedure outlined below (points 2-4).

2. It comes to the attention of the Convention Bureau that the ecological character of a Ramsar site may have changed, may be changing, or may be likely to change as a result of technological development, pollution, or other human interference.

3. If relevant consultations are not already in progress, the Convention Bureau shall contact the Contracting Party concerned, requesting additional information on the status of the site.

4. When, following such consultations, it is confirmed that the site has undergone, is undergoing, or is likely to undergo change in ecological character, the Convention Bureau, in agreement with the Contracting Patty concerned, and in consultation with the Scientific and Technical Review Panel, shall add the site to the Montreux Record.

5. The Montreux Record shall indicate those sites where the Monitoring Procedure has been or is being implemented, as well as those sites where a Contracting Party has already identified and/or begun to implement remedial actions. Contracting Parties shall provide annual reports to the Convention Bureau on the conservation situation at sites included on the Montreux Record.

6. The Convention Bureau, in agreement widh the Contracting Party concerned, and in consultation with the Scienhfic and Technical Review Panel, shall remove a site from the Montreux Record upon receipt of documents detailing either the remedial actions implemented successfully at the site, or the reasons why the ecological character of a site is no longer likely to change.

7. The Montreux Record shall be maintained as part of the Ramsar Database and shall be subject to continuous review. Copies of the Record shall be available to Contracting Parties and other interested bodies upon request, but shall in any case be included with the regular circulation of the List.

[The sense of this document was further refined by Resolution VI.1 of the 6th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties, Brisbane, Australia, March 1996.]

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