Recommendation 6.11: Continuing collaboration for Mediterranean wetlands

6th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties
Brisbane, Australia
19-27 March 1996

1. RECALLING Recommendation 5.14 on collaboration for the Mediterranean wetlands, which welcomed this regional activity and requested the MedWet partners to report on progress of the MedWet initiative at the present meeting;

2. NOTING with interest the progress made during the first phase of the MedWet initiative for the conservation and wise use of Mediterranean wetlands;

3. FURTHER NOTING the extension of MedWet activities through the participation of Albania, Algeria, Croatia, Morocco and Tunisia;

4. EXPRESSING THEIR APPRECIATION to the bodies which have provided funds for the MedWet initiative, notably the European Commission (DG XI), the Governments of France, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain, WWF, Tour du Valat, Wetlands International, the Ramsar Bureau and the GEF;

5. TAKING INTO ACCOUNT the Themes for the Future paper from the Government of Italy and the MedWet Coordination Group, entitled "MedWet - a Mediterranean Blueprint for Regional Wetland Cooperation," presented in plenary session of the present meeting on 25 March 1996, and the results of the informal consultations on Mediterranean wetlands held during the present meeting; and

6. BEING INFORMED of the initiative of the MedWet partners and of the Government of Italy to organize an International Conference on Mediterranean wetlands in Venice in June 1996;


7. WELCOMES this form of concerted and integrated collaboration between government and non-government partners for the conservation and wise use of Mediterranean wetlands and considers it a promising model for wetland activities in other regions;

8. ENCOURAGES the current partners to extend this collaboration to all the countries of the Mediterranean Basin, opening it to all Mediterranean governments and appropriate institutions, bodies and non-government organizations in the region, including the private sector;

9. ENCOURAGES the remaining states of the Mediterranean to participate in this long-term effort through a Mediterranean Wetland Forum or an equivalent body;

10. URGES all government and non-government organizations and individuals concerned with wetlands in the Mediterranean to commit their best efforts for the preparation and implementation of a concerted Mediterranean Wetlands Strategy;

11. CALLS on funding agencies, both multilateral and bilateral, and from the private sector, to continue their essential financial support for coordinated action for the conservation of Mediterranean wetlands;

12. REQUESTS that a full report on all further developments of collaboration for wetlands in the Mediterranean during the coming three-year period is presented at the 7th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties in 1999; and

13. CALLS on Contracting Parties in the Mediterranean to designate as Ramsar sites those wetlands which meet the approved Ramsar criteria, and in particular those of major significance as links on the migratory route between Europe and Africa.

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