Recommendation 4.9: Ramsar sites in the territories of specific Contracting Parties

4th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties
Montreux, Switzerland
27 June-4 July 1990

WELCOMING the increase in the number of wetlands designated for the Ramsar List;

NOTING with pleasure the statements made by the delegations of Poland, the USSR, Vietnam and Yugoslavia about additional listing;

EXPRESSING CONCERN at the statements made at the Conference or in their national reports about change in ecological character in listed wetlands in their territories by the delegations of the Federal Republic of Germany, Greece, Iceland, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Jordan, South Africa, Spain and the USA;


CALLS UPON the Government of Poland to protect the middle reaches of the River Vistula (one of the last unregulated rivers in Europe whose importance for unique plant and animal populations and as a flyway for migratory waterfowl is enormous) by establishing a Landscape Park and designating the area for the Ramsar List;

CALLS UPON the Government of Vietnam to designate for the Ramsar List the Melaleuca forests of U Minh district in the Mekong Delta and to remain in close contact with the Ramsar Bureau concerning assistance with the conservation and wise use of this site;

WARMLY WELCOMES the statement by the delegation of the USSR about plans to establish a new law for protection of Ramsar sites and to designate 16 new Ramsar sites covering 8 million hectares, and urges the Government of the USSR to complete these measures as soon as possible;

RECOMMENDS that the Government of Hungary considers giving year-round Ramsar status to Lake Balaton and Lake Tata as sites included in the List of Wetlands of International Importance;

RECOMMENDS that the Government of Yugoslavia take rapid action to designate for the List the two coastal and eight inland sites which have been identified as meeting the Ramsar criteria;

REQUESTS the Governments of Spain, the USA, Jordan, the Federal Republic of Germany and Greece respectively, to take action as specified in Recommendations REC. C.4.9.l to REC. C.4.9.5;

RECOMMENDS that the Government of Iceland take full note of the results of ecological research into the impact on the Myvatn-Laxa Ramsar site of sediment dredging before deciding to continue this activity;

EXPRESSES concern at the dams built in Afghanistan leading to changes in ecological character at Hamoun Lake in the Islamic Republic of Iran;

PROPOSES that the Monitoring Procedure be applied at this site and requests the Bureau to contact the Government of Afghanistan with a view to obtaining Afghanistan's accession to the Ramsar Convention; and

EXPRESSES its grave concern at the potential impact on the South African Ramsar site of St Lucia of mining for titanium and other heavy metals, and calls upon the South African Government:

    (a) to prohibit any mining activity which will damage the ecological character of the site; and

    (b) to ensure the St. Lucia system is retained as a protected site because of its national and international conservation importance.

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