The 11th meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties

"Wetlands: home and destination"
11th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting
Parties to the Ramsar Convention
Bucharest, Romania, 6-13 July 2012

General statements and
keynote addresses

Welcoming statement by Secretary of State Corneliu Mugurel Cozmanciuc (Conference report, para. 5)
Welcoming address by Secretary of State Bogdan Aurescu (Conference report, para. 7)
Opening address by the Secretary General of the Ramsar Convention, Mr. Anada Tiega (Conference report, para. 9)
Opening Statement by IUCN Director General Julia Marton-Lefèvre (Conference report, para. 10)
Joint Statement from the International Organization Partners (IOPs) delivered by Jim Leape, Director General of WWF International (Conference report, para. 12)
Intervention of Emmanuel Faber, Chief Operating Officer, Danone, France (Conference report, para. 15)
Ramsar Award ceremony - Introduction, Anada Tiéga (Conference report, para. 19)
Video texts about Ramsar Wetland Award Winners (Conference report, para. 21)
Acknowledgements from Ramsar Wetland Award Winners (Conference report, para. 22)
Closing statement from Secretary of State, Mr Corneliu Mugurel Cozmanciuc, 13 July 2012 (Conference report, para. 504) (Romanian original)
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Number of » Contracting Parties: 168 Sites designated for the
» List of Wetlands of
International Importance
2,186 Total surface area of designated sites (hectares): 208,674,247

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