The 10th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties (Ramsar, Iran, 1971)


"Healthy Wetlands, Healthy People"
10th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties
to the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar, Iran, 1971)
Changwon, Republic of Korea, 28 October - 4 November 2008

From Seoul to Changwon

There are three international airports in the Republic of Korea: Incheon International Airport (Seoul), Gimpo International Airport (Seoul), and Gimhae International Airport (Busan). Gimhae International Airport is the nearest of those to the city of Changwon, where the COP will take place (see the map below for the location of the three airports).

Many participants will fly to Incheon International Airport since it is directly linked to various airports in Asia, Europe, and America. Few flights to Gimhae Airport are available from Incheon, so many travellers will have to change from Incheon International Airport to Gimpo International Airport, from which many domestic flights to Gimhae are available.

The host country will operate free shuttle buses between Gimhae International Airport and the hotels and motels in Changwon, Masan, and Changnyeong that are providing accommodation for participants through the Official Housing Bureau – on 26 October and 27 October 2008 for arrival and 5 and 6 November for departure.

Although traveling by flight to Changwon is recommended, you can also travel to the COP from Incheon Airport by bus or by high speed train (KTX). Further details on in-country travel to Changwon are given below.

An information desk will be installed at both Incheon International Airport and Gimhae International Airport to provide information to participants.

Please note that the official currency in Korea is the Won (KRW), so foreign currency such as US dollars and Euros, etc., cannot be used in Korea. Participants should exchange foreign currency for KRW. In mid-May 2008, the exchange rates were: KRW 1,000 = USD 0.94 and EURO 0.61.

For further information about transportation, please contact:

Mr. Won Bang KIM
Convention & Exhibition Management Company, EZpmp
Tel: +82-55-212-1500 / Fax: +82-55-212-1501

For more information on transportation to the venue, please visit the Korea Ramsar COP10 website (

From Seoul to Changwon

1)      Flight

After arriving at Incheon International Airport, many transit passengers to domestic flights will need to transfer to Gimpo International Airport. A limousine bus is available at an equivalent cost of USD 6 from Incheon to Gimpo and the trip will take approximately 40 minutes. Detailed information on limousine bus service and domestic flight is as follows:


Limousine Bus

Domestic Flight

Operation Hours

05:30 ~ 20:00

07:00 ~ 20:20


10~20 min.

20~40 min.

Travel time

40 min.

60 min.


KRW 6,500

KRW 62,400 (KRW 71,900 weekend)


[For international flights, the Star Alliance has been designated, through its “Biosphere Connections” partnership with the Convention, as the official airline network for Ramsar COP10, and COP participants may wish to take advantage of that arrangement when booking their international flights.]


It is recommended for your convenience that you make Gimhae International Airport your final destination. Note that a baggage connection service between Incheon and Gimpo is not provided: you should claim your baggage at Incheon International Airport and check it in at Gimpo International Airport for the domestic flight to Gimhae International Airport.

2)      High Speed Train (KTX)

If you would like to travel to Changwon by KTX high speed train, you should go to Seoul Station by limousine bus or the metro from Incheon or Gimpo International Airports. This will take approximately 1h 30min by limousine bus.

There is no direct KTX service for Changwon so you must transfer at Milyang Station for a train to Changwon. It will take 2hrs 20min from Seoul Station to Milyang Station and a further 40 minutes from Milyang Station to Changwon and Masan Stations, from where you may take a taxi to your hotel for about USD 5 (equivalent in Won). Participants staying in Changnyeong should get off the train at Milyang Station and take a taxi from there directly to the hotel, which will cost the equivalent of around USD 30 in Won.


Though you can buy tickets at Seoul Station, it is recommended that you book a train ticket in advance through the Web site ( Please make sure that you put Changwon as your final destination when booking a ticket. Seoul Station is located in the center of the city of Seoul, so please note that it can take longer to go to the Seoul Station during rush hours.

3)      BUS

The bus service between Incheon International Airport and Changwon (via Masan, where some participants may have booked a hotel) is available from 07:10 to 22:10 all week. The travel time is five and a half hours. The current cost is KRW 38,000 (KRW 41,000 in the late-night) per one-way trip, and tickets are available from ticket machines or can be purchased by cash. The bus stop is Section 10C on the first floor in Incheon International Airport. Detailed information is as follows.

 From Incheon international Airport
to Changwon bus terminal (via Masan)

From Changwon bus terminal
to Incheon international Airport (via Masan)

departure time


departure time



KRW 38,000


KRW 38,000


KRW 38,000


KRW 38,000


KRW 38,000


KRW 38,000


KRW 38,000


KRW 38,000


KRW 38,000


KRW 38,000


KRW 38,000

(late-night) 23:40

KRW 41,800


KRW 38,000

(late-night) 01:10

KRW 41,800

(late-night) 22:10

KRW 41,800

(late-night) 02:10

KRW 41,800

(KRW 38,000 is about USD 36 or Euro 23 as of May 2008.)


Participants staying in Changwon should take a taxi from Changwon Bus Terminal to the hotel, which should cost less than KRW 10,000. For participants staying in Masan, get off the bus in Masan and take a taxi to your hotel. Participants staying in Changnyeong should get off the bus in Masan and take a taxi to their hotel (less than KRW 45000) or a bus from Masan to Changnyeong and then a taxi to their hotel.

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