World Wetlands Day 2013 Activities Reported

The Danone-Evian Fund for Water generously supports World Wetlands Day as part of a collaborative partnership since 1998 between the Ramsar Convention and the Danone Group.


World Wetlands Day 2013 activities

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Additional reports will be posted later in March and April. Thank you for your patience.

International Organization Partners:

BirdLife International. In the Birdlife Community blog, this article for WWD 2013 has been published: "Spare a thought for water on World Wetlands Day!" The article states, "Today, Saturday 2nd February, is World Wetlands Day! A day when we should all pause for at least a moment to think and remind ourselves of the vital role they play in supporting life and helping people’s livelihoods. The theme for this year is Wetlands and Water Management. Put simply, wetlands take care of water. They act like sponges, soaking up excess water and storing it for when the weather is dry. They are therefore perfect natural flood defences and reservoirs that support the lives of millions of people. Wisely using our wetlands is an essential component of the delivery of sustainable water management. Read the article here.

Wetlands International and IUCN. 
On the eve of the Convention’s World Wetlands Day, the report The Economics of Ecosystem and Biodiversity (TEEB) for Water and Wetlands was launched by the Ramsar Convention Secretariat, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP), the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Wetlands International and the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ), with the support of the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) and the Geneva Environment Network (GEN) secretariat. At the launch event, Ramsar’s Deputy Secretary General, Nick Davidson emphasised the importance of this publication for the Ramsar Convention. The TEEB report is available here.
  There are several news items below about the TEEB Report and World Wetlands Day, in the section titled, "Additional WWD2103 News from the Web, Twitter, and Facebook".

IUCN PACO.  Programme Afrique Centrale et Occidentale (PACO), Union Internationale pour la Conservation de la Nature (UICN).  L'equipe PACO a écrit, “Journée Mondiale des zones humides: « Les zones humides protègent notre eau » Chaque année, le 2 février, la Journée mondiale des zones humides commémore la signature de la Convention sur les zones humides, le 2 février 1971, dans la ville iranienne de Ramsar. Le thème de l’année 2013 est « Les zones humides protègent notre eau ». Les zones humides jouent un rôle essentiel dans l’approvisionnement en eau de nos sociétés et dans la lutte contre les inondations en participant activement au stockage, à l’épuration et la protection physique de nos rivages. Lire les bulletins mensuels PACO News. Consulter le site

WWF.   In many countries, WWF Offices celebrated World Wetlands Day 2013. On the web, and posted below, are reports from WWF Bolivia, WWF Bhutan, WWF IndiaWWF India- Kerala, WWF Nepal, WWF Thailand and WWF Tunisia.

IWMI, International Water Management Institute.  For World Wetlands Day, IWMI's newly published research, “Seeing the Sudd from Space. First maps of the Sudd derived using radar remote sensing showing how flooding patterns change over time.” The article states, “The Sudd wetland of South Sudan is one of the largest tropical wetlands in the world. However, despite covering an area twice the size of Spain in the wet season, very little is known about the number of people it supports or the current state of its biodiversity.”  See more here.

Other Conventions:

CBD – Convention on Biodiversity. The message from Mr. Braulio F. De Souza Dias, Executive Secretary, CBD, shares the message of World Wetlands Day and the importance of ecosystems and water management.  The message is posted here (PDF).   

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Other Ramsar Partners:

UNESCO and UNESCO IHP.   As one of the key partners in WWD 2013, UNESCO prepared a press release stating, "On 2 February, we celebrate World Wetlands Day 2013 under the theme Wetlands and Water Management. UNESCO’s International Hydrological Programme (IHP) is proud to celebrate this day in partnership with Ramsar and in celebration of the International Year of Water Cooperation. Both IHP and Ramsar have always had the nexus of water, people and wetlands at its core. The key objective of World Wetlands Day 2013 is to raise people’s awareness of the interdependence between water and wetlands, to highlight ways to ensure the equitable sharing of water between different stakeholder groups and to understand that without wetlands there will be no water."  See the entire press release here.

Caucasus Environment NGO Network (CENN).  On February 5, 2013, in Kobuleti, to mark the World Wetlands Day (February 2), CENN and USAID, within the scope of the Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Mitigation (CCADM) project, conducted a regional conference and an excursion to Ispani 2 protected area. More info here.

Ducks Unlimited - Canada.  Ducks Unlimited Canada shared "World Wetlands Day is coming soon! Watch our video  Wetlands connect us all."

EUROPARC.  EUROPARC Federation eNews has several featured news items on Ramsar, World Wetlands Day 2013, and several Ramsar Sites in Europe. Please see this link for more information.

European Space Agency.  ESA - GlobWetland II news. Kathrin Weise, Optical Instruments - Project Manager, Jena-Optronik GmbH, forwarded a message about the GlobWetlandII project, wherein she stated, "Dear water and wetland colleagues, The European Space Agency (ESA) published a web story about our project GlobWetland II on its webpage last week.  Please feel free to forward the link to all who could be interested."  The link is here.

IISD: International Institute for Sustainable Development.  "World Wetlands Day Focuses on Water Management". The article states, "As a contribution to the UN International Year for Water Cooperation, the Secretariat of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance especially as Waterfowl Habitat (Ramsar Convention) focused the celebrations of this year’s World Wetlands Day on wetlands and water management. The Day aims to show the interdependence between water and wetlands and the key role wetlands play."  News from IISD posted about WWD 2013.

Wetland Link International and Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust.  Mr. Chris Rostron, Head of Wetland Link International/Director de la Red Internacional de los Humedales (WLI)/Directeur du Réseau International des Zones Humides (WLI), has written to Ramsar to say, "Dear All, Please take a look at our WLI website to see what has been happening at wetland centres across the world – from wetland poems at Welney (UK), braving the ice in Norway and Japan, to wetlands in a box in Kakadu, Australia. Hope you had a good World Wetland Day wherever you where!"  WLI and WWT have posted articles on WWD 2013 events in centres in Australia, China, Chile, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the US. Stories in English are posted here. Stories from WWD 2013 in Spanish from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Spain are posted here.

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International Programmes:

International Agreement for the Prespa Park.  An NGO Network that consists of: MES (Macedonian Ecological Society) based in Skopje; the SPP (the Society for the Protection of Prespa), based in Agios Germanos, Prespa; and PPNEA (Protection and Preservation of the Natural Environment in Albania) based in Tirana, produced a press release for WWD 2013 to raise awareness about the International Agreement for the Prespa Park. This agreement was signed on 2nd February 2010 by the three countries sharing the Prespa Lakes, and also by the European Commission.  The 3 NGOs have established a cross-border network so that civil society is more engaged in transboundary co-operation and can work to fill holes in various aspects of environmental protection. Read the full press release here.

International Mire Conservation Group.   IMCG is a group of peatland scientists that publishes a regular electronic newsletter, organises annual seminars and field excursions that regularly lead to specific recommendations to selected countries about the need to do better for the conservation, maintenance and restoration of their peatlands, or rather mires, i.e. functional peatlands that still accumulate peat. From the IMCG news, "The IMCG is launching its 1st calendar today in celebrating WWD. You can download the high resolution version on our website as well as the photos used (which is from our earlier post card initiatives). We are very keen to hear how you promote mire conservation in your area/region/country/continent through celebrating WWD - so please send us a photo of related activities. We will use this in compiling a new post card series on mires and people, especially within the theme: Wetlands care for Water - and mires even more! Please email your photos with a short heading to the IMCG secretariat and your contributions for the Newsletter to"  Download the PDF Calendar here.

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Transboundary Ramsar Sites:

France-Germany.  Edith Wenger sent in a newspaper article and short report about the celebration of WWD2013 at the transboundary Ramsar Site Upper Rhine. The news report is posted here (PDF) and the report from Edith is posted here (PDF).

Austria-Slovenia-Croatia.  Read the report of the Ramsar Convention Assistant Advisor for Europe Laura Máiz-Tomé, on her WWD 2013 Mura River walk here.

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Ramsar Secretariat Reports:

Slovenia.   On the 2nd of February 2013, the Ramsar Convention Assistant Advisor for Europe Laura Máiz-Tomé, travelled to Slovenia for the celebration of the World Wetlands Day.  The National NGO Tabrih from Slovenia has been organizing walks along the Mura River since 2000 with the aim to ask Slovenian government to designate Mura River for its inclusion in the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance. The river Mura flows between between Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia.  Laura's report is posted here.

Switzerland.   Tobias Salathé, Senior Regional Advisor for Europe, a écrit, "Ci-joint l'article publié hier dans l'hebdomadaire pour la Romandie rurale "Terre & Nature" à l'occasion de la journée mondiale des zones humides (l'an dernier ils ont fait un article à la une plus deux pages à l'intérieur sur l'ensemble des Sites Ramsar en Suisse).  En fait, le plus grand Site Ramsar de Suisse, la Grande Cariçaie (rive sud du lac de Neuchâtel) fête les 30 ans de la gestion de ses milieux naturels (qui ne sont âgés que de 150 ans, depuis l'abaissement artificiel des lacs à la fin du 19e siècle). Je représenterai Ramsar cet après-midi lors de la célébration sur place à Cheyres. Demain il y aura une démonstration des interventions de gestion pour le grand public - comme indiqué dans l'article du journal. Tu trouveras davantage d'information ici:"   Ici. PDF.

Switzerland 2.  Here are two reports from the local news coverage in Geneva, Switzerland, of coverage of the Ramsar Secretariat event for WWD 2013. Reports are in French.Here and here.

Switzerland 3. Ramsar Secretariat team members, Alexia Dufour - Regional Affairs Officer, Nessrine Alzahlawi - Assistant Advisor for Asia Oceania, Virginie Pirens - Project Management Officer, Montse Riera - Adminstrative Assistant, Catherine Loetscher - Administrative Assistant attended an event in Geneva to promote World Wetlands Day and awareness about wetlands to students. Many local partners participated in the event to make it a success. The report, written by the Canton of Geneva, is in French, and begins with, "Partenaires de la Journée mondiale des zones humides 2013: Muséum d’histoire naturelle de la Ville de Genève, Etat de Genève, Secrétariat de la Convention de Ramsar, Groupe des jeunes de Nos oiseaux-Genève, Groupe ornithologique du bassin genevois (GOBG), Pro Natura Genève, La Libellule, HEPIA Lullier, Association pour la sauvegarde du Léman (ASL)".  Le rapport est ici.

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Activities reported by Country:

Albania - Burundi

Albania.  See the entry in the International Programme section for information on the International Agreement for the Prespa Park.

Algeria.   A. Bendaho, Président association pour la protection et l'amélioration de l'environnement de Mecheria (W Naama) Algerie a écrit, "Veuillez trouver ci joint un compte rendu de la célébration de la journée mondiale sur les zones humides au niveau de la wilaya de Naama Algerie à toutes fins utiles."  Ici. (PDF).

Algeria 2.  Algeria Press Service has posted a short news item about the celebration of World Wetlands Day in Tlemcen, Algeria. "In Algeria, the World Wetlands Day will be celebrated in Tlemcen (540-km west of Algiers), with a rich programme aiming to raise consciousness among the local population about the benefits of wetlands, and the threats they are facing. Algeria has 3,000,000 hectares of wetlands, stretching over 24 provinces, with four major national parks and a nature reserve." The article is posted here.

Algeria 3.  Soussou Benafla a écrit, "Un traduction en arabe de la brochure de la journée mondiale des zones humides (zone humide du Lac de Réghaîa, Alger, Algérie 2013)." Ici, PDF.

Algeria 4. Karima Rakem du Groupe du Centre Cynégétique de Réghaia  nous a envoyé leur rapport illustré du JMZH.  Ici en pdf 

Algeria 5. Dr. Ettayib BENSACI, Président du comité d’organisation du CNZH 1, a écrit,"Veuillez trouver en fichier attaché un lien du colloque, le programme et le proceeding de la manifestation. Après le colloque je vais vous envoyer un rapport sur le déroulement de la manifestation et les activités accompagnatrices."  Le site du CNZH 1: - ici (programme) et ici (proceedings).

See also the entry in the International Programme section for Wetland Link International and Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust. The group has coverage in Spanish for the WWD 2013 project in Argentina, posted here.

Argentina 2Alejandro Giraudo, escribe "Boletín informativo del Sitio Ramsar Jaaukanigás", "Estimados Amigos y Colegas: Cómo es costumbre para festejar el día de los Humedales, tenemos el agrado de enviarles un nuevo Camalotal (Boletín informativo del Sitio Ramsar Jaaukanigás), con reflexiones sobre el tema elegido por Ramsar "LOS HUMEDALES CUIDAN EL AGUA".  Más aquí, Boletín informativo del Sitio Ramsar Jaaukanigás (PDF).

Argentina 3.  Ana María Cainelli, Responsable, de Peñita Los Jaaukis y, Miembro voluntario del Área Ecología del Concurso Argentino de Pesca del Surubí, escribe, "Adjunto informe de algunas de las actividades realizadas con motivo del Día Mundial de los Humedales 2013 en el Sitio Ramsar Jaaukanigás, Depto. Gral. Obligado, Provincia de Santa Fe, Argentina. Las mismas fueron llevadas a cabo por Peñita Los Jaaukis, y  con el apoyo del Área Ecología del Concurso Argentino de Pesca del Surubí con Devolución." PDF.

Australia.  The Australian Government and the Murray Darling Basin Authority. "Just in time for World Wetlands Day (on Saturday 2 February), The Living Murray has released "Watering the icon sites—a snapshot." The publication reports on how much environmental water was delivered to the icon sites in the last water year. It also gives an overview of The Living Murray’s environmental watering program through the longest drought in recorded history followed by record rain in the southern Murray-Darling Basin." The Living Murray - more information is posted here.

Australia 2.  WetlandCare Australia. The WetlandCare Australia website, with more information about their work and plans for celebrating World Wetlands Day later in 2013, is

Australia 3.  Lara Johnson from the Wetlands Section in the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, has reported on three WWD activities through the Australian Government.
1. For WWD 2013 the Australian Government published the 22nd issue of the publication, Wetlands Australia with the theme Wetlands and Water Management. It is available at this link

2. The Australian Government also produced the factsheet Planning and management of urban and peri-urban wetlands in Australia which interprets the Ramsar guidance in Resolution XI.11 for the Australian context. The factsheet is available online hereHard copies of the fact sheet have been mailed out to wetland education centres, local government associations and other interested parties.
3. We have again hosted an online calendar of events for community groups to advertise their WWD event. This year 28 events were posted on the calendar from around the nation. A link to the calendar is on our WWD webpage.

Australia 4.  John  Caven, Conservation Officer/ Secretary, Field and Game Australia, Metropolitan Branch, sent in this report of World Wetlands Day activities wherein he writes the purpose of the report is, "These simple reports that I put out from time to time are aimed to inform, educate and promote partnerships and alliances with people and groups from all walks of life. World Wetlands Day: Sunday, 3 February 2013, Henderson Creek Wetlands, City of Whittlesea, Victoria, Australia."  Field and Game Australia is a voluntary organisation formed by hunters, and they partner with
Government and the community in the management and sustainable utilisation of Australia’s wetlands for future generation by protecting game habitats through conservation. The report with photos is posted here.

Austria.   See above in the Ramsar Secretariat Reports for a report on the transboundary Mura River event held in Slovenia for WWD 2013. The river Mura flows between between Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia.

Austria 2.  Ute Nüsken, Verein AURING schrieb Ramsar und sagte, "Auch in diesem Jahr waren wir anlässlich des Weltfeuchtgebietstages wieder in den March-Thaya-Auen mit einer Schulklasse unterwegs. Anbei unser Bericht, den ich an die lokalen Printmedien geschickt hatte, und ein Foto."  Der Bericht ist hier, mit ein Foto.

Austria 3.  Austrian local TV has information on WWD 2013 in a report here, and the Austrian local newspaper article is posted here.

Bangladesh.  Amair Hasan, President, Green Mind Society, reports, "Green Mind Society and Sonmiliti Joladar Rokkha Andolon jointly organized a demonstration program to demand saving wetlands all over the country on occasion of World Wetland Day 2013 in the capital city Dhaka in Bangladesh."  The report is posted here.

Bangladesh 2.  Tarique Hassan, Senior Advisor for the Wetland Biodiversity Rehabilitation Project in Bangladesh, has sent a report about their WWD activities in the Ganges–Jamuna floodplain in the Pabna region. He notes “in a day-long event that took place in the Chatmohor upazila of Pabna district, discussions were held on the importance of wetlands, followed by ‘Folksong Drama Shows’ and distribution of World Wetland Day Theme Posters to the people". Read the illustrated report here and see the adaptation of the Ramsar poster here.
Bangladesh 3. 
Dr. Kamal Kumar Saha, Founder & Chairman, WORLD PEACE MISSION, tells Ramsar, "This year WPM has celebrated WWD 2013 in important districts (Dhaka) and organized large-scale programs in Bangladesh. This part is important for wetland values both ecologically and economically and essential for wetland conservation. WPM has promoted and involved different GO, NGO, local community and different level of people to celebrate World Wetland Day 2013. WORLD PEACE MISSION organized WWD 2013 programs Theme: "Wetlands Take Care of Water."  The report, with photos, is posted here.

Belgium.  Le «Jardin extraordinaire » est une émission très célèbre en Belgique sur une de nos chaines nationales. L’émission de ce weekend était consacrée aux zones humides et à la JMZH!

Benin.  Claudia Amegankpoe,  Biologiste Environnement, ECOECOLO, a écrit, "Je vous envoie quelques images de la journée du 02 Février 2013, nous avons organisé avec les maires des sites Ramsar 1017 et 1018. ECO ECOLO s'est chargé du site 1017 en partenariat avec l'ABE et la faculté d'élévage et de pêche d'une université privée de la place. C'était l'occasion de sensibiliser le grand public et de donner la parole aux maires pour présenter les activités de leur communes relatives aux Zones humides et de prendre des engagements pour les protéger. La journée était une réussite, nous avons noté la satisfaction de tous. Le rapport sera envoyé sur le site."  Ici, PDF.

Bhutan.   Phurba Lhendup (Program officer), Freshwater & Climate change program, WWF Bhutan Program Office reports, "World Wetlands Day 2013 in Bhutan was observed in Bumdeling, one of the Ramsar Sites in Bhutan. Please log on to  to see the details. Five sites are currently under study to be designated as Ramsar Sites."  More information is posted here.

Bhutan 2.  Tshering Phuntsho, of the Bhutan Royal Society for Protection of Nature, writes to Ramsar, "I would like to share about what we did on 2nd February 2013 WWD in Bhutan. Thank you for all the posters and stickers."  The report begins with, "World Wetlands Day was observed on 2 February 2013 in Thimphu by a small group of individuals who are registered members of Royal Society for Protection of Nature (RSPN)."  Read more here on their website.

Bolivia.  To mark the annual World Wetlands Day, Bolivia has designated the Llanos De Moxos wetland its largest site ever. At more than 6.9 million hectares, the site is equivalent to the size of the Netherlands and Belgium together, and is prized for its rich natural diversity, as well as cultural value. “WWF applauds the government of Bolivia for taking bold action to protect these vital ecosystems,” said Jim Leape, WWF International Director General. More information on the WWF website is posted here. Ramsar's article on this important event in Bolivia is posted here. 

Bulgaria.  Ms. Neli Arabadzhieva, Communication officer, Federation of Nature Conservation NGOs, GREEN BALKANS wrote to Ramsar to say, "Here I am enclosing the report for WWD 2013. I am also enclosing the adapted poster in Bulgarian."  The report is posted hereand the adaptation is on the WWD2013 Adaptations Page, here.

Burundi.  Evariste Rufuguta, Conseiller au Cabinet du MEEATU, Pointe Focal Ramsar/GEST-Burundi a écrit, “Bonjour à Tous, Je vous transmet en attaché le rapport de la journée mondiale des zones humides, édition 2013 qui à eu lieu ce Vendredi 1 février 2013 au Burundi.”Ici (PDF).

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Cambodia - Dominican Republic

Cambodia.  Bou Vorsak, Programme Manager for BirdLife International - Cambodia Programme and Ramsar's NGO CEPA Focal Point for Cambodia), reports on their WWD public awareness event at the Peam Krasob Secondary School. He notes that the planning each year is very much a collaborative effort through a network of government agencies, NGO, and private agencies. The detailed report describes the activities and involvement of government representatives as well as BirdLife Cambodia and also details the materials produced (poster, t-shirts and banners) and distributed at the school and also to three Cambodian Ramsar Sites.  Read the illustrated report here and visit the WWD adaptations page to see the tshirt and poster adaptations. Vorsak has also shared over 100 photos of their activites at this facebook link  .

Cameroon.  Godwin Tanda, Executive Director of the Environmental Protection and Development Association (EPDA Cameroon) shared a report with us on WWD2013 in Limbe, Cameroon. EPDA, which is a nonprofit grassroots association created to promote development and environmental resource management in low-income communities, is currently working in two regions in Cameroon.  Godwin writes, "...I have just completed the report of the WWD2013 commemoration here in Limbe - Cameroon for your appreciation. Please find attached the report (pdf). We hope to continue creating awareness on the values and importance of wetlands in Cameroon in particular and the world in general."  The report, with photos and extensive explanations of events, is posted here.

Cameroon.  Nandou Tenkeu Müller, Head of Ecology, University of Douala reports, "Good day dear members of  Ramsar Africa and particularly to Madam Ako Charlotte. Here is the report of the 42nd Wetland celebration in Douala, Cameroon. We are very happy concerning our participation and the organization, the entire program we send you on the 14th of January has been executed. We notice so many problems in our wetland especially the destruction of Cameroon Littoral Mangrove which is a specific wetland and have a high importance according for the various benefit we obtain from it. We have the project to regenerate 2000 trees pants of red and white mangrove especially the genus Rhizophora and Avicennia.  This report has been produced in French, and we hope that you would find interest in it."  Thereport is posted here.

Christina M Smeaton, Ecohydrology Laboratory, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Waterloo, sent in an adaptation of the poster, seen here. She reported, "The Ecohydrology Group at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Canada hosted a celebration of World Wetlands Day on February 1, 2013. The celebrations included a seminar by Dr. Corinne Schuster-Wallace from the Institute for Water at the Environment and Health United Nations University followed by a poster session and reception. The event was well-attended with 75 attendees and 10 posters. The World Wetlands Day Seminar and Poster Session information can be found here."   Some photos of the event are attached to this report.

See the entry in the International Programme section for Wetland Link International and Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust. The group has coverage in Spanish for the WWD 2013 project in Chile, posted here.

Chile 2.  Ruben Pastene Olivares, Facultad de Quimica y Biologia, Universidad de Santiago de Chile, escribe, “En el dia mundial de los humedales la facultad de Quimica y Biologia de la Universidad de Santiago de Chile convoca a postítulo de manejo ambiental de recursos naturales orientado al recurso agua (humedales) quinta version (2013)."
Http:// magister profesional en manejo de humedales (2013)
Http://  Más información en

China.  In this photo, by Jiang Wenyao, Corbis, "White swans swimming at a wetland in Wenquan county, north-west China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region. Every year 2 February is celebrated as the World Wetlands Day to mark the anniversary of the signing of the Convention on Wetlands. Signed on 2 February, 1971, the convention is an international effort to protect wetlands around the world. China joined the convention in 1992." Quote text written by The Guardian News.

China - Hong Kong.  Josephine Cheng, Wetland Park Manager/ Education and Community Services, Hong Kong Wetland Park writes to Ramsar to say, "Attached please find a report on WWD activities organised at Hong Kong Wetland Park for the celebration of WWD 2013.  Many thanks for your further actions."  Report is here.

Colombia.  See the entry in the International Programme section for Wetland Link International and Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust. The group has coverage in Spanish for the WWD 2013 project in Colombia, posted here.

Colombia 2.  Felipe A. Velasco, Director – Fundación Montecito, sent in a report that begins, "In order to celebrate World Wetlands Day 2013 in favour of our beloved Lake Tota (Colombia), as active members of the Causa Tota and its ‘Mocilato’ civil movement..." the activities are listed in the PDF report, here.

Colombia 3.  Carlos Alberto Gonzalez Escobar, Representante Legar FUNECOROBLES escribe, "En la celebración realizada en el complejo de humedales del Alto Cauca en el corregimiento de Robles, Municipio de Jamundí, Departamento del Valle del Cauca - Colombia, la Fundación FUNECOROBLES en asocio con otras organizaciones locales, instituciones y la academia realizaron un participativo evento, registrado en el video aquí referenciado, solicitamos que sea publicado en la página de Ramsar.  Unete a la defensa de los humedales:".

Congo, Republic of.  Antoine Berry, Adjoint de coordination des Activités, en charge du programme d’éducation à l’environnement, Rénatura Congo, a écrit, "Bonjour, l'équipe d'éducation à l'environnement de Rénatura Congo a le plaisir de vous transmettre le rapport d'activité de la semaine spéciale organisée par l'association autour de la "Journée mondiale des Zones Humides 2013 ", événement planétaire parrainé par la convention Ramsar. Nous tenons également à remercier nos partenaires : La fondation Nature & Découverte et le Rotary Club de Pointe-Noire pour leurs soutiens sans lesquels cette semaine de sensibilisation n'aurait pu voir le jour. Bien cordialement." Ici, PDF.

Croatia.  See above in the Ramsar Secretariat Reports for a report on the transboundary Mura River event held in Slovenia for WWD 2013. The river Mura flows between between Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia.

Cyprus.  Thomas Hadjikyriakou, Manager, Akrotiri Environmental Education and Information Centre sent in a report, in Greek and in English, of events for WWD2013 on Cyprus.  The report in English begins with,  "The Akrotiri Environmental Education and Information Centre (AEEIC), in close cooperation with Akrotiri Community Council, Akrotiri Primary School and Cyprus Pedagogical Institute, and support from the Ramsar Convention Secretariat, organised a series of events to celebrate World Wetlands Day 2013. A wide range of events of educational, social, cultural and entertainment character, have been organized, including special educational programmes for school groups, presentations, bird-watching, photography exhibition, basket making workshop and an artistic/cultural event."  The report in English is posted here and the report in Greek is posted here. Both reports contain photos as well.

Dominican Republic.  Franklin Jesús Tejeda, Asistente de Proyectos de la CNDU, Ministerio de Cultura, Distrito Nacional, Rep. Dominicana escribe, "Después de un cordial, tengo a bien compartir con Usted un breve resumen sobre la celebración del Día Mundial de los Humedales 2013 a través de la Red de Escuelas Asociadas a la UNESCO de la República Dominicana y el Acuario Nacional. El documento adjunto contiene fotos de las acciones emprendidas."  Leer más aquí (PDF).

Dominican Republic 2. Laura Perdomo, Mangrove Alliance
Coordinator (Coordinadora de la Alianza del Manglar), BirdLife Americas Secretariat (Secretariado de BirdLife en Las Américas) writes to Ramsar to share, "Please find attached a brief outline of activities developed by the Neotropical Mangrove Conservation Alliance (Mangrove Alliance) and BirdLife Partners involved in mangrove conservation efforts throughout the Americas. We are currently working on a communication piece describing the activities implemented by our Partners Grupo Jaragua (in the Dominican Republic) and SOPI (in Puerto Rico). Don`t forget to befriend us at: Thank you for all the great support. I think this year the WWD was a great success! “Water” is always a great topic to base these celebrations on. Everyone can relate and understand (and “feel”) the importance of water." Report is posted here: PDF.

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Ecuador - Guinea-Bissau

  C-CONDEM, Ecuador, escribe, "UN HOMENAJE INTERCULTURAL A LA DECIMA ESMERALDEÑA EN EL DIA DE LOS HUMEDALES....En conmemoración del día mundial de los humedales, el 2 de febrero, en el Centro de Comercialización y Revalorización de la Cultura del Ecosistema Manglar: Martín Pescador, un despliegue de música y poesía rindió homenaje a la Décima Esmeraldeña y al Decimero del Pueblo: Linver Nazareno Castillo. La poesía al ecosistema manglar, a los ríos, mares y lagunas; a las cascadas, a los guaduales y guandales fueron la tónica de la noche del sábado."leer más aquí (PDF).

Estonia.   Anneli Roosalu, Environmental Board, Estonia, sent in a short summary about activities celebrated for WWD 2013 in Estonia, organised by the Environmental Board. Some photos are in this PDF and the report is posted here. Additional pictures made by Aivar Ruukel are on Flickr:

Fiji.  Jason Tutani, Park Manager, Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park, National Trust of Fiji, share this report on their website:

France.Activities Summary: Pierre Caessteker, Chargé de mission zones humides, ONEMA, Office national de l’eau et des milieux aquatiques, shared "JMZH, BILAN Edition 2013, for France".  The document, in French, is a PDF, available here,  and it shares all of the World Wetlands Day activites across France. It is alsoonline here.

France. R.Paulat, Président de l'Association: 'Protégeons notre patrimoine naturel, le bocage, 'les Grands Prés' à Perrex' a écrit, "Perrex: Présentation de l’Arrêté Préfectoral de Protection des Biotopes de vallée de la Basse-Veyle."  La soirée organisée  par l’Association ‘Protégeons notre patrimoine naturel, le bocage, ‘les Grands Prés’ à Perrex’ dans le cadre de la Journée Mondiale des Zones humides à partir de l’Arrêté Préfectoral de Protection des biotopes de la vallée de la Basse-Veyle, s’est déroulée ce Vendredi 08 Févier 2013 à Perrex."  Ici, PDF.

France 2.   As noted above in the Transboundary Ramsar Sites section, Edith Wenger sent in a newspaper article and short report about the celebration of WWD2013 at the transboundary Ramsar Site Upper Rhine. The news report is posted here (PDF) and the report from Edith is posted here (PDF).

France 3.   LPO (Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux) and Evian France, in collaboration with Ramsar, have produced this booklet for World Wetlands Day: (in French). LPO's activities for WWD in France are posted here: Baldeck, Responsable partenariat, LPO, a écrit, "Voici, ci-joint, l’ensemble des éléments justificatifs relatifs aux manifestations organisées par la LPO dans le cadre de la JMZH 2013, selon le même principe que l’année passée." Le site internet créé pour l’occasion et consultable à, avec le Communiqué de Presse LPO sur l’évènement, le bilan d’activité, le bilan général (chiffres et commentaires), et la liste des structures ayant présenté des activités.

France 4.  Jean-Jacques Beley, EVIAN-DANONE partagé cet article sur la JME 2013 dans le Dauphiné partagé par Danone.  "Les zones humides du marais du Gavot à l'honneur" est ici, PDF.

France 5.  ERARE (Ranchal, France) a écrit: "Pour la deuxième année consécutive, le Beaujolais et les différents projets conçus sur le territoire sont mis à l’honneur lors de notre manifestation en écho à la Journée Mondiale des zones humides. Nous tenons à remercier la commune et les commerçants de Poule-les-Echarmeaux (mise à disposition gracieuse de la salle par la municipalité, ainsi que le boulanger et le traiteur qui ont préparé le buffet) qui nous ont permis d’organiser cette journée, ainsi que les élèves de CM de l’école primaire avec qui nous avons pu essayer la maquette des zones humides. Cette année encore vous étiez une trentaine à vous être déplacés afin d’assister à la présentation du programme 'Let’s go', des projets des contrats de rivières, de la collaboration des agriculteurs aux modes de gestion des zones humides ordinaires, de la malle pédagogique en cours de réalisation avec les écoles de la CCHVA, et enfin pour voir l’exposition « Les zones humides un patrimoine à préserver » généreusement prêtée par l’Agence de l’Eau Rhône Méditerranée et Corse."  Ici, PDF.

France 6.  Fabien Blanchet, Forum des Marais Atlantiques, a écrit, "Nous avons le plaisir de vous adresser notre lettre électronique «Esc@le» - Février 2013." 

France 7.  The group, Les Pôles relais zones humides, have produced a Flyer and Booklet detailing the many WWD events organized by the Pôle-relais lagunes méditerranéennes. They are on the Adaptations page, here.

France 8. Please find below another summary of WWD in France by Pôle-relais:  "Premier bilan des Journées Mondiales des Zones Humides 2013 en Méditerranée. Le froid n’a pas eu raison de la participation du public. Le Pôle-relais lagunes méditerranéennes dresse un premier bilan des JMZH 2013 en Méditerranée. Proche des chiffres de l’an passé, on dénombre en 2013 environ 3350 participants dont 633 scolaires et environ 2717 participants grand public. Sur la centaine d’animations annoncées au programme et en ligne sur le portail national des zones humides, près de 80% des animations a été maintenu malgré les températures glaciales !"  En savoir plus.

France 9.  The Association PEGAZH have produced a Flyer for WWD 2013 and it is also on the Adaptations page.

France 10.  Grégoire Macqueron, Chargé de mission Zones humides, Zones Humides Infos,
Correspondant ONG pour la CESP de Ramsar en France: Société nationale de protection de la nature (SNPN), a écrit: "Nous vous présentons une synthèse multimédia en ligne de ce colloque:  Cliquer sur « Read next page » en bas de page. Les diaporamas, enregistrements audio, liens, vidéo sont interactifs. Voici ce que cela donne sur notre site internet, ici."

France 11.  Alain Dindeleux, Coordonnateur du Pôle-relais lagunes méditerranéennes,  writes “We are pleased to present the new edition of the World Wetlands Day assessment for 2013 in the Mediterranean lagoons of France, also available in the May Newsletter of Mediterranean lagoons transfer unit Project: ». Read the report here.

Georgia.  See also the entry above in the WWD2013 and Other Ramsar Patners section, about the Caucasus Environment NGO Network (CENN). On February 5, 2013, in Kobuleti, to mark the World Wetlands Day (February 2), CENN and USAID, within the scope of the Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Mitigation (CCADM) project, conducted a regional conference and an excursion to Ispani 2 protected area. More info here.

Georgia 2.  Integrated Natural Resources Management in Watersheds of Georgia, INRMW – Georgia Program. Attached, please see the Press Release about the event dedicated to World Wetlands Day and held on February 4 by the Integrated Natural Resources Management in Watersheds of Georgia, INRMW – Georgia Program. The PDF is posted here.

Georgia 3.  Izolda Matchutadze shared the following report from Ajara about WWD 2013 in Georgia. The report states, “Among special guests were Minister of Nature protection of Georgia Khatuna Gogaladze, (this was a special visit of Minister of Nature conservation of Georgia to attend WWD in Ispani mire), Head of Biodiversity department Soso Qartsivadze, Ramsar focal point from Georgia Tamar Kvantaliani, Inga Nikagosian, Directorate of Nature protection of Ajara, Department  of  Tourism, Shota Rustaveli State University, Department of monitoring federal and regional, Federal and regional TV press.” Read more in the PDF here.

Germany. As noted above in the Transboundary Ramsar Sites section, Edith Wenger sent in a newspaper article and short report about the celebration of WWD2013 at the transboundary Ramsar Site Upper Rhine. The news report is posted here (PDF) and the report from Edith is posted here (PDF).

Ghana.  Koffi Konin, at the US Embassy, Accra, Ghana reports, “Please find attached a leaflet showing the activities that we organized to mark the 2013 World Wetlands Day.”  The PDF is posted here.
Greece.  See the entry in the International Programme section for information on the International Agreement for the Prespa Park.

Greece.  Φορέας Διαχείρισης Δέλτα Νέστου Βιστωνίδας Ισμαρίδας, Κέντρο Πληροφόρησης Λίμνης Βιστωνίδας  (Management Body Nestos Delta Vistonidas Ismarida, Information Centre Lake Vistonida).  News / Press Releases of the event celebration of World Wetlands Day in the city of Kavalaare posted here
, in Greek.

Guatemala.  Carlos Salvatierra, Secretario Ejecutivo, Redmanglar Internacional escribe, "Les envió adjunto nuestro boletin, pueden descargarlo en este link (PDF).  También pueden descargarlo desde la pagina de redmangar:"

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Honduras - Luxembourg

 Prakash Goudar, President of the Green Army, Dharwad, India writes to Ramsar to say, "I am glad to inform you that this time we have conducted the World Wetlands Day in Dharwad city. We have had a lot of young students participate in this event, and lectures from renowned environmentalist Mr Mukund Maigur and Harshvardhan Sheelvanth were given to the students towards the protection of wetlands. This programme was arranged in Navaloor lake. Practical sessions of this wetland were explained to more than 100 students. Newspaper reports (Kannada Language) with special article of this day are attached."  The news reports and photos are posted in this PDF, and the reports are posted here and an invitation is posted here 

India 2.  Paresh Pimpale, Ecofolks, Mumbai, India shared this note and report with photos: "This is to share with you our small attempt to celebrate The Wetlands day on the Banks of Powai Lake, one of the biggest lake in the commercial capital of India, Mumbai.  A seminar was arranged in association with the Association of Maharashtra State Anglers Association, NASS, Maharashtra Nature Park and ECOFOLKS on the theme of ' Wetlands take care of Water'.  Ecofolks, an organisation working on various environmental issues, also arranged a Photowalk to capture the various aspects of this unique wetland ecosystem.  The Schedule and the photos of the event are attached herewith. Looking forward for your help and guidance in our conservation efforts."  The report is posted hereMore information is on their website:

India 3.  K. Sampath, Lecturer, District Institute of Education and Training, Cuddalore – District, Tamil Nadu State, India shared the following report, with photos, with Ramsar about their WWD 2013 activities.  "In Tamil Nadu State alone 40,000 minor and major irrigation tanks are found. In addition to this there are innumerable smaller ponds in each and every village. The  “World Wetland Day 2013” was observed by involving  students numbering 110 studying VI, VII and VIII standard in a Government Elementary School located in Kundiyamallur village. This village is located on the downstream of one the notable wetlands the Perumal Lake."  Report, with photos, is posted here.

India 4.  Mr. Pankaj Chandan, Head, High Altitude Wetlands Conservation Programme, WWF-India shares with Ramsar, "Please find here a brief about the WWD 2013 celebrations in Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) in India. I am also enclosing three pictures with this note."  The report is posted here, with photos. (PDF).

India 5.  Arijit Banerjee, Chief Technical Officer, East Kolkata Wetlands Management Authority sends in this report to Ramsar: "I am forwarding you the report on the celebration of World Wetlands Day 2013 by the East Kolkata Wetlands Management Authority (EKWMA). The Report gives the details of the activities undertaken by the Authority on that day. I am pleased to share the celebration details with everybody working at Ramsar and also with other enthusiasts from the rest of the world."  The report begins with, "The East Kolkata Wetlands Management Authority (EKWMA) has been entrusted with the duty to conserve and protect the East Kolkata Wetlands (EKW). To raise public awareness about the ecological importance of EKW and its values and benefits, EKWMA celebrates World Wetlands Day every year."  Report is posted here.

India 6.  Renjan Mathew Varghese, State Director, WWF - India, Kerala State Office, reports, "Greetings from WWF in Kerala. Like in previous years, we observed World Wetlands Day 2013 in Kerala on 7th and 8th Feb. The programme was organised in Peet Memorial Training College, Mavelikara. It has been made possible with the financial support that we received from CCDU, Water Resources Department, Government of Kerala. The brief report of the programme and the photographs of the two days events are attached.  We take this opportunity to thank the Ramsar Secretariat for sending us samples of the resource materials and also the template in CD. We really made use of it."  Report is posted here and here is a PDF of all photos.

India 7.  Kedar Gore, Director, The Corbett Foundation, Mumbai, India reports, "As every year, this year too The Corbett Foundation celebrated World Wetlands Day 2013 at its divisions situated at the outskirts of Corbett, Kanha and Bandhavgarh tiger reserves in India. A brief report of our activities for WWD 2013 is attached herewith for your kind perusal and for uploading on the Ramsar Convention website."  The report is posted here.

India 8.  Narottam Sahoo shares this report (PDF)  titled, "Wetlands Take Care of our Water! Celebration of World Wetlands Day at Gujarat Science City". The report begins with, "It's really a celebrating time in Gujarat as the state has got its first international recognition in the form of a Ramsar site for Nal Sarovar, spread over an area of 12,000 hectares and home to 210 different species of birds."  They have also made an adaptation of the poster for WWD 2013, it is posted on the Adaptations page.

India 9.  Elsie Gabriel shared a nice report and photos of an event held at the Rodas Ecotel Powai, in India.  The report, titled, "World Wetlands day celebrations by Young Environmentalists programme trust, India" begins by stating, "Over 350 citizens both youth and adults gathered at Rodas Ecotel Powai to celebrate world wetlands day organized by Young Environmentalists Programme trust along with the Rodas Ecotel Green team."  The report is posted here (PDF).

India 10.  Rashmi Gangwar, CEE Himalaya, shares this report, which begins, "February 2, 2013, saw over 350 students, 80 volunteers, guests and teachers from around 16 schools participate in a host of activities organized by CEE Himalaya in collaboration with NGO partners under the banner of Paryavaran Mitra network and RCE Srinagar to observe ‘World Wetlands Day’ (WWD) in the Himalayan States of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. The celebrations, held simultaneously at two locations, brought forth enthusiastic children onto public platforms to share their views and opinions about the WWD 2013 theme “Wetlands Take Care of Water". Rashmi says, "Like every year CEE Himalaya celebrated World Wetlands Day in the Himalayan states this year too. We are happy to share a report and the pictures."

India 11.  South Asian Forum for Environment, SAFE with gratitude acknowledges the US Consulate Kolkata, Hyatt Regency Kolkata, East Kolkata Management Authority (EKWMA), Central Institute Fisheries Research Institute (CIFRI), Department of Fisheries, Govt of West Bengal, and Birla Institute of Technology Museum (BITM), for joining hands to celebrate World Wetlands Day 2013.  This year, Wetlands Day celebration experienced the best of multiple stakeholder partnership where international partners stood together for East Kolkata Wetlands (EKW) and local government authorities joined hands to see it come true in all articulations, at a event held at Jhagrashisha Bheri of East Kolkata Wetlands on 2nd Feb 2013. SAFE every year observes the World Wetlands Day on 2nd February, in congruence to the Ramsar Secretariat at Geneva, to emphasize on the awareness regarding the conservation of wetlands. This year, 2013 is the UN International Year for Water Cooperation and International Decade for Biodiversity Conservation, thus it is an ideal opportunity for us to look at the bond between water and wetlands. The report, with photos, is posted here.

India 12. 
Dr. Abilash R., Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology, Christian College (University of Kerala), sent in this report which begins, "As part of World Wetlands day 2013, the Bhoomithrasena Club of Christian College, Chengannur, Kerala along with the Department of Zoology, organized a one day seminar on Sasthamkotta Lake – a Ramsar site in Kerala on 02.02.2013. The theme of the seminar was “Sasthamkotta Lake and its struggle for existence".  Please see the report and photos posted here.

India 13. 
Ashish Mathew George, Programme Officer, CERC ATREE reports, "Greetings from ATREE!  Please find the attached world wetlands day celebrated at Vembanad Lake, Kerala."  The report is posted here.

India 14. Namrata Kaur Mahal, Research Associate at TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute), sends this illustrated report of their WWD activities entitled Awareness and Brainstorming On Urban Wetlands including an urban wetland clean-up activity  as well as a half-day state level brainstorming session on “Urban Wetlands”. Read their detailed report here.

Iraq.  Jassim Al-Asadi writes to Ramsar to share a report of the joint activity of Nature Iraq and the Center for Restoration of Iraqi Marshes of the event held in Baghdad. The report states, "In the forty two anniversary of World Wetlands Day which is marked on 2nd of February, Center for Restoration of Iraqi Marshes and Wetlands (CRIMW) held a big celebration on February, 6th, 2013 in Alelwia club in the middle of Baghdad with the slogan of “wetlands reserve water”, a huge number of audience, water resources and wetlands specialists, national personalities and local media representatives. In addition to CRIMW, ministry of environment, ministry of industry, ministry of culture, ministry of technology and Nature Iraq Organization."  Read the full Nature Iraq report here and see the banner image here.

Iraq 2.   We heard from  the Director General of CRIMW, the Centre for the Restoration of the Iraqi Marshes Wetlands, Hani Fakhri Naji, who explained that they held a big celebration of WWD in Baghdad, where the following groups attended, showing great participation: the Minister's Office, General Secretary of  Cabinet / Higher Committee for Agricultural initiative, Planning Ministry, Culture and Arts Ministry, Environment Ministry, Agriculture Ministry, Oil Ministry, Industry Ministry, Sciences and Technology Ministry, Governorates councils (Basra, Thi-qar, Missan), Iraqi Media network, Iraq Nature Organization, Consultatives Offices, Presidency (University of Baghdad, Thi-Qar, Basra), Directors General of  Water Resources in all Governorates, and CRIMW.  Many posters, stickers, gifts and booklets were distributed. Also, they established an exhibition for photographs on wetlands. Read their report here and look at some photos of the event as well as the amazing materials produced for the event in this PPT.

Iraq 3.  Martine Le Bec, a écrit, "Ci-joint un lien à l’occasion de la journée mondiale":

Ireland.  In these two reports by Karin Dubsky, International Coordinator, Coastwatch Europe, NGO-CEPA focal point, founder and first chair of the Irish Ramsar Committee, she shares, "A shiny bright world wetland day saw families and Coastwatchers gathered at low tide exploring the seashore between the Martello Tower and the old sea bath on Sandymount beach. Dublin Bay is full of marine life, even when the tide is out and the sand flats look empty apart from the birds."   Karin also sent in a second report of notes explaining, "We focussed on ‘Searching for Seashells on Sandymount Shore and Creating Shell Mosaics’. " The reports are posted here , and here

Italy.  Lucilla Spini, InterAcademy Medical Panel (IAMP) Coordinator, writes to Ramsar, “Dear Ramsar Friends, Hope this message finds you well! Happy World Wetlands Day 2013! Greetings from Trieste, Italy!  I am writing to inform you that the Secretariat of the InterAcademy Medical Panel (IAMP) has just published on its Website ( - Image No. 5) some information on the World Wetlands Day so as to raise awareness of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands and to draw attention to the water/health nexus. Click on and read the article “The Water-Health Nexus: Context for Managing Wetlands” by E. Bisung (Graduate Student at the University of Waterloo, Canada).  The IAMP, a network of the world's medical academies and medical sections of academies of science and engineering, is committed to improving health world-wide. The IAMP Secretariat is hosted by TWAS-the academy of sciences for the developing world, in Trieste, Italy.”

Japan.  Jun Ueda, staff at the Biwa-ko Waterfowl & Wetland Center (BWWC).  Biwa-ko, Lake Biwa, is the largest lake in Japan, and was designated a  Ramsar Site in 1993. Nishinoko, a marshy attached lake of Lake Biwa, was added to the designated area in 2008. On 3rd February, in the meeting in BWWC in Kohoku (Northern Lake Biwa) we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Lake Biwa Ramsar Site as an activity for WWD2013. 20 year’s history of Lake Biwa Ramsar Site is deeply related to WWD2013’s theme “Water and Wetland Management”.  You may see the report of our meeting in the attached PDF file, or in our website."

Japan 2.  Yoshiyuki Takaura reports from the Kyoto Station Building Development Co. Ltd. in the Kyoto Station Building, Kyoto Prefecture, on the "Ryokusui-horou 2012 (Wetlands & Water Stairway): Artificial wetland Display in Kyoto Station Building". The report states, "As it exhibits a lot of the aquatic plants and vegetation from wetlands, “Ryokusui-horou” can be translated as a “Wetland & Water Stairway,” when you equate the greenery with wetland plants. In this way, the display is in line with the theme of this year’s World Wetlands Day - “Wetlands and water management.”  Therefore, we wished to report on this display as a part of activities for World Wetlands Day. Other activities included cooperating in the production of a Japanese version of the comic strip released by the World Wetlands Day office, and setting a day to introduce the “Ryokusui-horou” along with World Wetlands Day posters displayed nearby. You may see the report of our WWD2013 project in the attached PDF file. And you may see our Ryokusui-horou in  details in the website.  An adaptation of the cartoon for WWD2013  is posted here. 

Japan 3.  Satomi Obata from Wetlands International Japan writes "I am pleased to send you a report of  WWD events from Japan, which includes 23 events nationwide.  It is only in Japanese for now. English version is planned to be available in the middle of May". Read their report in Japanese here and in English here

Jordan.  Hazem Al-Hreisha, Azraq Wetland Reserve Manager, and Ahmad Al-Noubani, Public Relations Coordinator, both at the The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN), write to us to share this: "Kindly find the attached WWD Report at Azraq Wetland Reserve on 27/2/2013.  The festival was based on the theme that was declared for this year by Ramsar, “Take Care of Water”. Over 150 local community members stakeholders and school students attended the festival. The participants was engaged in touristic activities that give them the experience of wetlands tourism including hiking, bird watching, eco games, short interactive workshop about Wetlands. The events were designed to raise awareness of the global importance of the wetlands, and attract interest in Azraq Wetland, as well as to bring decision-makers’ attention to such importance and interest in hopes that strong actions could be taken to save the area."  See the full report here.

Kenya.  Abraham Wangila, Eco Ethics International Kenya shared a report with Ramsar and a brochure about EEIK.  He stated, "Eco-Ethics International Kenya is an environmental NGO working towards protection of coastal marine wetlands in Kenya. This is to register our appreciation  for your support in marking the World Wetlands Day 2013. The materials you provided were particularly very resourceful in reaching out to our constituents and raising awareness among stakeholders on wetlands and in particular their roles in the water cycle. We have attached a copy of the report for your information. Further we've also attached our organizational brochure which might interest you. We look forward to working with your team in conserving our wetlands and promoting wise use of these vital resources."  The EEIK WWD 2013 report is here as a PDF, and the brochure about EEIK is posted here.

Kenya 2.  Prof. Kenneth Muema Mavuti, Freshwater and Marine Biology Centre School of Biological Sciences, University of Nairobi, Kenya sent in a greeting card with a lovely image of Mt. Ol donyo Lengai & Lake Natron salt water springs, Tanzania. See the greeting card here.

Latvia.   Rita Jakovļeva from the Nature Conservancy Agency in Latvia has sent this illustrated report on their WWD event  held at the Natural History Museum of Latvia. See the report here

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Madagascar - Portugal

Malaysia.  Ms. Yun Yun, Wong, Environmental Educator, Nature Classroom, Penang, Malaysia sent in this report, "Greetings from Penang, Malaysia! This year, for the first time, we celebrated WWD by organising a mangrove themed event at a fishing village in Balik Pulau, Penang. Together with Yeok Hua Primary School and KDU College, we have successfully completed a mural painting as well as conducted a mangrove sharing session. Attached is the report to share with all colleagues of the Ramsar family. Thank you and warm regards!” Please see the report here.

Malaysia 2.  Sonny  Wong, Senior Conservation Officer, Conservation Division -Malaysian Nature Society, writes in a report, "The WWD2013 organised by the Malaysian Nature Society and Kuala Selangor Nature Park was supported by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (KSAAS), Ministry of Higher Education (KPT), Selangor State Government, Kuala Selangor District Council (MDKS), Selangor Water Management Authority (LUAS), RICOH Malaysia, V.I.V.E. and HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad. In conjunction with the World Wetlands Day (WWD), the celebration in Kuala Selangor Nature Park (KSNP) is to generate awareness for the Kuala Selangor community’s as well as the public, on our precious wetlands especially Kuala Selangor Nature Park as well as responsible use of water and reducing our water footprint. Wetlands are critical for the human health and well being."  Full report is posted here. Adaptations of Ramsar WWD2013 materials are shown in the report.

Mexico.  See the entry in the International Programme section for Wetland Link International and Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust. The group has coverage in Spanish for the WWD 2013 project in Mexico, posted here.

Mexico 2.  Lic.María Guillermina Pech Pech, Universidad del Caribe, Cancún, escribe, "Otro asunto comentarles que tenemos nuestro informe de las actividades realizadas en el marco del Día Mundial de los Humedales. Muchas gracias, saludos cordiales.", y y leer más aquí (PDF).

Mexico 3.  Lina Nah Rosas, Executivo Profesional, de la Reserva de Biosfera Los Petenes, y la Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales, (SEMARNAT), y Arturo Peña Jimenez, del Gobierno de México, escribió "...Cordiales saludos, me permito anexar el Informe de Actividades del Día Mundial de los Humedales 2013, que se realizaron en el sitio Ramsar 1354 y Reserva de Biosfera Los Petenes, Campeche. Agradeceremos a Ustedes incluirlo en el reporte que está preparando la oficina Ramsar sobre esta celebración mundial."  Leer más aquí.

Mexico 4.  Cristina Escobedo Granillo, Encargada de Communicación y Difusión, Dirección Regional Norte y Sierra Madre Occidental, del Gobeirno de México, ecribe, "Envío adjunto reporte de actividades realizadas en el marco del Día Internacional de los Humedales en los Sitios Ramsar Laguna de Babicora No. 1762 y Rio San Pedro-Meoqui No. 2047. También agradezco el lote de material del Día Mundial de los Humedales 2013, enviado a la Dirección Regional Norte y Sierra Madre Occidental de la Comisión Nacional de Áreas Naturales Protegidas."  Leer más aquí (PDF: Laguna de Barbicora) y aquí (PDF: Rio San Pedro-Meoqui).

Mexico 5.  Gladys Aguirre Balza, Directora, Sitio Ramsar, "Parque Estatal Cañón de Fernández", escribe, "Buenos días, envío el informe de la actividad que realizamos por el día Mundial de los Humedales".  Leer más aquí, PDF.

Mexico 6.  Seleny Morales García, R.B Pantanos de Centla, Villahermosa, Tabasco, y Arturo Peña Jimenez, del Gobierno de México, escribió, "Cordiales saludos. Me permito anexar un informe más del sitio Ramsar Pantanos de Centla, sobre sus actividades del pasado 2 de febrero, para su inclusión en el informe que está preparando la Secretaria al respecto."  Leer más aquí, PDF.

Mexico 7.  Victor Efren Garcia Sanchez,  la Comisión Nacional de Áreas Naturales Protegidas en Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico, escribe, "Les escribo para mandarles adjunto al presente correo, la descripción de actividades  realizadas el día 2 de febrero del presente para conmemorar el día internacional de los humedales, cualquier duda estamos a la orden."  Leer más aquí, PDF.

Mexico 8.  Oscar Gomez, de la Reserva de la Biosfera Los Tuxtlas, y Arturo Peña Jimenez, del Gobierno de México, escribió, "Me permito hacerte llegar otro informe de actividades del Día Mundial de los Humedales en el sitio Ramsar Laguna de Sontecomapan, ubicado dentro los límites del ANP Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz. Lo anterior, para que sea incluido en el reporte que prepara el Secretariado sobre esta actividad año con año."  Leer más aquí, PDF.

Morocco.   Mohamed Benata a écrit, "Nous venons de diffuser ce communiqué de presse relatif à célébration de la Journée Mondiale des Zones Humides au titre de 2013. Une autre activité est prévu ce jeudi 14/02/2013 avec des jeunes scolaires pour sensibilisation sur l'importance des zones humides et leur rôle dans la protection des eaux.  Bien cordialement."  Ce rapport est ici:  "Célébration de la JMZH, Kariat Arkman, Lagune de Nador, Maroc" (PDF). 

Morocco 2.  Bennacer Sidki, Président, Association LHAMD Pour le développement et la coopération, Oualidia, Morocco, a écrit ce rapport. Ici, PDF.

Morocco 3.  Hamid Tebbane, Responsable Projet 2E2D, Tresorier aesvtfes, a écrit,  "JMZH2013 au CEEDD-aesvtfes.  Ci-joint le rapport 1des activités organisées à l'occasion de la journée des zones humides dont le theme cette année "les zones humides protegent l'eau" au profit de40 eleves de l'ecole omar al khyam. Le rapport est sur le site national.  Ici, PDF  An adaptation of a web babnner is shared here.

Namibia.Shirley Bethune, shared with us this report, with photos, of the "Polytechnic Students Exploring Water Cooperation in the Fish-Orange River Basin". The report begins, "From 21- 28 March, the  Nature Conservation, Natural resource management students of the Polytechnic of Namibia embarked on a journey to explore the Fish-Orange River Basin, to look at water cooperation  and water resource management in the Basin and to participate in the national celebration of World Wetlands and World Water Day  in Oranjemund." The full report is here (PDF) is also a poster adaptation shown here.

The Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance has declared 9 wetland sites in Nepal.  With the slogan “WETLANDS TAKE CARE OF WATER”  World Wetlands Day 2013 was celebrated in Jagadishpur Lake of Kapilvastu district, under the leadership of Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC) and with the support from conservation partners like WWF Nepal.  More information is posted on the WWF website here.

Nicaragua.  Asociación Ambientalista AUDUBON de Nicaragua (ASAAN) escribe, "Reciban un cordial saludo. Por medio de la presente les remito el Informe y presentacion de Actividades del Dia Mundial de los Humedales." La presentación comienza, "El Sitio Ramsar No. 1141 Humedal Sistema Lagunar de Tisma, se localiza en Nicaragua, dentro de la Cuenca No. 69, Río San Juan, su área 16,850.0 ha. cubre parte de los departamentos de Granada y Masaya, específicamente en los Municipios de Granada y Tisma (Masaya)...” La presentación está aquí. Leer más aquí.

Mme Noura Fatchima, Coordonnatrice ANSEN, a écrit, "L’Association Nigérienne des Scouts de l’Environnement qui travaille avec les jeunes sur l’éducation environnementale s’est proposé à l’occasion de la journée mondiale des zones humides le 2 février de mettre en œuvre des actions afin de célébrer de manière concrète cet événement, c’est pour cela que l’ANSEN a ténu à organiser plusieurs actions dont un voyage d’étude au parc du W consécutif à une journée de sensibilisation au CES Zam (Goudel) de Niamey dans le cadre de cette journée et sous la tutelle du ministère de l’environnement."  Ici, PDF.

Nigeria.  Solomon Adefolu, of NCF Nigeria (Nigerian Conservation Foundation) reports
to Ramsar, "Kindly find below the link to the celebration of the World Wetlands Day in Nigeria.  Please find a report and also our adapted design of the awareness material for your use on the global Ramsar website with few activity pictures that you can use."  The report, with photos, is posted here. The adaptation of the poster is here.

Inga Dansberg, of DokkaDelta Norway, sent in a report with beautiful photos of their WWD 2013 celebrations. The report, titled, "Ramsar site Dokkadeltaet nature reserve - Norway" starts off with a photo of an amazing ice sculpture, and states, "For the third year in row, Dokkadeltaet wetland center has marked the World Wetland day by creating ice art in the heart of the Ramsar site Dokkadeltaet nature reserve, located at the northern end of Randsfjorden. The sculpture of ice has been created in the same place as the years before. It is located right next to the “lensestolper”, wooden poles from the time of timber floating. It is a wetland nature room of special qualities, since you can not see it before you have got there. The 800m walk over the ice from Dokkadeltaet wetland centre, never looses its excitement and you ask yourself how will the experience be today? How has the ice changed, how is the light? Have you been there once and you got affected by the place, you have the wish to come back again."  Read the report here.

Oman.  The Oman Observer recorded WWD 2013 activities as follows: The Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs in collaboration with the Peace Friends voluntary group yesterday marked the Oman Environment Day and World Wetlands Day under the auspices of Dr Hamad bin Said al Aufi, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. More information here.

Philippines.  Candido A. Cabrido, Jr., President, Society for the Conservation of
Philippine Wetlands, Inc. (SCPW) reports to Ramsar, "World Wetlands Day, 2013...The Theme for this year's World Wetlands Day celebration is Wetlands and Water Management.  The key objective of World Wetlands Day 2013 is to raise people's awareness of the interdependence between wetlands and water. To drum up the message of World Wetlands Day, the Executive Officer of SCPW was the guest in the ANC Mornings (ABS-CBN News Channel) on 01 February 2013.  She also announced the other activities the SCPW has scheduled for the month-long celebration of the World Wetlands Day: Launching of Pasyal Ilog Pasig Design Competition (15 February 2013), Viaje Kalikasan (every Saturday of February 2013), and Tawi-Tawi Wetlands Caravan (every Saturday and Sunday of February 2013)." The details of the celebration is on this page of the SCPW website.

Portugal.  Edgar Ribeiro, Coordenador do Dept. de Educação Ambiental,Almargem - Associação de Defesa do Património Cultural e Ambiental do, shared with us the following: "Please find in the following links the Portuguese translated materials for the WWD 2013."  The Brochure is shown on their website, herePoster is on their websiteshown herePlease find at the following link the WWD 2013 photos from the activity promoted by Almargem with a local school in Portugal."  The link is here.

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Republic of Korea - Syrian Arab Republic

Romania.  Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority shared with us, "On this occasion, Biosphere Reserve, the Danube Delta (ARBDD) organized a series of activities to celebrate and raise awareness about the values ​​and benefits of wetlands. The program included environmental education activities for students and teachers in schools of Tulcea (at the ARBDD, action Tulcea Municipality in collaboration with the Center for Information and Education in Tulcea Waste Management) and DDBCA (Center Sulina Information and environmental Education, in collaboration with High School "Jean Bart" and Crisan School, coordinated and environmental Education Information Centre Crisan)."  Report is here, in Romanian.  The English report of activities is posted here.

Romania 2.  Photos of WWD 2013 in Romania, sent in by teacher Vasilica Pavel, of Tulcea, Romania are posted in this PDF report.

St. Maarten.  Natalia Collier, Executive Director, Environmental Protection in the Caribbean (EPIC), Florida, reports, "EPIC started off with an educational fundraiser via kayak around St. Maarten on World Wetlands Day. This then continued into a kind of World Wetlands Day month, with a mangrove planting, school presentations, placing garbage bins on beaches, fixing up a bird watching hut at a pond, and conducting trash clean-ups along with press releases on many of these activities. Photos and media clippings are available on our Facebook page."

Serbia.  On Friday, 1st February 2013, in the Provincial Institute for Nature Protection in Novi Sad a celebration was held to mark World Wetlands Day (the Ramsar Convention, Iran, 1971). Apart from the Provincial Institute many other institutions were involved in the organization of this manifestation: Ministry of Natural Resources, Mining and Spatial Planning,  Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection, Provincial Secretariat for Urban Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection and the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia. The gathering was welcomed by Mr. Srđan Belij, PhD, State Secretary (Ministry of Natural Resources, Mining and Spatial Planning), Mr. Slobodan Puzović, PhD, Provincial Secretary for Urban Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection,  Mr. Nenad Stavretović, Director of the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia and Ms. Biljana Panjković, Director of the Provincial Institute. The report of the event is posted here (PDF).

Slovenia.  See above in the Ramsar Secretariat Reports for a report on the transboundary Mura River event held in Slovenia for WWD 2013. The river Mura flows between between Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia.

Slovenia 2.  National TV1 coverage of WWD 2013, click here; and here is another story about WWD 2013.

South Africa.  Ms. Khuthala Swanepoel, Environmental Affairs & Developmental Planning, Cape Town, South Africa writes to Ramsar to say, "I would personally like to thank Ramsar for support during World Wetlands Day celebrations. Your support with resource educational material added a lot of value to our programmes.  I have herein attached the Wetlands report for 2013 for your perusal.  Thank you once again!"   The report is posted here.  More information on their

South Africa 2. Pontso Pakkies, of South African National Biodiversity Institute
(SANBI) shared with Ramsar this PDF report of activities held for World Wetlands Day 2013. The reports states, "This year’s event was held in Kareedouw, two hours away from Port Elizabeth, within the Koukamma Municipality on 1 February 2013. Hundreds of delegates attending the 2013 World Wetlands Day (WWD) event descended on the Kagiso Hall, led by the Deputy Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs, Ms Rejoice Mabudafhasi. Wetland experts, scientists, politicians, public servants from all sectors of government, teachers, schoolchildren, Working for Wetlands and Working for Water workers and the communities of Kareedouw and Joubertina all gathered at the Kagiso Hall, which was packed to capacity. The national Departments of Environmental Affairs (DEA), Water Affairs (DWA), Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF), the Water Research Commission (WRC), Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP), South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) and Working for Wetlands, in partnership with the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro (NMBM), Koukamma and Cacadu Municipalities, Gamtoos Irrigation Board and the Eastern Cape Department of Economic Affairs, Environment and Tourism (DEAET) put their efforts together to ensure this event was a success."  See the full PDF here.

Spain.  La Asociación Ambiental Laguna de los Tollos escribió, “Hola, Os adjuntamos el articulo que hemos publicado en nuestra web (puedes verlo mas abajo) con motivo de la actividades que realizamos en el complejo endorreicos Lebrija-Las Cabezas situado en la provincia de Sevilla (España). Complejo que consta de 6 lagunas de las cuales visitamos La Galiana y la Cigarrera  para la celebración del Día Mundial de los Humedales.” y leer más aquí (PDF).

Spain 2.  Kenet Sánchez Custodio, Equipo Técnico ADESVAL escribe, “Estimados amigos: Es un placer para nosotros enviaros el informe de la celebración del Día de los Humedales 2013 por parte de nuestra Asociación. Una actividad que realizamos el pasado viernes 8 de febrero junto al IESO "Vía Dalmacia" de Torrejoncillo. En caso de necesitar más información complementaria, no duden en solicitarla.  Reiteramos una vez más nuestro agradecimiento por el envío de material cada año a nuestra Asociación, muy útil para organizar posteriormente las jornadas.” y leer más aquí (PDF).

Spain 3.  See the entry in the International Programme section for Wetland Link International and Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust. The group has coverage in Spanish for the WWD 2013 project in Spain, posted here.

Spain 4.   Enrique Sampedro, Blog Ría de Ribadeo escribe, "Te envío el material de las actividades que realizamos en la ría de Ribadeo (estuario del río Eo) con motivo del Día Mundial de los Humedales 2013. En el archivo adjunto va el cartel adaptado a nuestra lengua local (el gallego). Y en estos dos links podrás ver, el anuncio de las actividades (link 1) y un resumen con fotografías de las rutas que hicimos (link 2)".

Spain 5.  Carlos Villanueva Fernández Bravo, Agencia Desarrollo Local Villarrubia de los Ojos, compartió un informe que comienza,  "Objetivos: Con motivo de la celebración del Día Mundial de los Humedales el 2 de febrero de 2013, la Agencia de desarrollo local del Ayuntamiento de Villarrubia de los Ojos, convoca el Segundo concurso Nacional de Fotografía, bajo el lema de la convención de Ramsar para este año; “Los humedales cuidan del Agua”. Los objetivos del presente concurso es divulgar la importancia de los manejos y utilización del agua a nivel mundial y como repercuten éstos en la conservación de las zonas húmedas."  leer más aquí (PDF).

Spain 6.  El equipo técnico de las marismas de Txingudi escribió, "Le enviamos la nota de prensa acerca de la celebración del Día Mundial de los Humedales 2013 que realizamos dentro del proyecto TXINBADIA. Esperamos que sea de su interes."  Leer más aquí, PDF.

Sri Lanka.  Mrs. Chandana Kalupahana Director (Environment, Landscape & Facility Management) Urban  Development Authority, Sri Lanka reports, "Today I organized an awareness programme for the Town Planners, Landscape Architects, Architects, Environment Planners of the Urban Development Authority regarding world wetlands day and had a lecture on wetlands and their services, water management. The programme was very successful."

Suriname. Tim McNaught, Education Section, Nature Conservation Division, wrote to us to share a poster adapataion and a report in English as well as in Dutch to share activities from WWD2013 in Suriname. The report begins with, "The Minister for Physical Planning, Land and Forest Management, Mr. Ginmardo Kromosoeto (BSc, LLB), opened Suriname’s World Wetlands Day event in Nieuw Nickerie near the site of the internationally significant Bigi Pan Wetland. The event was hosted by the Nature Conservation Division of the Ministry of Physical Planning, Land and Forest Management (RGB) and was designed to promote wetland management and engage the local and national community in the development of a management strategy for wetlands. Minister Kromosoeto outlined the importance of wetlands for their contribution towards biodiversity, their part of the ecosystems, how peopleinteract and depend on wetlands and the necessity for sound managment. “The Surinames Government has recognised the international significance of the wetlands and manages many of them for multuple use. An important aspect to managing multiple use areas is to engage with the stakeholders and that is an integral element of today’s event." The reports feature photos as well. English version is posted here, Dutch version is posted here.

Switzerland.  Here are two reports from the local news coverage in Geneva, Switzerland, of coverage of the Ramsar Secretariat event for WWD 2013. Reports are in French. Here and here.

Switzerland 2.  Jean-Marc Mitterer, Chargé de communication, République et Canton de Geneve / Département de l'intérieur, de la mobilité et de l’environnement, Service de l'information et de la communication a écrit, "Bonjour à tous, Merci  pour ce retour et à tous les acteurs de l'organisation pour la belle coordination ! Voici quelques éléments de restitution supplémentaires. Les retours presse: un assez long sujet, en ouverture; les infos essentielles sont bien passées; une interview bien complèteA bientôt et bon début de semaine!"

Switzerland 3.  Newest newsletter with an article on Swiss urban wetlands (and their disappearance) and on our WWD theme ... (in French) is posted here.  Bernard Weissbrodt a écrit, "2013 : mieux coopérer autour de l’eau ?...Dans le calendrier de l’ONU, les années internationales se suivent et sont généralement presqu’aussitôt oubliées. Qui s’est rendu compte que 2012 était consacrée aux coopératives et à l’énergie durable pour tous ? Et qui donc s’intéressera à 2013, proclamée année du quinoa, mais placée en même temps sous le label de la coopération dans le domaine de l’eau?"

Switzerland 4.  Christophe Le Nédic, collaborateur scientifique à l'Association de la Grande Cariçaie et Radio Télévision Suisse, avec Lucile Solari et son équipe, vous invitent à découvrir l’émission "Prise de Terre" sur la RTS le 2 février où Christophe Le Nédic présente la Convention de Ramsar à l’émission ici".  Aussi, "Au secours des grenouilles qui se perdent en route" sur le 20 minutes online, "Il y a une perte de batraciens sur le trajet", indique Christophe Le Nédic. Lien est ici.

Switzerland 5.  Ramsar Secretariat team members, Alexia Dufour, Regional Affairs Officer, and Nessrine Alzahlawi, Assistant Advisor for Asia Oceania, attended an event at the Natural History Museum in Geneva to promote World Wetlands Day and awareness about wetlands to students. The report, in French, begins with, "Partenaires de la Journée mondiale des zones humides 2013: Muséum d’histoire naturelle de la Ville de Genève, Etat de Genève, Secrétariat de la Convention de Ramsar, Groupe des jeunes de Nos oiseaux-Genève, Groupe ornithologique du bassin genevois (GOBG), Pro Natura Genève, La Libellule, HEPIA Lullier, Association pour la sauvegarde du Léman (ASL)".  Le rapport est ici. 

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Tajikistan - Zimbabwe

Thailand.   Khon Kaen Provincial Administrative Organization in collaboration with 33 other agencies including WWF-Thailand, the province’s Natural Resources and Environment office and Coca-Cola foundation Thailand organized the World Wetlands Day event to raise awareness about integrated efforts in Kaeng Lawa wetland conservation. The article on the WWF website explains more.

Thailand 2.  Rojchai Satrawaha, Associate Professor, Director of WRBRI, Mahasarakham University, Maha Sarakham Province Thailand wrote to Ramsar to say, "The Walai Rukhavej Botanical Research Institute, Mahasarakham University had provided activities to celebrate the WWD 2013 on 1st February 2013 at Bann Kerng Wetland Research Station (Gud Daeng) in Maha Sarakham province Thailand."  The report is posted here.

The FYR of Macedonia.  See also the entry in the International Programme section for information on the International Agreement for the Prespa Park.

Tunisia.  Habib Abid, Directeur de la Conservation des Forêts (Point Focal National Ramsar) & Sana Mzoughi, Project Assistant, WWF - World Wide Fund for Nature ont écrit, " Bonjour, Je vous prie de trouver ci-joint le rapport de la Journée Mondiale des Zones Humides (2013) que la Tunisie a célébré le 5 février 2013. Cette Journée est organisée conjointement avec notre partenaire WWF bureau de Tunis. Mes remerciements à toute l'équipe. J'espère qu'on vous annoncera bientôt l'achèvement de notre Centre National des Zones Humides. Je vous enverrai le lien de la couverture télé sur l’évènement dés que j'arrive à le télécharger." Le rapport est ici (PDF).  An adaptation is shared here of the poster.

Turkey.  Serhan Çagirankaya, the Government CEPA Focal Point for Turkey has sent this annotated report on the diverse activities and materials for WWD 2013 noting that celebrations have been carried out in all provinces by both the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks (MoFWA GDoNCNP) and the other relevant organizations. Read the report here.

Turkey 2.  Within the 2013 World Wetlands Day celebrations, our NGO, Doğa Derneği has planned to organize several activities such as short film screenings, water bird watchings, wetland trekkings, wetlands information kiosks in urbans. Staff and Volunteers get together on this day; and this year they went wetland trekking in Gediz Delta which is a Ramsar Site and one of the most important deltas of Mediterranean Basin. Read their report here.

United Arab Emirates. 
Mr. Mohammad AbdulRahman Hassan Abdulla, Head of the Marine Environment and Wildlife Section pf the Environment Department of Dubai Municipality, reports on a seminar on the WWD slogan of ‘Wetlands take care of water.  Participants came from different sectors - from the government, private, scientific, RAKWS stakeholders, international media company (CCTV-ME) and academic institutions, including students from the Emirati secondary schools. Read the illustrated report on the seminar here.

United Kingdom, Wales.  Dafydd Parry, Cymhorthydd Dynodiadau Rhyngwladol / International Designations Support, Cyngor Cefn Gwlad Cymru / Countryside Council for Wales and Andy Tully, International Protected Areas Team, DEFRA, UK sent in a report of World Wetlands Day events at several locations, and a news article as well. The report is here and the news article is here.

USA.   Curtis J. Wolf, Manager, Kansas Wetlands Education Center, Fort Hays State University, Kansas reports, "Attached is a PDF report of the activity the Kansas Wetlands Education Center coordinated for the 2013 World Wetlands Day." The report is posted hereFor more information, please see

USA 2.  William Mitsch sent in this photo montage from the Everglades, titled, "Happy Wetlands Day from the Everglades Wetland Research Park, Naples, Florida".

USA 3.  The Lake Cunningham South Carolina Team conducted a small group shoreline clean-up activity along the upper portion of Lake Cunningham where the South Tyger River transitions from Waterfowl Management Area (WMA) wetlands into main body of lake.  Winter weather conditions were brisk Saturday morning for South Carolina, but efforts proved successful in removing two small boat loads of trash from the water, with this photo. More information on the website:

USA 4.  Katie Beilfuss of The Wisconsin Wetlands Association shares a report with us that begins, "The Wisconsin Wetlands Association holds our annual Wetland Science Conference in celebration of World Wetlands Day each year (even though the conference itself is not actually held on WWD). This year's Wetland Science Conference was themed "Great Wetlands, Healthy Watershed" and focused on the ways in which wetlands can contribute to healthy watersheds for people, water quality, wildlife habitat, and more.  You can read more about the conference and see photos of this event at"  Full report is posted here. To read more about the 2012 Wisconsin Wetlands Association Ramsar Award, and link to their interview, please see this page.

USA 5.  Genya V. Dana, Life Science Officer, Office of Conservation and Water, US Department of State  writes “Here is a report of the activities that the United States Department of State, and our Embassies and Consulates, did in celebration of World Wetlands Day 2013. The United States organized 15 events around the world, including wetlands clean ups, walks, film viewings, and social media campaigns, to raise public awareness about the value of wetlands to society and the role of the Ramsar Convention in their wise use and conservation.” . Read the illustrated report here.

Yemen.  Abdulraqeb Al-Okaishi, Deputy Director Environmental Protection Authority Socotra Archipelago, Yemen, writes to Ramsar to share a short report on activities of Mahabah Group on World Wetlands Day 2013. The report is posted here.

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Social Media
 and Other Media

Social Media: Twitter.  A report will be posted soon of the analysis of Twitter coverage of World Wetlands Day 2013. A preliminary look at the tag, #WorldWetlandsDay and a search of Twitter shows nearly 1000 tweets in January and February 2013.

Social Media: Facebook.  A brief look at the Ramsar Convention Facebook page, shows that many of our dedicated fans participated in a local World Wetlands Day project. Please consider becoming a fan today to learn more about wetlands work around the globe!

TEEB news
:  News posted here, in English.  from Triple Pundet, covers the importance of the TEEB report related to wetlands. Additionally, a news piece about the launch of the TEEB report in Le Monde, in French, here.  Additional coverage of World Wetlands Day and the launch of the TEEB Report is posted on the Wetlands International website here and on the IUCN website here.  Extensive TEEB news as reported by IISD is here.

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Click here to see many beautiful customizations of World Wetlands Day 2013 materials from around the world!

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