World Wetlands Day 2010 -- reports page


Reports of World Wetlands Day activities around the world, 2010

Message from the Secretary General (français et/y español)

On World Wetlands Day 2010, Anada Tiéga, Secretary General, Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, was interviewed by Inter Press Service. Listen here to the interview

International activities (national and local activities are below)

Convention on Biological Diversity. A WWD message from Dr Ahmed Djoghlaf, Executive Secretary of the CBD, highlights the importance of this year's theme "This year’s theme of the World Wetland Day, Caring for wetlands – an answer to climate change, highlights the opportunity to manage biodiversity wisely to help us cope with an environmental issue at the forefront of the public and political agendas." Read more.

Florian Kiel writes that the AEWA (African-Eurasian Waterbird Agreement) has a press release on WWD2010 at, with quotations from Secretary General Anada Tiega and from the Executive Secretary of the Convention on Migratory Species, Elizabeth Maruma Mrema. Also on the CMS Web site in PDF.

BirdLife International. BirdLife's WWD statement focuses on the fact that "the existence of these wetlands, which are part of the solution to climate change, are themselves vulnerable to climate change, as highlighted by this year’s World Wetlands Day theme." Read the enlightening press release at

Also, Karina Ugarte shares with the Ramsar Secretariat a brief ‘report’ of what three of the BirdLife Partners have done for the WWD 2010 (PDF). 

IUCN. "Today is World Wetlands Day – an opportunity to highlight the importance of wetlands, the biodiversity they contain, and the benefits that we gain from them. So what makes wetlands attract so much attention?" IUCN answers that question in its WWD statement: .

Also, Leigh Ann Hurt, Communications and Marketing Officer, Species Programme, IUCN, writes: "I wanted to let you know that IUCN and its partners released a new book this week on the Okavango Delta, which might be of interest given its status as one of the world’s largest Ramsar sites. The actual launch took place on World Wetlands Day at a wetlands conference in Botswana, where the Director of the Harry Oppenheimer Okavango Research Centre Sue Ringrose presented it to the delegates." Media Advisory (PDF), Press Release (PDF).

SPREP. David Sheppard, Director of the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP), concludes his WWD statement: "This World Wetlands Day, I challenge every person living in our islands, no matter who you are or what you do, to step up and make one change in your life for the well-being of the unique water-based environments in which we live." Read more.

Wetlands International. Wetlands International's statement on its Web site stresses that "Celebrating World Wetlands Day, today's spotlight is on the importance of wetlands for reducing impacts of climate change. Globally, there is a growing recognition of the key role that the protection and restoration of wetlands like marshes, peatlands, mangroves and coral reefs can play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to its impacts. Now, this recognition has to be turned into action." Read more and see WI's Web site.

WWF International. Alexander Belokurov, Manager, Landscape Conservation at WWF International, writes that the newly published book on the role of protected areas in climate change adaptation and mitigation contributes well to this year's WWD theme. Read more.

World Heritage Convention. "The UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Secretariat to the World Heritage Convention, wishes to extend its best wishes to theSecretariat for the Ramsar Convention ... on World Wetlands Day, celebrating the 39th anniversary of its adoption. Like the World Heritage Convention, the Ramsar Convention is a site-based intergovernmental treaty which encourages countries to identify and manage specific places so that their values and benefits are protected for future generations. It is the only global environmental treaty that deals with a particular ecosystem. World Heritage and Ramsar sites are commonly associated throughout the world.  Some notable examples include Brazil's immense Pantanal wetlands, the Sundarbans mangrove forests of Bangladesh, the Tubbataha National Marine Park in the Philippines and the Danube Delta in Romania.   Convention secretariats regularly meet to coordinate activities under the auspices of the Biodiversity Liaison Group, established under the Convention on Biological Diversity, in addition to maintaining bi-lateral communications channels so that issues of common concern can be better addressed." ( )

World Wetland Network. Mr Chris Rostron, Head of Wetland Link International(WLI), writes from the WWT London Wetland Centre: “The World Wetland Network is marking World Wetlands Day by launching the new International Wetland Prize, or Wetland Globes. These will recognise best practice in wetland management and restoration, as well as highlighting wetlands in danger, from the NGO point of view. A new interactive voting site will be created soon - watch this space at for more information.”

Nordic and Baltic countries. Liisa Nikula, Senior Advisor, International Cooperation, Metsähallitus, Natural Heritage Services, Vantaa, writes: “The Nordic and Baltic countries working within the Ramsar Nordic-Baltic Wetlands Initiative (NorBalWet) have decided to celebrate World Wetlands Day during the week 35 (end of August to early September) to be able to arrange events in the wetlands when there is no snow cover and to allow organizers in these countries to invite school children to join the celerbrations.”

Prespa Park cooperation a decade in the making. On WWD 2000, the Prime Ministers of Albania, Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia came together to declare their resolution to establish a transboundary “Prespa Park” for the benefits of the local people and the unique biodiversity in the water catchment basin of the Prespa lakes, shared by the three countries. Recently, the Prime Ministers of the three countries met again in the Prespa basin and decided that on the tenth anniversary of the creation of the Prespa Park, on 2 February 2010, a specific “Agreement on the Protection and Sustainable Development of the Prespa Park Area” should be signed. And it was -- details here.

The 2010 Biodiversity Indicators Partnership has a brief notice about WWD 2010 here.

European Space Agency. Marc Paganini, Technical Officer of the GlobWetland II project, ESA - European Space Agency, writes: "I would like to inform you that the European Space Agency has just published a webstory called "World Wetlands Day focuses on climate change" to celebrate the World Wetlands Day. The article has been published on the Home Page of the ESA Portal: With this news, the European Space Agency would like to express its willingness to work closely with the secretariat of the Ramsar Convention of Wetlands. We believe that the GlobWetland II project that has just started will bring an important breakthrough for the establishment of some operational EO-based services that can support the inventory, mapping, monitoring and assessment of wetland ecosystems, and to build the foundation in the Ramsar community for a wide scale deployment of a Global Wetlands Observing System."

National and local activities

Algeria 1. "Bonjour à vous, j'ai l'honneur de vous transmettre le bilan de la JMZH 2010 EN ALGERIE. Je vous en souhaite bonne reception." Hamida Salhi, chef de bureau des zones humides DGF.

Algeria 2. "Bonjour du parc national de Tlemcen. Tout d'abord je voudrai me presenter, je suis Mme Hasnaoui Hafeda, la chargée du departement de l'animation et la vulgarisation au parc, ensuite et au nom de Mr le directeur du parc nous nous excusons pour le retard que avons fait à vous transmettre le rapport des activitées de la celebration de la journée. Enfin vous trouvrez  en fichier rataché,le rapport detalléde avec quelques photos."

Argentina 1
. Grace de Haro writes from the Asociación Árbol de Pie in the city of San Carlos de Bariloche. Read more.

Argentina 2. Alejandro Giraudo está escribiendo: "Estimados Amigos: Para festejar el día de los Humedales tenemos el agrado de enviarles un nuevo Camalotal (Boletín informativo del Sitio Ramsar Jaaukanigás), con reflexiones sobre el cambio climático y los humedales atendiendo al lema propuesto or Ramsar en 2010, además de notas interesantes sobre la contaminación con plomo en los Humedales santafesinos y sobre el Ambay una planta exclusiva del Sitio Ramsar Jaaukanigás en Santa Fe, Argentina. En el Sitio Ramsar Jaaukanigás, desde el Comité Intersectorial de Manejo, seguimos trabajado con la convicción de que debemos protagonizar nuestros propios cambios sumando voluntades para trabajar por nuestros humedales con mayor conocimiento, con amplitud de criterios, creatividad y entusiasmo. Un abrazo para quienes comparten los ideales de conservación de los Humedales." Aquí.

Argentina 3. Erio Curto, Coordinador Estación Biológica Mar Chiquita (Córdoba - Argentina) PROMAR - U.N.C., Fundación MAR, está escribiendo: "Estimad@s: Adjunto gacetilla de prensa y fotos de la conmemoración del DMH 2010 realizada el pasado domingo 7 de febrero en Miramar, Córdoba, Argentina. Si necesitan información adicional por favor me la piden. Muchas gracias por la colaboración brindada para poder organizar este evento." PDF.

Argentina 4. Como en toda celebración, no podia faltar la música. Al ritmo de Arbolito y León Gieco, dio comienzo la muestra Fotográfica sobre Laguna de Rocha, en la Plaza Mitre de Monte Grande. El motivo era festejar el Día Internacional de los Humedales (2 de febrero), en adhesión a las actividades realizadas en otras partes del mundo, bajo el lema "Cuidar los humedales, una respuesta al cambio climático". Informe.

Argentina 5. Francisco Raspini, Asociacion Ambientalista EcoLaPaz - federacion Amigos de la Tierra Argentina, está escribiendo: "Adjuntamos informacion de la actividad realizada con motido del dia mundial de los Humedales, en la ciudad de La Paz, provincia de Entre Rioss, Republica Argentina." PDF.

Argentina 6. "Nuevamente este año, para el 2 de Febrero 2010, Día Mundial de los Humedales, La Fundación PROTEGER lanzó una campaña destinada especialmente a webs, blogs, medios y agencias de prensa, periodistas y ONGs de América Latina, con repercusión en todo el mundo de habla hispana." PDF. Reporte completo aquí.

Austria. Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Society (NBCS) and M.Sc. Programme “Management of Protected Areas”, University of Klagenfurt were jointly organized seminar and documentary film show on the occasion of World Wetlands Day 2010 on 2 February at Klagenfurt University in Austria. Read detailed report with pictures here (PDF).

Australia 1. Ella Maesepp writes: "56 local farmers and residents gathered at Lake Ewlyamartup, Katanning, Western Australia on World Wetlands Day to kick-start a project to restore the health of the wetland." Read more.

Australia 2. John Caven, Conservation Officer/Secretary, Field and Game Australia, writes: "G,day everyone, Please find attached our simple report for what was a great morning in Norris Bank Parklands, Victoria, in the City of Whittlesea, Victoria, Australia." PDF.

Australia 3. Liz Hajenko, WetlandCare Australia in Ballina, NSW, writes: "WetlandCare Australia celebrated World Wetlands Day 2010 with the opening exhibition and award ceremony for the 3rd annual WetlandCare Australia National Art and Photography Competition, held at the CSRIO Discovery Centre in Canberra. Many entrants and VIPs made the trip to the ceremony, and a great night was had by all. A copy of the pictures from the exhibition opening can be seen here, and the online gallery of all the winning works can be seen here.

Australia 4. For World Wetlands Day 2010, the Australian Government:

  • produced an online Calendar of Events for community groups to advertise their activities. You can view this at:;

  • produced the annual magazine ‘Wetlands Australia – National Wetland Update’ to showcase information and resources from across Australia relating to wetlands conservation, management and education (available at;

  • provided sponsorship towards the Wetlandcare Australia National Art and Photography Competition;

  • produced a World Wetlands Day poster on Australia’s Ramsar sites; and released the web toolkit on water education resources in Australia, including wetland education programs ( The Water Education Toolkit provides Australian teachers and schools with access to hundreds of water education materials through one easy to use portal.

Australia 5. Greening Australia Victoria ran a photographic competition for WWD 2010 and Brenda Skene, Education Officer borrell-a-kandelop Project reports the theme was “wetlands” 2010 Exhibition – "36 people attended + 80 pupils from St Patricks in Camperdown. We had 56 photograph’s entered in the Junior and Senior categories. The winning photograph was of two endangered Corangamite Water Skinks taken by Barry Mousley. The competition will run again for WWD 2011 and was a great success. The theme for 2011 will be “ Western District Ramsar Lakes".

Australia 6. The Department of Sustainability and Environment and the Department of Primary Industries, Victoria, Australia organized various activities to celebrate World Wetlands Day in Victoria (see media release that appeared in the local paper a few days before the event). Anne McLaughlin, Education Officer at the Marine Discovery Centre writes that "the day was thoroughly enjoyed by all participants even though the temperature on the day was 35 degrees (Celsius) with a very strong hot northerly wind blowing, imagine the fun in the canoes! Feedback from participants also indicated some new appreciation of the values of these amazing natural assets". More here and the PDF brochure.

Bahrain 1. The General Directorate of Environment & Wildlife Protection reports that the Kingdom of Bahrain celebrated WWD by launching a rehabilitation programme at Tubli Bay and a mangrove planning programme. Details here.

Bangladesh 1. Kazi Zaved Khalid Joy, Coordinator (CEO), Initiative for Right View (IRV), Khulna, writes: "Greetings from Initiative for Right View (IRV), Khulna, Bangladesh. I like to share with you that southwest coastal region is rich in wetland. Sundarban is part of Ramsar site. We observed the wetland day 2010 in Khulna. I herewith attached the report, leaflet and photography of the program. Take good care." PDF.

Bangladesh 2. Masood Siddique, Component Coordinator, Wetland Biodiversity Rehabilitation Project (WBRP), Center for Natural Resource Studies-CNRS Dhaka, writes: "It is our pleasure to inform you that Center for Natural Resource Studies (CNRS), Bangladesh observed the WWD-2010 on 2 February through one of its projects entitled “Wetland Biodiversity Rehabilitation Project" along with the Department of Fisheries, Government of Bangladesh and project donor GTZ. On this occasion, we organized a number of awareness raising events and extension materials. It is our honor to share these materials (poster, leaflet, sticker, photos of some of the events) and event completion report with Ramsar. Please find mentioned materials in the attachments. It would be highly appreciated if you please post these materials and report in your web page or in relevant publications." Read more.

Benin 1. Maximin K. Djondo, Director, Benin Environment and Education Society (BEES NGO), Cotonou, writes: "I'm sending in the French version of the BEES NGO WWD activities; soon I'll send too the English version of the report and I'll send by post the video of the day and more photos." PDF

Bolivia 1. Giovanny F. Vera Stephanes, Oficial de Comunicaciones, está escribiendo: "Estimados amigos, adjunto les envío un informe sobre la celebración del Día de los Humedales 2010 realizado en la ciudad de Puerto Quijarro, Bolivia, con la participación de diferentes instituciones locales. También contamos con 5 cuñas radiales, las que también quisiéramos compartirles, sin embargo por su peso kb, me gustaría que nos indicaran si creen oportuno el envío. Les agradezco por la oportunidad de difundir nuestras actividades!!"

Botswana 1. William Mitsch writes: "Ohio State University, throught our Olentangy River Wetland Research Park (ORWRP), is listed as one of 3 international universities (the others are University of Florida and Charles Sturt University in Australia) who are partner institutions with the University of Botswana in the opening of an international symposium “Wetlands in a Flood Pulsing Environment: Effects on and responses in biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and human society” being held 1-5 February 2010 in Maun, Botswana. Two-hundred participants from 40 countries are participating in the symposium. A special ceremony is being held on Tuesday morning February 2, with proclamations and entertainment, to commemorate World Wetland Day. More details at" Max Finlayson's address to the symposium.

Botswana 2. Leigh Ann Hurt, Communications and Marketing Officer, Species Programme, IUCN, writes: "I wanted to let you know that IUCN and its partners released a new book this week on the Okavango Delta, which might be of interest given its status as one of the world’s largest Ramsar sites. The actual launch took place on World Wetlands Day at a wetlands conference in Botswana, where the Director of the Harry Oppenheimer Okavango Research Centre Sue Ringrose presented it to the delegates." Media Advisory (PDF), Press Release (PDF).

Bulgaria 1. Dimitar Popov, Operations Manager, Federation of Nature Conservation NGO's, sends a brief report on Green Balkans celebrations in Plovdiv on the Maritsa river and in Radnevo. Read more.

Bulgaria 2. Persina Nature Park has sent some excellent photographs of schoolchildren working with the WWD 2010 cut-out. Here.

Bulgaria 3. Aylin Hasan, Ramsar Convention NFP, National Nature Protection Service, Ministry of Environment and Water, writes: "WWD in Bulgaria was celebrated with campaigns over the country, organized by the regional structures of the Ministry of Environment and Water and directed to kindergartens, schools and universities, and including open lessons, exhibitions, presentations, activities of different environmental school clubs, open doors days in the Central Laboratory of General Ecology of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, etc." PDF.

Cameroon 1. The Secretariat is very pleased to report that Cameroon has designated its portion of Lake Chad as a Ramsar site, effective on World Wetlands Day, 2 February, thus completing the Ramsar coverage of this important lake: Partie Camerounaise du Lac Tchad (12,500 hectares, 12°46’N 014°19’E). Read more

Cameroon 2. Marc Richepin Mandeng, President of the "Association pour la Solidarité des Forestiers et Environnementalistes" (ASFE) reports on activities organized on the occasion of WWD in Mbalmayo. Read the full report here (PDF).

Cambodia 1. Asnarith Tep, Senior Officer Communications, WWF Cambodia - Greater Mekong Conservation Programme, writes: "Dear Ramsar office, we would like to share with you the results of the WWD 2010 organized in Kratie province along the Mekong River. . . . The Wetlands Alliance program comprising WWF, Corin, AIT and World Fish Center supported the provincial department of environment of Kratie in organizing the World Wetland Day on 10 Feb in Chlong district about 45 km in southern Kratie town." Well-illustrated report (PDF)

Canada 1. Guillaume Lafond, Centre d'interprétation de Baie-du-Febvre, écrit: "Un petit mot sur la JMZH au Centre d’interprétation de Baie-du-Febvre. Le Centre est organisme de sensibilisation à la protection des milieux humides situé dans le site Ramsar du Lac Saint-Pierre, Québec, Canada. Nous recevons des groupes organisés pendant le printemps jusqu’à l’automne pour l’observation de la faune et de la flore, en plus de parler des aménagements fauniques et la gestion de l’eau sur le territoire. Lorsque nous abordons les problématiques des milieux humides et leur protection, nous pouvons compter sur le matériel fourni par le Secrétariat de Ramsar. -Les affiches sont installées en permanence dans la thématique de notre musée. -Les thèmes de chaque année viennent étoffer nos présentations aux groupes de visiteurs. -Les bricolages nous sont utiles lors de nos camps de jours. Nous voulons remercier grandement le Secrétariat de Ramsar pour leur aide."

Canada 2. Danielle Semel of Clean Nova Scotia writes: “On February 2, 2010 Clean Nova Scotia teamed up with the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources to celebrate World Wetlands Day at the Greenwing Legacy Interpretive Centre built by Ducks Unlimited Canada. Funding was provided by the Unilever-Evergreen Aquatic Stewardship and Conservation Grant which allowed for the transportation of 65 students, aged 11-14, to the Centre to take part in the day’s activities. The students were able to take a tour of the wetland as well as participate in learning stations with topics such as aquatic invertebrates, biodiversity and the links between wetlands and climate change. The Centre was also open for the general public to do crafts, view the interactive wetland displays and even partake in a snowshoe tour of the wetland. The weather was cold and sunny. Everyone had a great time and gained a greater awareness of wetland values and functions. One of the participating teachers writes, ‘It was awesome and the kids had tons of fun!’”

Chile 1. Elier Tabilo Valdivieso, MSc., Centro Neotropical de Entrenamiento en Humedales (, está escribiendo: "Estimada Sandra, adjunto remito a usted el programa que hemos organizado para conmemorar el Día Mundial de los Humedales en la región de Coquimbo en Chile. Se trata de un programa que se inicia y 2 y termina el 4 de febrero y participaran los servicios públicos y municipios de la región. Agradeceremos poder difundir en el Ramsar Forum. Muchas gracias." Minutas. Volante.

China 1. Mr Ji Wenyuan, Office of Wetland Conservation and Management, State Forestry Administration, writes: "In 2010 WWD, China organized several activities to promote public awareness of wetlands functions and values, and enhance wetlands conservation. My office wrote this news, and I will be very appreciative if you publish it on Ramsar website. Thanks a lot!." PDF includes photos of WWD 2010 activities around China.

China 2. Carrie Ma, Wetland Park Manager for Education at the Hong Kong Wetland Park, Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, writes "From the start of the WWD activity in mid-October until today, we have organised over 200 activities and reached over 7,000 participants.  These activities included public lecture, guided tour, snap shot photo collection, film production, bird race, news reporting contest, storytelling compeititon, as well as thematic exhibition.  A list of updated activities and photos can be found at the Hong Kong Wetland Park WWD 2010 website here.Recently, we have made use of your AI file as a template, to develop a set of bilingual exhibition panels and pamphlets. To further echo the World Wetlands Day 2010, we are going to organise the "World Wetlands Day 2010 Hong Kong Celebration Ceremony" on 6 February (Sat), and the "Wetland Cultural Festival" covering the period of the Chinese New Year from 13 to 28 February.  Highlights include presentation ceremony, dramas related to wetlands and climate change, oil painting lecture and workshop, and we shall make use of a famous cartoon "McDull" to interpret the history of wetlands and us". Full report here.

Colombia 1. Cruz Janeth Caguasango Goyes, Secretaría del Medio Ambiente, Alcaldía Municipal de Ipiales, está escribiendo: "Hoy acabo de recibir el material que había solicitado respecto a la celebración DMH. La actividad que realizamos correspondió a una exposición fotográfica de 2 de los humedales que hay en nuestro municipio. Esto se hizo con el fin de concientizar a toda la población de los cambios dramáticos que ha sufrido uno de ellos, pues ya casi desaparece. Sin embargo hay mucho que hacer por este y otros humedales, se va a empezar a dictar unas capacitaciones y se harán diferentes salidas ecológicas con los niños del Club “UCUMARI” amigos de la naturaleza y la energía." Fotos.

Colombia 2. Juliana Marcela Valencia Leguizamon está escribiendo: "Es un placer para nosotros como autoridad ambiental departamental (CRQ), presentar el informe de las actividades que se llevaron a cabo en la celebración del DMH, las cuales tuvieron gran éxito gracias a la participación activa de diferentes actores interesados en esta temática. Adjunto se encuentra el detalle de dichas actividades, esperamos sean de vuestro agrado. Por otra parte quisiera comentarles acerca del proceso que se está iniciando para la declaratoria de “Los Pantanos del Quindío” y “La Laguna de la Virgen” dentro de la categoría de conservación Ramsar, a través de la ampliación de la cobertura de la declaratoria RAMSAR, del complejo de humedales de la Laguna del Otún (2007) como parte integral del Parque Nacional Natural de los Nevados - PNNN, para lo cual se está trabajando de manera conjunta entre WWF, PNNN y CRQ, próximamente se les estará informando detalladamente acerca de este proceso, por el momento solo pretendo compartir mi alegría por estar vinculada al trabajo y al compromiso que este asunto requiere."

Comores. Issa Abdillah Mohamadi, chef de service education et communication environnementales, écrit: “Dans le cadre de la celebration de la journéé sur les zones humides, une journéé de reboisement a été organiséé  à konidjodjo en union des comores  par la vice presidence en charge de l'agriculture, de la peche et de l'environnement et le PNUD. Pour le  Directeur pays  du PNUD, ibrahim djibo " les arbres  jouent un role crucial dans la regulation du climat, notemment en absorbant le dioxyde de carbone et en fournissant d'autres produits et services  aux populations  rurales et urbaines". Le pays prévoit de planter cette année  182.000 plants forestiers et fruitiers   et 50 000 plants dans les mangroves  à travers le projet OCB du PNUD et le programme microfinancement PNUD/FEM."

Cuba 1. Leyani Caballero Tihert está escribiendo" Nuevamente vistió galas el mejor y más cuidado humedal de América Latina y el Caribe Insular, cuando el 1 y 2 de febrero se reunieron 32 cubanos de diferentes niveles de desempeño profesional, motivados por el cuidado y conservación del famoso ecosistema con el objetivo de celebrar el Día Mundial de los Humedales en el lugar de la provincia con mayores valores para tan significativa conmemoración ambiental, ya que Ciénaga de Zapata ostenta relevantes condecoraciones como: Sitio RAMSAR, Reserva de la Biosfera y Parque Nacional." PDF.

Cuba 2. "Les escribe Yemmy Morejón desde la Isla de la Juventud. El año pasado mantuvimos contacto en varias ocasiones y recibimos materiales de consulta sobre los humedales y la Convención. También las invitamos a participar en una actividad a realizar en nuestro territorio sobre el humedal "Cienaga de Lanier y Sur de la Isla de la Juventud". Les informo que realizamos ayer día 23 de febrero, un taller en el cual participaron 29 personas.El encuentro tuvo el objetivo de intercambiar experiencias sobre el manejo del humedal y las actividades que se realizan por los diferentes usuarios para su conservación y protección. Le adjunto la relatoría del taller, los participantes y programa en el cual presentamos el video de promoción en el cuidado de los humedales. Saludos cordiales." PDF

Cyprus 1.  Thomas Hadjikyriakou sends a report of the WWD events organized, for the 6th straight year, by the Akrotiri Environmental Education and Information Centre (AEEIC), in English and in Greek.

Dominican Republic 1. María Rivera, Senior Advisor for the Americas, is celebrating World Wetlands Day in Ozama wetlands in Dominican Republic where the Administrative Authority has organized workshops with the local communities. Her Assistant Advisor, Sofia Mendez Castillo, and former Assistant, Mila Llorens, participated as well. Illustrated report on English and Spanish

Ecuador 1. Por la celebración del Día Mundial de los Humedales 2010, la Asociación de Pobladores de la Isla Santay, con el apoyo del colectivo Amigos de Santay y del Comité de los Derechos Humanos de Guayaquil, realizaron una exposición de fotografías de Arturo Morales y Vicente Gaibor sobre el tema del Humedal Isla Santay sitio Ramsar 1041, su biodiversidad y su población. Mas informacion en Foto.

To celebrate World Wetlands Day 2010, the Association of the Santay Island people, with the support of Friends of Santay and the Human Rights Committee of Guayaquil, held a photo exhibition of Arturo Morales and Vicente Gaibor about the 1041 Ramsar site of Isla Santay, its biodiversity and inhabitants. More information on

Afin de célébrer la Journée Mondiale des zones humides 2010, l'Association des habitants de l'île Santay, avec le support du collectif des Amis de Santay et le comité des droits de l'homme de Guayaquil ont réalisé une exposition de photographies de Arturo Morales et Vicente Gaibor sur la thématique de l’île Santay comme site Ramsar 1041 d'importance internationale, sa biodiversité et sa population. Plus d’ informations sur

Estonia 1. Piret Pungas, Specialist on nature education and project manager, writes: "The Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation organized a wetland seminar 'Research and activities in Estonian wetlands, 2010' on the 2nd of February, 2010 at the Center of Environmental Board. There were 90 participants (wetland researchers, government decision-makers, representatives of NGOs, peat-miners, students etc.) and during 9 hours 17 presentations were made. Presentations described the situation in Estonian wetlands - there was an overview about the Ramsar Convention, wetland inventory, hydrological problems in wetlands, natural and forced planting in mires after peat mining, representation of mires in study-books etc. The seminar took place in the context of the project 'Elaborating joint tools for environmental education as a means to the efficient management of protected areas', which is part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, through the Estonian-Latvian programme. More information (in Estonian) is available here"

Fiji. Luisa Tavenisa, Dept. of Environment, writes: "Just a brief on our contribution to the celebration of the World Wetlands Day. The Department of Environment produced a supplement on the day in the Fiji Sun newspaper. The information in the supplement was contributed by the committee consisting of Wetlands International and Nature Fiji - Mareqeti Viti." PDF

France 1
. Alexia Dufour, Regional Affairs Officeris in Angers, France, 1 February 2010, where the Minister of Environment will launch the French national wetland policy in the Ramsar site “Basses vallées angevines”, and on World Wetlands Day, 2 February, she will participate in the WWD2010 press conference in Geneva at the Museum d’histoires naturelles.

France 2. Pour la troisième année consécutive, le partenariat Danone-Evian Ramsar soutient la LPO pour la mise en place d’excursions et d’animations dans plusieurs zones humides de France. Ces visites permettront au grand public de mieux connaître ces milieux extrêmement riches en biodiversité mais aussi tellement  importants pour l’être humain. Afin d’en savoir plus:

France 3. Emeline Bruand, Technicienne rivière et milieux naturels associés, DGESU _ DEER _ Service Eaux & Espaces Naturels, écrit: Nous travaillons actuellement au montage d'un marché pour réaliser un recensement des zones humides sur l'ensemble des 24 communes de notre agglomération. Nous souhaitons impliquer ces dernières dans la démarche, c'est pourquoi, lors de la réunion d'information avec les élus et techniciens, j'aurai voulu bénéficier de supports que vous pourriez mettre à notre disposition (vous proposez sur votre site un nouvel assortiment d'affiches, de vidéos, de calendriers de poche, de dépliants et de dossiers d'information). Merci par avance de votre envoi à NANTES METROPOLE à l'adresse ci-dessous."

France 4. Sophie Meriotte and Sylvie Verignon write: "Voici ci-joint les bilans des deux journées du WE passé ainsi qu'un petit article paru dans la presse locale Au final le samedi consacré au Roubaud, 55 personnes étaient présentes aux conférences, 15 bénévoles ont participé au ramassage des déchets et 27 personne à la sortie nature. Dimanche, 55 personnes sont venues à la permanence ornithologique en 3h.,

France 5. Animations du Pôle-relais Tourbières à la Maison de l'Environnement de l’Environnement de Franche-Comté (MEFC) pour 2010 Le Pôle-relais Tourbières animera, dans les locaux de la MEFC : - une conférence sur les tourbières de montagne le mercredi 3 février à 18h (par Jérémie Cholet, chargé de missions scientifique et technique au Pôle-relais). - une conférence sur les tourbières à travers le monde le jeudi 4 fév à 18h (par Francis Muller, directeur du Pôle-relais Tourbières) Ces 2 conférences s’inscrivent dans le cadre de la Journée mondiale des Zones Humides. - un « atelier écocitoyen » sur la thématique 'les plantes médicinales issues des zones humides' le mardi 16 février à 18h30 (par Francis Muller, directeur du Pôlerelais). Contact : Francis Muller,

France 6. Emilie Chammard, Coordinatrice JMZH 2010 en Aquitaine, écrit: "Bonjour, Comme convenu, veuillez trouver ci-joint le bilan de la journée mondiale des zones humides 2010 en région Aquitaine (France)." PDF.

France 7. F. Villette, Société de Pêche et de Protection des Milieux Aquatiques Jumiègeois, Jumièges, écrit: "Veuillez trouver ci-joint, notre affiche pour l'expo/animation que nous organisons dans le cadre de la jmzh 2010 -- Du 3 au 25 février 2010: Exposition: A la découverte des milieux aquatiques (Mise à disposition par l'AREHN) Animations pour trois classes primaires de Jumièges les 1er et 2 février
Organisation: Société de Pêche et de Protection des Milieux Aquatiques Jumiègeois. Lieu: Office de tourisme de Jumièges 76480 (" JPG.

France 8. Eloïse Deutsch, Assistante d'études Marais audomarois, Parc naturel régional des Caps et Marais d'Opale, Colembert, écrit: "Hello, I send you our report of actions we set up for the world wetlands day on the Audomarois Marshland (France) and the poster we made for this occasion." Report, poster (PDF)

France 9. Thomas Martin écrit: "Bonjour, A l'occasion de la journée mondiale des zones humides, Asters (Conservatoire des espaces naturels de Haute-Savoie) a organisé une soirée diaporama sur les zones humides du plateau des Bornes (74). Vous trouverez ci-joint le carton d'invitation, l'affiche, ainsi que le compte rendu de la soirée."

France. Guadeloupe. Samuel Lardeux, Chef de projet coopération, Office National des Forêts, écrit: "Vous trouverez en pièce jointe le communiqué de presse relatif au lancement d'une action emblématique portant sur les zones humides de la Caraïbes: la délimitation de la forêt marécageuse de Jarry en Guadeloupe. Nous nous sommes arrangé pour que ce lancement coïncide avec la JMZH2010 pour être certain que les médias nous suivent. Si vous désirez plus de détails sur le projet Interreg Zones Humides Littorales, n'hésitez pas à me contacter." Affiche.

France. Île de La Réunion. Patricia Detry, DIREN Réunion Parc de la Providence, Saint-Denis, écrit: "Une demi-journée d'animation sur l'étang Saint Paul, la plus grande zone humide de l'île classée réserve naturelle, a pu être réalisée le 2 février 2010. Une classe de 6 ème du collège de plateau Caillou a été transportée sur site où l'attendait un animateur du Conservatoire botanique National de Mascarin, organisme chargé de l'inventaire des zones humides de la Réunion qui a accompagné les élèves sur un parcours pédagogique. Cette animation sera le point de départ d'un travail plus en profondeur avec les scolaires pour qui nous souhaitons créer un réseau réunionnais de classe d'élèves sous la labélisation "classes RAMSAR"." PDF.

Gabon 1. Jean-Noë EYA  écrit: "Dans le cadre de la Journée Mondiale de Zones Humides célébrée le 02 Février de chaque année, nous venons respectueusement solliciter votre présence à la conférence: «Les zones humides, la biodiversité et les changements climatiques » que nous organisons le Mardi 02 Février 2010 à 11h30 au Lycée Paul indjendjet Gondjout de Libreville." Ici

Georgia 1. Izolda Matchutadze writes: "Society for Conservation of Wild Nature “Tchaobi” together with Kobuleti Protected Areas reported 2010 year’s February for wetlands month and compose an action plan which connected with theme. On February 2, there was made a conference according to the Ramsar Convention, with the theme “Wetlands biodiversity and climate changes”." More details.

Germany 1. Barbara Petersen, Bundesamt für Naturschutz/Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, sends this press release (PDF) from the government agency.

Germany 2. Martin Schneider-Jacoby, Projektleiter, Euronatur, writes: "We have sent out a press release to raise attention to the Ramsar Day in Germany We have also supported an action for the 2.2.2010 at Lake Skadar (Rehabilitation of the Pelican breeding sites and promotion of the Core Zones) with the National Park in Montenegro, but weather was bad and it had to be postponed until Wednesday or Thursday. A meeting with local stakeholders is planned for the end of the month (20.2.2010), to promote the core zone and the protection of the Pelican nesting site."

Ghana 1. Prof. Yaa Ntiamoa-Baidu, Dean of the University of Ghana School of Research and Graduate Studies, writes that “In Ghana, the day was marked with a national forum on wetlands organized by the Centre for African Wetlands (CAW), University of Ghana, and the Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission, with support from the Ghana Chamber of Mines and Goldfields-Ghana.” The Hon. Sherry Ayittey, Minister of Environment, Science and Technology (MEST) was the Guest of Honour. Illustrated report.

Greece 1. Tobias Salathé, Senior Advisor for Europe, is participating in the “high level event for the signing of the agreement on the protection and sustainable development of the Prespa Park area” in Prespa municipality, Greece. This will also be the occasion to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Prime Minister’s Prespa Park declaration on WWD 2000.

Greece 2. For WWD the Group Serres for UNESCO, the Ecological Movement Serres, the PRAXIS, Team for the world, all NGOs in Greece, participated in the electronic campaign in 15,000 friends per the world. The European volunteers Frida Fransson, Volkan Serce, Angelica Arntz, with their Mentors and coaches, Maria Emmanoyilidoy and Ilia Triantafillou, will present the lake Kerkini and the Mountain Mpeles integral piece the Wetland via I radio emission of briefing on the day in Here you can find the brilliant video created by the volunteers concerning WWD 2010, which has already been sent to 10,000 more friends in order to contribute to this global campaign. .

Greece 3. Eleni Makrigianni writes: "WWD was celebrated in Evros Delta Visitor Centre and Evros Delta wetland on February 2nd. 110 schoolchildren from the local villages participated to the activities: Powerpoint projection "Wetlands and climate change" BirdGames Caleidocycle making Competition Birdwatching in Evros Delta." Photos.

Hungary 1. WWD2010 was celebrated in several Hungarian national parks. The central event was organised jointly by the Ministry of Environment and Water, the Balaton Uplands National Park, and the Lake Balaton Limnological Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, at Tihany, on 2 February. Read more.

India 1. Lew Young, Senior Regional Advisor for Asia/Oceania, is in Kolkata, India, 1–5 February 2010, to participate in the World Wetland Day celebrations organized at the East Kolkata Wetlands Ramsar site by the South Asian Forum for Environment (SAFE). He will also visit Delhi to meet with the Ramsar National Focal Point for India during his trip.

India 2. Dr Narottam Sahoo, Sr Scientist, Gujarat Council of Science City, Ahmedabad, writes: "The Gujarat Science City is celebrating the World Wetlands Day on 2nd February 2010 on the theme "Caring for Wetlands: an answer to Climate Change".The celebration will continue for 3rd Feb 2010 and aims to raise public awareness of wetlands value and benefit and promote the conservation and judicious use of wetlands for human health and development." Read more.

India 3. Sun Sreenivasan, Asst.Conservator of Forests,Kollam Division, writes: "We are conducting a one day seminar on the need for the protection of wetlands in SN College,Kollam, by the Social Forestry wing of the Forest department. About forty students and 10 environmentalists are expected to participate in the seminar."

India 4. Celebrating with multiple stakeholders, the day marked in forming a joint collaboration with Nabard, various government agencies and communities to work together on managing resources of East Kolkata Wetlands, (EKW) a threatened Ramsar site of West Bengal. SAFE launched its première publication “GREEN Interpreters”, which is a Global Review for Environmental and Economic Negotiations in developing south. Read more.

India 5. Adv.T.K Sujith, Vice President, KSSP Alappuzha District Committee, Kerala, writes: "KSSP organized Wetland Day meetings in three places at Alappuzha Kerala, Alappuzha: Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishad (KSSP) organized wetland day meetings at three different places in Alappuzha, a district in Kerala, India which is famous for its canals and backwaters. The meeting venues at Kavalam, Kainakary and Kayipuram were the places at costs of famous Vembanadu Coal Eco system and each of the meeting was crowded with fishermen, farmers, environmentalists and activists. The main concern of this meetings was the permanent opening of the salinity barrier across the Vembanadu for the purpose of assess the impact and save this wetland from its extinction. I have attached a report in PDF along with this. It may be included into this year's WWD reports".

India 6. Randhir Singha, Executive Director, Resources Centre for Sustainable Development, Guwahati: "On the 2nd Feb WWD 2010, RCSD undertook an electronic campaign amongst Govt. Dept., Donor Agencies, Electronic & Print Media and Civil Society organizations operating with the state of Assam, India which has about 3513 wetlands within the flood plains of river Brahamaputra highlighting the vital importance of Wetland Ecosystem in augmenting the basic human biological needs and the urgency to act for the "Wise Use of Wetlands". The campaign included a stitch of the RCSD e-poster on Rural, Urban and Wetlands Linkage, slogan as Live & Let Live with the Caring for Wetlands poster by Ramsar. The e-campaign also included the web link to Ramsar. In addition to the above RCSD has up-loaded the posters at its website ( with link to Ramsar. Please find attached a copy of the e-campaign along with the logo of RCSD."

India 7. G. Shankar, GM (Customer Relations), M/s. Rallis India Limited, Bangalore, writes: "I have pleasure in communicating with you once again to inform you that our organization has celebrated the occasion of World Wetlands Day across India. I have attached a summary of it with a request for posting in Ramsar website. More details available on our official website." PDF

India 8. Archna Chatterjee, Head, Regional Programme on Himalayan Glaciers, Rivers and High altitude wetlands, WWF-India, writes: "Hello from India and hope you are doing well. I am attaching an article related to the WWD event in India where we released few of our publications. Hope this can be put on the Ramsar website." Read more.

India 9. Ajay Sharma writes: "Wings and Feathers Club of Welham boys school celebrated World Wetlands Day 2010 at Assan wetland, Uttrakhand. Six boys along with Ajay Sharma visited Assan wetland and participated in bird watching activities.Welham boys school also participated in the same programme in 2009. Assan wetland is a peaceful sojurn for many migratory as well as resident birds. Kids saw rudy selduck, red creasted pochard, common pochard, coot, darter, cormorents, egrets, painted storks and pallas fish eagle and much more. As Ramsar is the only organisation which is promoting wetland conservation we would to follow your programmes."

India 10. Renjan Mathew Varghese, State Director, WWF - INDIA, Kerala State Office in Thiruvananthapuram, writes: "Every year we commemorate WWD with various programmes and activities. This year we organised two programmes in Changanassery and Cherthala in Kerala. Please find the Activity Report and photos attached for your perusal." PDF.

India 11. Gopal Chandra Mahapatra, Field Expert, Bhadrak/ Baleswar, writes: "Dear sir, herewith attaching the report on WWD'10 celebrated in State of Odisha of India organised by the Odisha Forestry Sector Development Project.The programme was celebrated involving all the govt. Development Agencies & members from 22 EDCs from Bhadrak & baleswar districts.Please place the report on your WWD'10 celebration report." PDF.

India 12. Anjali Parasnis, Head, TERI- Mumbai, writes: "Please attached herewith the report of the event celebrated by TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) in Navi Mumbai, India to commemorate WWD, 2010. The programme was a day long event organised in collaboration with the State Government of Maharashtra, India. We are glad to inform you that dignitaries like Dr. R.K. Pachauri, Chairman, IPCC and Director General of TERI, the Chief Minister of Maharshtra, India and MD & VC, CIDCO (A State Government Undertaking) have given special messages which are included as a part of this report." Short summary, full report (PDF).

India 13. "Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board has conducted a green rally with about 1000 students at Eluru, West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, India on the occasion of WWD on 2nd February, 2010. We are herewith attaching the report on awareness programme and green rally conducted by the Regional office, Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board, Gavaravam, Eluru, West Godavariu District, A.P, India." PDF.

India 14. Laxmikant Deshpande, Centre for Environment Education, Nehru Foundation for Development, Ahmedabad, writes: "Greetings from India. Though I couldn't conduct any activities this year due to deep commitment to Bt Brinjal national consultations(, my article on wetlands is published today as a part of the EarthCare page from CEE in the Young Buzz supplement of Sakaal Times newspaper. You can also find the article and wetland quiz on"

India 15. Ajit Pattnaik, CEO of the Chilika Development Authority,  writes "Greetings from Chilika. We had a great experience with the 2000 school children from 100 school at a fishermen village located at the shoreline of Chilika. Interestingly the village was established in 1981 the year Chilika became a Ramsar site and India a signatory to Ramsar . The school children were the speakers and they could hold the audience spell bound . I wish you should have been there. I am attaching to this message the pdf format of the report for your perusal. I will be sending you the pdf of the WWD poster which we reproduced in local language, i.e. Oriya". Ajit's full report is here.

India 16. Pallavi Kathil, Sr. Programme Officer (Awareness), The Corbett Foundation, Ramnagar(Nainital), writes: "Please find the attached file for the World Wetlands Day Event report of The Corbett Foundation, Ramnagar (Nainital), Uttarakhand, to post on the Ramsar site." PDF.

Indonesia 1. Desa Sawah Luhur in Banten Bay, Indonesia will be the location for Wetlands International Indonesia’s World Wetlands Day celebration on February 6. The local community, school students, government officials, journalists, and others will participate, totaling some 150 participants. The event is divided into presentations and mangrove planting, with the aim of raising awareness among the local community and students on the role of wetlands in adaptating to climate change and livelihood benefits. Download the flyer or visit the website of Wetlands International Indonesia.

Italy 1. Patrizia Tomasich writes from Rome: "Please find the pictures taken during activity for WETLAND week end at Explora! Ciao." PDF

Kenya 1. Wetlands International’s Kenya office will participate in the World Wetlands Day celebration headed by Kenya’s National Environment and Management Authority on 2nd of February at Kiohoto grounds, Lake Naivasha. Activities include tree planting at the Lakeview Primary School, and will feature contributions from officials from Naivasha Municipal Council, members of parliament, UNEP, UN-Habitat, UNDP and others. Read more… (RSPB site).

Korea, Republic of, 1. Shawn McRae writes: "WWD activities in Korea will take place during the week of February 2-7, 2010 in the regional area as well as in Seoul. The celebration, which is hosted by the Korea Marine Environment Management Corporation and co-hosted by The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs and The Ministry of Environment In order to encourage participation of foreign residents, will be one of the premier environmental events of the year." Full report.

Lao PDR 1. Latsamay Sylavong, Country Representative, IUCN Lao PDR, Vientiane, writes: “Please find attached the WWD 2010 report. As mentioned in the report, there are numerous media reports prepared by different sources in Lao press, we therefore share with you in this email only the series of articles from news papers. However, we will send you two CDs by mail, including news reports on Lao national television in Lao, English and French; and a news report and environmental feature on Lao Star TV (in Lao language).” Report. Press in English, 1, 2, 3.

Liberia 1. Cecelia Kollie writes: "The celebration of the WWD in Liberia was for the first time a very successful one. The program was held at the SKD Boulevard Wetland in Congo Town, Monrovia. The program brought together officials from the U.N. System particularly UNMIL and UNDP, government officials from the Lands Mines and Energy, Monrovia City Corporation, Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Forestry Development Authority, The Paynesville Commissioner etc and other NGOs and student groups from 5 different schools." Illustrated report (PDF).

Madagascar 1. Tolotra Ramaroson écrit: "Bonjour, Veuillez- trouver en fichier joint quelques photos de la JMZ que nous avons organisé à Brickaville, Toamasina. Nous avons pu réaliser un tournoi sportif, 50 affiches A3 et 10 Affiches A0. Bonne réception." Photos.

Malaysia 1. Syahrin Samsir, Conservation Management Division, Sabah Biodiversity Centre (SaBC), Kota Kinabalu, writes: “Sabah Biodiversity Centre (SaBC), the Sabah State Focal Point for Ramsar Convention will organize a workshop on preparation of Ramsar CEPA Matrix (action plan of Ramsar CEPA) in Sabah. To ensure the effectiveness of the workshop, experts on the Ramsar CEPA were also invited such as Ms. Rebecca D'Cruz (member of Ramsar's CEPA Oversight Panel), and two JICAexpert on CEPA programme, Ms. Reiko Nakamura (Ramsar Centre Japan) and Mr. Tamotsu Kameyama. It is expected that a detailed action plan of Ramsar CEPA (Ramsar CEPA Matrix) will be the output from this workshop.” (PDF)

Malaysia 2. The Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), Kuala Selangor Nature Park (KSNP), Kuala Selangor District Council (MDKS) and Selangor State Government in collaboration with HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad, supported by Birdlife International and Darwin Initiative jointly organised the World Wetlands Day 2010 Celebration in Kuala Selangor Nature Park (KSNP). Read more (PDF).

Marshall Islands (Republic of the). 2010 marks an important year for the Republic of the Marshall Islands as it prepares to designate its second Wetland of International Importance, an entire atoll with its population of approximately 600 inhabitants living sustainably in harmony with their environment. The WWD's celebrations and awareness activities were delayed past February 2 in order to coincide with the official Ramsar designation, but posters and stickers were distributed to schools, and numerous presentations were made at the same schools between January and March by the EPA Education and Awareness Division.

Mexico 1. Arturo Peña Jimenez [] está escribiendo: "Amiga, anexo nota de la celebración del pasado 2 de febrero en México, haber si se puede publicar en su página." Comunicado de prensa en ocasión de la celebración del Día Mundial de los Humedales (PDF)

Mexico 2. Manuel De Jesùs Hernàndez Ancheita está escribiendo: "l dia 2 de Febrero se celebro el dia mundial de los Humedales en la casa de la cultura de Palenque, con la participacion de Alumnos de la Escuela Secundaria Palenque, CONANP, MATS, ASAGA INDALO, H. Ayuntamiento de Palenque.". PDF.

Mexico 3. "Nuestra organización Desarrollo Sustentable del Valle de Cuatro Ciénegas, A.C. envía el informe de actividades del día 2 de Febrero del 2010. Elaboró una mampara alusiva al Día Mundial de los Humedales y los humedales de Cuatro Ciénegas, Coahuila, México, para concienciar al visitante que acude al Centro de Información para Visitantes Poza Azul, en esta ciudad, y durante los recorridos guiados se brindó información pertinente a la conmemoración. Atentamente, Alma Zertuche, Gerente". Fotos.

Mexico 4. Eder Saldaña, Encargado de la estrategia de Educación para la Conservación del APFFCC, está escribiendo: "Estimados señores; Les envío anexo un reporte de las actividades realizadas para el día mundial de los humedales en el Área de Protección de Flora y Fauna Cuatrociénegas, espero pueda mostrarles un panorama completo de nuestro trabajo para la conmemoración de esta fecha. Cualquier duda o aclaración estoy a sus respetables ordenes, saludos." Read more.

Mexico 5. Biól. Eugenio de Jesús Villanueva Franck está escribiendo: "Mi nombre es Eugenio Villanueva Franck, Biólogo, trabajo en la Comisión Nacional de Áreas Naturales Protegidas (CONANP) en México, en el Parque Nacional Huatulco y Sitio Ramsar 1321 "Cuencas y Corales de la Zona Costera de Huatulco". Celebramos el Dia Mundial de los Humedales por lo menos desde el año 2003. Les envío el informe de nuestras actividades que sumamos a las del mundo entero." PDF.

Mexico 6. Carmen Gómez Lozano, Gerencia de Reforestación - Proyectos Especiales, esta escribiendo: "Buenas tardes, Por este medio me permito enviarles una nota informativa sobre el evento que se llevó a cabo en Oaxaca (México) en conmemoración del Día Mundial de los Humedales, y para el cual utilizamos y nos basamos en el mensaje e imagen que Ramsar propuso para el evento de este año: “Cuidar los humedales, una respuesta al cambio climático”. Por lo anterior espero que la nota adjunta sea de utilidad, y quedo a la orden para cualquier duda o aclaración." PDF

Nepal 1. Hari Krishna Uprety, Wetlands Biodiversity Specialist (WBS), Conservation and Sustainable Use of Wetlands in Nepal (CSUWN), writes: “Nepal has celebrated WWD 2010 amidst a big gathering under the Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation. Minister for Forests and Soil Conservation Hon’ble Deepak Bohara has just inaugurated it today and joined by all conservation partners. We also arranged one hour live program from the venue to enhance the media coverage. We have also started to air the wetlands message [Radio spot of 27 secs] through Kantipur FM 96.1 MHZ. Because of language barrier [some] colleagues may not understand it, however, the message is related to this years’ slogan which will air every morning between 6:30-7 am in Nepal Standard Time. Many books and posters prepared from various partners were also released on the occasion. Thanks & Happy Wetlands Day 2010.”

Nepal 2. Gandhiv Kafle, LI-BIRD, Pokhara, writes: " The LI-BIRD Family organized a short signature campaign to celebrate this day. To make it more interesting and fruitful, we have uploaded E-Poster with signatures of our LI-BIRD family in our website. As well as, we shared the poster with our Partners and well-wishers. A copy of the poster is attached. The poster is also available in"

Nepal 3. Mahesh Shrestha, Information and Publication (IP) Officer, Local Initiatives for Biodiversity, Research and Development (LI-BIRD), Pokhara, Kaski, writes: “First of All, Congratulation for the WWD slogan that you have fixed for the year 2010. Based on your slogan, I have designed a E-Poster to share with our partners and stakeholders. As well as to upload in our Website ( as a short campaign. Please see the attached Poster. And please circulate the poster to your network and can upload in your site too.Hoping for hearing from your side. Feedbacks and comment on it is heartily welcome! Thanks a lot and have fun!” Poster.

Nepal 4. Kanchan Shrestha, Program Coordinator, The Small Earth - Nepal, writes: "We celebrated World Wetlands Day 2010 at Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal conducting various presentations, publication exhibition, documentary show and wetland visit with interaction on sustainable management of a nearby wetland Rampur Ghol. Please see the attached report and pictures to be uploaded on your website. We will also soon be uploading the news on our website."

Nepal 5. On the occasion of World Wetlands Day 2010, BCN with support from Danone Evian through the Ecoles de l'Eau project organized an essay competition for school students living around the Jagdishpur Reservoir Ramsar site. Here is a brief illustrated report.

Nepal 6. Mrs. Ram Devi T. Shah, Vice Chairperson, Hindu Kush Himalayan Benthological Society, Bhaktapur, writes: "The Hindu Kush Himalayan Benthological Society, several local NGOs (BZTNF, NCHCC-Nepal, UCHEP-Nepal, KODEF-Nepal), BCN and CSUWN project jointly organized programs (Inter district Art competition, School level Talk Program, Wetlands Tour and Interaction Program) on the theme "Caring for wetlands - an answer to climate change " on the occasion of WWD 2010 in cooperation with Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC), Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve and Buffer Zone Management Committee in Koshi Tappu. Our aim was to share knowledge, understandings & experiences on wetlands & issues of wetlands from experts & conservationists of Nepal & to disseminate their knowledge & understandings to the stakeholders, students and teachers of schools and the local people. The event was financially supported by World Wildlife Fund Nepal (WWF Nepal) and Nepal Tourism Board (NTB)." Report (PDF).

Nepal 6. Mr. Keshab Raj Joshi, M.Sc. Environmental Science with specialization on Water Resources Development and Planning from Tribhuvan University, sent us the link to an article that was published on the occasion of World Wetlands Day. Read the full article here.

Netherlands 1. Ing. Roelof Heringa of the State Forestry Service and Eurosite Twinning Coordinator writes that the Ramsar leaflet for WWD 2010 has been translated into Dutch and sent to all the visitor centres involved (from the three nature management organisations in NL) and to the participants of "Vogelbescherming". Here it is (3MB PDF). His subsequent report.

Nicaragua 1. Acugra Consumidores y Usuarios de Nicaragua have an informative Web page (in Spanish), “En conmemoración del Día Mundial de los Humedales, Lema 2010: ‘Cuidar los Humedales, una Respuesta al Cambio Climático”, with an excellent musical video.

Nicaragua 2. Martín Lezama, Ecología y manejo de vida silvestre, Managua, está escribiendo: "1,2 y 6 de febrero. Exposiciones sobre diferentes temas en humedales, problemática con Dr. Jaime Incer Barquero y Fabio Buitrago, Fondo Natura, Grupo de Trabajo en Humedales de Nicaragua y CIRA-UNAN-Managua. 5 de febrero. El Diamante, Granada, lago Cocibolca. Gira de observación de aves con estudiantes de primaria por los humedales costeros cercanos a El Diamante (puerto lacustre). Organizan, Clud de jóvenes ambientalistas Guardabarranco y Alianza para las Aves (ALAS). 6 y 7 de febrero. VI Feria de los humedales en Tisma. Incluye exposiciones por expertos sobre diferentes tópicos de mucho interés. Exposición y venta de productos como artesanias, pescado, aves y oferta de sitios turísticos que son humedales para toda la ciudadanía. Este evento será el central a nivel nacional. Organizan; Alcaldía de Tisma, Asociación Audubon de Nicaragua, MARENA, CIRA-UNAN-Managua y Grupo de Trabajo en Humedales de Nicaragua. Todo el mes de febrero ha sido declarado por MARENA en coordinación con el Grupo de trabajo en humedales de Nicararagua mes de los humedales."

Nicaragua 3. Lic. René Pérez Torres, Representante Legal, Audubon de Nicaragua, está escribiendo: "Le estamos remitiendo nuestro informe sobre las actividades que se desarrollaron en el Humedal Sistema Lagunar de Tisma en conmemoración del Día Mundial de los Humedales - 2010." PDF.

Niger 1. Mme Noura Fatchima, Coordonnatrice ANSEN NIGER, écrit: "Juste pour vous envoyer le rapport de la JMZ 2010 de l'Association Nigérienne des Scouts de l'Environnement (ANSEN), mais avec un peu de retard". PDF.

Pakistan 1. Naimat Ullah Khan, Coordinator, Lincoln Corner, Karachi, writes: "On Feb 02, 2010 Lincoln Corner Karachi in collaboration WWF Pakistan celebrated its 3rd consecutive World Wetlands Day, this year with the theme "Caring our Wetlands" by hosting a Study Tour of 55 Students & faculty members from Institute of Environmental Studies, University of Karachi at Haleji Lake, a Ramsar Wetland site in Sindh." More details.

Pakistan 2. Nisar A. Brohi, Sangat, Nawabshah, Sindh, writes: "Please find attached “Nature Walk Report” held on 2nd February World Wetlands Day, By Sangat Development Foundation, supported by Indus For All Program, WWF Pakistan. Looking forward for your kind response."

Pakistan 3. Rahat Najam, core member of the Pak-US Alumni Association, Karachi Chapter, sends us this report on their World Wetlands Day activity at the Zoology Department of Jinnah University for Women, Nazimabad.

Pakistan 4.  Nasir Iqbal Malik from the Pakistan Wetlands Programme has sent this well illustrated report on a broad range of activities carried out for World Wetlands Day.

Palau 1. Yalap P. Yalap writes: "This year, the Palau World Wetlands Day Committee members are the Bureau of Agriculture, Palau Conservation Society, Ngardok Nature Reserve, Melekeok State Government, PCAA and PCC-CRE. The observations for this year’s World Wetlands Day were celebrated on February 5th." PDF.

Panama. Eunith Gonzalez Amores está escribiendo: "El Grupo para la Investigación Tecno Ecológica y la Conservación (GITEC), en colaboración con el Grupo Avicennia Nítida,  celebraron el Día Mundial de los Humedales en Panamá el día 7 de Febrero, con una jornada de educación ambiental que incluyó una sección de pintura y recorte, armado del caleidociclo y sopa de letras, recorrido al sendero terrestre y un recorrido acuático en Puerto Limón, Corregimiento de El Pilón, Distrito de Montijo, el cual forma parte de la zona de amortiguamiento del Sitio Ramsar Golfo de Montijo. PDF aquí

Peru 1. Coral Calvo Vargas, Asociación ANDES, está escribiendo: "Estimados señores, previo un saludo, adjunto a la presente una nota de prensa de los recientes acontecimientos en el Humedal Lucre - Huacarpay, rogamos su atencion y difusión."

Philippines 1. Ernesto I. Yere writes: "Please be informed that personnel of CENRO-Socorro, Oriental Mindoro, in coordination with Brgys. Pasi I & II and Batong-Dalig of Socorro and Brgy. Malabo of Victoria simultaneously conducted a clean-up along its coastal areas on February 2, 2010." Read more.

Philippines 2. Dr Eduardo M Bisquera, Jr., of the Office of the City Environment and Natural Resources (OCENR) Local Government - Zamboanga City sends word about World Wetlands Day celebrations there. Read more.

Philippines 3. Aldrin II Barruga writes: “I am sending herewith the attached WWD Celebration conducted by Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO) DENR-PENRO Masbate City, Philippines on February 2, 2010 at Florentino C. Verzosa Elementary School, barangay Pawa, Masbate City. Please be informed that Barangay Pawa is a coastal barangay in the city with vast track of mangrove forest, same was proclaimed by the city Government of Masbate as PAWA MANGROVE-ECO PARK, thus we selected it as our venue for this year's WWD celebration.” Read more.

Philippines 4. Dr. Candido A. Cabrido, Jr., President, writes: "The Society of the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands lined up a series of activities for the World Wetlands Day month-long celebration. To open it, a Program was held in partnership with the Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources at the Amphitheater of the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Nature Center on 02 February 2010. Highlights of the program were - 1) the opening of the exhibit of entries to the Candaba Wetlands Center Design Competition (in partnership with the Architectural Students, Association of the Philippines, UP Diliman Chapter); 2) the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement between the Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau and the Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands on the development of the Wetland Exhibit at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Nature Center; and 3) the awarding of the Wetlands Conservation Awards. For details or more information on the event, please find attached report (in pdf file) or visit

Poland 1. The Wetland Conservation Center Team writes: "Hello, We are sending you the report. It's just a brief note, which shows what was carried out by the Wetland Conservation Center in Warsaw. Thank you for WWD letter and materials." PDF.

Poland 2. Agnieszka Mielczarek and Anna Mazurczak have sent an illustrated report on the WWD celebrations in Warta Mouth National Park. PDF.

Portugal. Anabela Santos, Departamento de Educação Ambiental, Almargem - Associação de defesa do património cultural e ambiental do Algarve, Loulé, writes: “For the World Wetlands Day, our NGO, Almargem decided to do the following: 1) A translation for all the materials made available through our website at: These include all the fact sheets and the activities for kids. All the materials have been available, via our website, since January 29. At the time, we sent information to all the schools in the Algarve, telling them that this material was available and is free to be used by any teacher or class. 2) At our environmental center, the "Centro Ambiental da Pena" ( we received kids from a local school, the EB1,2,3 Salir, near the Centro Ambiental da Pena, and we all had a lot of fun doing our birds. The kids really loved it!”

Romania 1. Vasilica Pavel sends a brief report about WWD 2010 amongst schoolchildren in Tulcea. PDF.

Romania 2. Liliana Ivancenco writes: "Please find attached the report on activities organized by Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority- Romania for the celebration of World Wetlands Day 2010." Here

Russian Federation 1. Wetlands International Russia is organising the World Wetlands Day celebration on February 3rd in the Khodynka convention centre, Moscow. Co-organisers are the Russian NGOs Birds and People and Serebryany Bor. Field workers and well-known ecologists share their experiences during the meeting. The celebrations feature by a performance of trained birds, as well as children and musicians bring an ode to wetlands. On February 6th, the K.A. Timiryazev State Biological Museum in Moscow will be the place for another celebration: the Mysteries of Boloto (Peatlands) Festival, featuring quizzes, contests (e.g. paper frog race), peatland biodiversity exhibitions, and much more. Read more on the website of Wetlands International Russia (Russian).

Russian Federation 2. Sergei Smirenski and Adam C. Stein, Muraviovka Park for Sustainable Land Use, write: "We are sending you this short note to share the latest way in which the Amur Government (Far Eastern Russia) has contributed to wetland Conservation for World Wetland Day-2010." Here.

Russian Federation 3. Irina Nikitina has sent an illustrated report of WWD activities at the Bolonsky Nature Reserve in eastern Russia. (PDF, text in Russian. See also this in English.)

Russian Federation 4. Natalia Lopantseva and Harald Leummens of the UNDP/GEF project “Conservation of wetland biodiversity in the Lower Volga, Russia” sent an excellent report on project-supported activities at the Astrakhan State Nature Biosphere Zapovednik and elsewhere in the Lower Volga region.PDF.

Seychelles 1. Anada Tiéga, Secretary General, Abou Bamba, Senior Advisor for Africa, and Assistant Advisor Cynthia Kibata are in Seychelles to participate in World Wetlands Week celebrations in that country. Read more here. First report (PDF). Second report, 2-3 February (PDF). Third report, 4 February (PDF). Fourth report, 5 February (PDF), Fifth report (May 2010, PDF). Mr Bamba's closing address (PDF)

Seychelles 2. The government of Seychelles has designated a small wetland on Mahé Island for World Wetlands Day, 2 February 2010. At ceremonies at Seychelles’ World Wetlands Week celebrations next week, Ramsar staff will hand over to national authorities the site certificates for Aldabra Atoll (announced here in November 2009) and for Mare Aux Cochons High Altitude Freshwater Wetlands (04°38’S 055°25’E). Read more.

Slovakia 1. Peter Sabo, project manager assistant, Project UNDP/GEF Laborec-Uh, writes: "It is our pleasure to inform you that the Project UNDP/GEF ”Integration of Ecosystem Management Principles and Practices into Land and Water Management of Slovakia´s Eastern Lowlands (Laborec-Uh)” ( has joined the celebration of WWD 2010. We have presented basic information about WWD, importance of wetlands, wetlands protection and about Ramsar site Senne-fish ponds (Slovakia) in enclosed newsletter No. 02/2010, which was distributed to all relevant stakeholders in project area. Main goal of project Laborec-Uh is to contribute to mainstreaming integrated ecosystem management principles and practices into the land and water management and agricultural sectors. The project was selected for support by GEF as a pilot for implementation of integrated ecosystem management through water planning based on integrated water management, biodiversity protection and socioeconomic development of the area. Project objectives are focused on: - Ecosystem based water management through preparation and implementation of River Basin Management Plan, - Strengthening of stakeholder capacity, policies, and motivation to implement Integrated Ecosystem Management, - Restoration of wetlands and change for extensive agriculture, and - Dissemination of best practices to other regions in Slovakia."

Slovenia 1. Gregor Domanjko, Nature Park Goričko, Slovenia, writes: "Dear Ramsar team, enclosed you will find the World Wetlands Day 2010 report about the Nature walk along the Mura River in Slovenia. Warm regards." Here.

South Africa 1. The government of the Republic of South Africa has designated its 20th Wetland of International Importance, and its seventh in KwaZulu-Natal province, effective on World Wetlands Day, 2 February 2010 --Ntsikeni Nature Reserve(9,200 hectares, 30°08’S 29°28’E). Details here.

Spain 1. SEO/BirdLife celebra el Día de los Humedales con más de 30 actividades en toda España. Nota de prensa.

Spain 2. Paula Camarero, Responsable Dpto. Educación, BIOPARC Valencia, está escribiendo: "Buenas tardes, Desde el departamento de Educación de Bioparc Valencia, nos complace enviarles un informe de las actividades llevadas a cabo en BIOPARC Valencia con motivo de la celebración del DMH 2010. Estas actividades fueron organizadas por los miembros del departamento de educación: Paula Camarero, Isabel Martínez y Loli Gómez, con el apoyo de dos educadoras durante el desarrollo de las mismas: Amparo Mora y Ana Broch. Muchas gracias por su atención. Un cordial saludo." / "Dear members of Ramsar, From the Educational Department of Bioparc, it gives us great pleasure to send you a report of the activities dedicated to celebrate the WWD 2010, developed in BIOPARC Valencia. These activities were organized by the members of the Educational Department: Paula Camarero, Isabel Martínez and Loli Gómez, with the support of two educators during the development of the same ones: Amparo Mora and Ana Broch. Thank you very much. Best regards." Informe (PDF).

Spain 3. Javier Moraleda Laguna está escribiendo: "Soy Javier Moraleda Laguna, coordinador de Agenda 21 y Medio Ambiente de la ADR Montes Norte (Ciudad Real) ESPAÑA. En el CEIP “Miguel de Cervantes” de Piedrabuena (Ciudad Real), hemos celebrado el día con una charla con los alumnos de 5º y 6º de Primaria. En Piedrabuena no tenemos humedales RAMSAR pero si tenemos una laguna volcánica desecada desde hace años. Este año debido a las copiosas precipitaciones en diciembre y enero nuestra laguna vuelve a tener agua después de 14 años. La situación de esta laguna es muy similar a la mayoría de la zona volcánica del Campo de Calatrava (Ciudad Real)."  PDF.

Spain 4. Patricia María Ledesma Conejo, Grupo de Acción Local Guadalteba, Campillos (Málaga), está escribiendo: "Adjunto le remito el informe de las Jornadas que hemos celebrado en conmemoración del día Mundial de los Humedales. Les mantendremos informados de todas las actividades que vamos a seguir realizando a lo largo de estos meses." PDF.

Spain 5. "Numeroso público participa en la celebración de la 'Semana de los Humedales' organizada por el Centro Español de Humedales (CEHUM) en la Marjal de Gandia. Desde el Centro Español de Humedales se están llevando a cabo una serie de actividades con motivo de la conmemoración del Día Mundial de los Humedales. Durante el día de hoy, 3 de febrero, se ha realizado un taller de introducción al anillamiento científico de avifauna marjaleña. A la actividad se han sumado diversos alumnos de educación secundaria de los centros de enseñanza gandienses, así como otras personas interesadas en conocer tanto el gran valor ornitológico de la marjal, como las técnicas que se utilizan para el estudio de aves. Ayer martes día 2 de febrero, alumnos del Colegio Les Foies de Gandia, realizaron a lo largo de la mañana una plantación de especies típicas de zonas húmedas. Posteriormente, se llevó a cabo una limpieza de los ullals. Las actividades de la semana de los humedales 2010 organizadas por el Centro Español de Humedales concluyen mañana día 4 de febrero con la maratón fotográfica de la marjal. Durante dicha actividad se propondrán una serie de temáticas “sorpresa”, que los participantes tendrán que desarrollar a lo largo de un recorrido por el corredor ecológico de la marjal. Este mismo día se abre la convocatoria del “I Premio Nacional de Fotografía de Humedales-CEHUM”. Se adjuntan fotografías sobre las actividades realizadas y nota de prensa."

Spain 6. Florent Prunier, AEA El Bosque Animado, writes: "Hello, I have just found out we didn't send you any report this year despite organizing WWD in 2010. We organized the 2010 WWD over the Roman Bridge of Cordoba, the ancestral monument which links nature with culture for over 1.500 years in southern Spain. With the rainiest winter for decades, the river has risen incredibly and floodplains were again invaded by waters. We observed for a couple of hours the rich bird fauna present in the city."

Spain 7. The team from the "Parque Natural del Marjal de Pego-Oliva, (Comunidad Valenciana, España)" thanks the Ramsar Secretariat for the selection of posters, stickers, and information packs free of charge. A full report describing the activities organized in the Park can be consulted here (PDF).

Switzerland 1. In Switzerland the Grande Cariçaie Ramsar site will be celebrating WWD on the 2nd February at Estavayer le Lac. Throughout the day Ramsar staff members Nathalie Rizzotti, Montse Riera, Catherine Loetscher and Sandra Hails will be welcoming 13 different classes of schoolchildren from around the area and using a floor-sized version of the Ramsar game to raise their awareness about wetlands and water. Children will also visit other ‘stands’ organized by staff from the Ramsar Site to learn more about wetlands. In the evening the stands will be open to members of the public and there will also be a conference on wetland conservation in Africa with an opening speech delivered by M. Seydina Issa Sylla, past President of Wetlands International in Africa. More information on these events available here: , Illustrated report in PDF.

Switzerland 2. World Wetlands Day was celebrated for the 8th consecutive year in Geneva, Switzerland, this time on 7 February 2010 along the Jetée des Paquis. Amongst many environmental and civic groups turned out in the cold to educate and entertain the public, Ann Aldersey, Cathleen Cybele, Nadeezhda Alexeeva, Sandra Hails, Llewellyn Young, Alexia Dufour and Nathalie Rizzotti represented the Ramsar Secretariat. Read more.

Switzerland 3. Catharina Thomas shared with us a lovely beaded "Save the Wetlands" kaleidoscope (see an animated image here) for which she got a certificate delivered by the FMG contest. It took her 80 hours to draw, bead and assemble Ramsar's Kaleidoscope message: take care of wetlands for tomorrow... Congratulations! You can admire her work on her blog:

Thailand 1. Wetlands International Thailand is celebrating World Wetlands Day at Laem Son National park in Bang Ben on February 2nd. Activities include a wetland exhibition and workshop for the development of the provincial wetland management plan, discussing the establishment of a provincial wetland management committee. The event will officially be opened by the Ranong Governor. Download the flyer or visit the Wetlands International Thailand website.

The FYR of Macedonia 1. Aleksandar Nastov, National focal point for RCW: "On behalf of the Macedonian Committee for the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands and the Macedonian Ornithology Society, I am very glad to share this information with all colleagues in the Ramsar Family Network. On 02.02.2010 we organised a special meeting of the MRC to celebrate WWD. At the opening session Professor Branko Micevski, President of MRC, presented the message of Mr Anada Tiega, Secretary General of the Ramsar Convention. He also elaborated the importance and functions of wetlands for biodiversity conservation in our water ecosystems, and actions for reducing negative impacts of climate change. In Macedonia we have beautiful wetlands (lakes, rivers, marshes). Two lakes, Prespa and Doiran, have been included in the Ramsar List. Ornithologists and scientists this week organised many activities for young people who visited our lakes, rivers, dams, fishponds and marshes. Since 2000, the MRC and the Bird Study and Protection Society of Macedonia have organised the International Week for Wetlands. Participants at the special meeting for WWD fully support the proposal for the preparation of a National Strategy for Sustainable Development of Wetlands in Macedonia. We also fully support the International Year for Biodiversity - 2010." Photos.

Trinidad & Tobago. Hema Singh writes: “This year Environment Tobago chose to celebrate World Wetlands Day 2010 by hosting a series of activities which seek to raise awareness, improve understanding and encourage involvement in activities with the ultimate aim to protect and conserve the wetlands of Tobago. Our “Caring For Wetlands” campaign was conducted over three days with the Launch our “Caring For Wetlands Postcards” series kicking off the events.” Read more (PDF).

Tunisia 1. "To celebrate, the world wetland day, WWF Tunis office and the DGF organised two days event on the 2 and 3 February 2010, to the Tunisian media in korba lagoon in Tunisia. More than 20 journalists coming from different media: TV, Radio, And press attend this event, The participants received different communication about the implementation of Ramsar convention in Tunisia, the Tunisian wetlands conservation".  Faouzi Maamouri of the WWF Tunis office provides links to the results.

Turkey 1. Serhan Cagirankaya, Ramsar CEPA Focal Point of Turkey, writes: "I feel proud to present Turkey's 2010 WWD Report. In 81 provinces, many activities were organised by the local administratives, and the importance of wetlands had announced on local press. General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks, MOEF had attended 2 celebrations in Samsun and Bolu. We also want to thank you Ms. Nadezhda ALEXEEVA for her participation to Samsun. This year, we prefer to make our own poster instead of Ramsar's. But, the booklet on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Wetlands was translated to Turkish and distributed to the people. The detailed information is given as an attachment [PDF]."

United Arab Emirates. Mohammad Abdul Rahman Hassan, Head, Marine Environment & Wildlife Section, Environment Department, Dubai Municipality, writes: "Hi.. I hope you are all well at Ramsar. Attached our activity during the World Wetlands day 2010 for your kind information." Read more.

United Kingdom. Cath Rasbash, Co-vice-chair of the New Lammas Lands Defence Committee writes that the committee members held a walk around part of Walthamstow and Leyton Marshes on 31 January 2010 to mark this year’s World Wetlands Day. "There were about 50 participants, including several children and a couple of dogs. It was a bright but very cold day, and we were hit by a short sharp shower towards the end of the walk, but our walkers were undaunted. We were glad to get into the nice warm Princess of Wales pub, where we held a short quiz focussing on climate change issues."

USA 1. A WWD message for the US Environmental Protection Agency from David Evans, Director of the Wetlands Division.

USA 2. Mike Caron writes: "Despite freezing weather here in Kansas, the Haskell Indian Nations University Wetlands Preservation Organization and the University of Kansas EcoJustice student organization joined Save the Wakarusa Wetlands, Inc. in cleaning up the Wakarusa Wetlands. We also began construction of an environmentally friendly eco-walk to connect the Haskell Medicine Wheel area to an existing wetland boardwalk and trail system on the Baker University side of the wetlands. Happy World Wetlands Day!"

USA 3. William Mitsch writes from Ohio to say that "The Wilma H. Schiermeier Olentangy River Wetland Research Park will host an open house on Tuesday February 2, 2010 in observance of International Wetland Day" and to announce its co-sponsorship of an international symposium “Wetlands in a Flood Pulsing Environment: Effects on and responses in biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and human society” being held 1-5 February 2010 in Maun, Botswana. Details here.

USA 4. The National Wetlands Newsletter for the Environmental Law Institute, Washington, D.C., carried an article about WWD 2010 by Sandra Hails in the Jan/February edition. PDF.

Venezuela 1. Henderson Colina, AEPA Falcon / Redmanglar, está escribiendo: "Estas paginas publicaron evento de humedales en Venezuela. Cerca de 50 medios de comunicacion (Radio, tv y prensa escrita) difundieron la noticia. Siendo esta la accion que permitio despertar mayor interes en la poblacion sobre estos ecosistemas vitales. saludos." Continúe leyendo y aqui.

Venezuela 2. Alejandro Luy, Fundación Tierra Viva, está escribiendo: "Para promover el conocimiento de los Humedales del Delta Orinoco, la Red Interinstitucional del Estado Delta Amacuro, realizará desde el día lunes, 01 al jueves, 04 de febrero en los espacios de la Casa del Artista, actividades educativo ambientales ”Conociendo los Humedales del Delta del Orinoco” cuyo objetivo es crear un espacio de aprendizaje y reflexión acerca de las riquezas naturales y los problemas ambientales que lo ocupan." Continúe leyendo.

Viet Nam 1. Dao Huy Giap, Wetland/Aquatic Specialist, Environmental Division, Mekong River Commission, Vientiane, Lao PDR, sends a report of a late January workshop of IUCN and the Mekong River Commission in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam, in which World Wetlands Day was celebrated a week early. Read more.

Zambia 1. Smart Mandolo, Conservation Club leader, writes: “The 2010 commemoration of WWD was fantastic well organized in the sense that it was highly regarded as a positive solution to climate change. More issues regarding the sustainable conservation of biodiversity were discussed. The Commemoration went well and about 120 students participated in the celebration. We used the same theme: Caring for wetlands - an answer to climate change. Awareness campaign on importance of wetlands as well as quiz were conducted. We appreciate so much to be in touch with you and let’s fight hard to conserve the wetlands for our benefits.”

Examples of the translation and local adaptation of Ramsar materials:

WWD 2009
WWD 2007
WWD 2005
WWD 2004
WWD 2003
WWD 2002

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