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Happy World Wetlands Day!!

My name is Shawn McRae, and I am a volunteer with the Korea Marine Environment Management Corporation (KOEM). The Coastal Management Team of KOEM has been working tirelessly to provide World Wetlands Day (WWD) activities for domestic and foreign government officials who are in charge of wetland policy, environmental activists, foreign residents, students and citizens. On behalf of Ms. Namue Lee, Manager of the Coastal Management Team, I would like to summarize the planned activities.

WWD activities in Korea will take place during the week of February 2-7, 2010 in the regional area as well as in Seoul. The celebration, which is hosted by the Korea Marine Environment Management Corporation and co-hosted by The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs and The Ministry of Environment In order to encourage participation of foreign residents, will be one of the premier environmental events of the year.

Many national level events have been planned during the week for stakeholders of all levels. We have encouraged the participation of students via volunteer programs, quiz shows and lectures geared exclusively for them. Additionally, local governments are planning festivals during the week to allow people to participate in wetland protection activities. A web gallery, forums, related publications and souvenirs will also be available to boost interest within the communities. Additionally, many components of the program will be in English or English translations will be available in order to encourage participation of foreign residents. Invitation letters were mailed to Embassies in Seoul and foreign residents and a press release was sent to local English Media.

During the awards presentation at the Opening Ceremony on February 2, a Marine Protected Area (MPA) Center that will protect both marine and coastal areas will be established. A Debate Forum on Wetland Conservation will be held for village communities of Wetland Protected Areas. Prior to the forum, there will be a special cultural performance of the Korean Traditional Orchestra, Madang Nori, by the Woldu villagers from Muan and Getdol band.

The Fourth National CEPA Action Plan Forum will be held on February 2-3. A council was formed in 2008 in order to complete the Action Plan, which will be finalized in 2012. Students will be able to participate in the Wetland Golden Bell Quiz on February 4.

A free DMZ Wetlands Eco-tour, sponsored by the KOEM and Gyeonggi Tourism Organization, is scheduled for February 5. This will allow participants to tour the DMZ wetlands and experience the life and history of the western Civilan Control Zone and DMZ. They will be introduced to great ecological resources and be able to see the Odu Mountain Unification Observatory; watch migratory birds at Jangdan and watch water birds at Chopyeong Island. In exchange for participating in the tour for free, participants are asked to write a photo journal or do on-line public relations activities on the CCZ wetland tour after the event.

KOEM is extremely excited about the upcoming WWD and is happy to be able to demonstrate the importance of wetlands in Korea and renew people’s perceptions within the community about wetlands. The event will also provide an outlet for environmentalists and nature enthusiasts, eager to help save the wetlands in Korea.

I have attached some of the materials that we have used for WWD. The WWD Poster might be a very low resolution, so I am going to send two higher resolution posters in English and Korean in a separate email since they are too large to include in this message.

Please let me know if you need clarification on anything or if you have any questions.

Shawn McRae
KOEM Volunteer

Press Release (PDF)

Detailed schedule of events (PDF)

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