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Preparations for World Wetlands Day 1998, Malaysia Programme Office

Ho Yim Cheng, Communications and Resource Development Officer for Wetlands International - Asia Pacific (hycheng@wiap.nasionet.net), sends us this description of plans for World Wetlands Day in Malaysia.

1. Exhibition

A one-week exhibition will be held from 21 February 1998 to 1 March 1998 at a popular shopping complex in Kuala Lumpur. The focus is on creating and enhancing awareness among Malaysians on the importance of wetlands in Malaysia and the need for its continued conservation. The target groups include children, teenagers, adults, the mass media, and educational institutions.

The exhibition promises to be an educational and exciting event catering for a wide range of interests. Among the highlights are sales of wetlands handicrafts, books, t-shirts, caps, car stickers, posters of wetland species, and cards; fun and exciting activities for children such as contests, and interactive booths set up with touch-screen computers. Also available are information videos and also special appearances and performances by local artistes.

Proposed exhibitors are representatives from various NGOs such as Malaysia Nature Society and World Wide Fund for Nature, corporate sectors both local and international, indigenous groups, government agencies, institutions of higher learning, ecotourism agencies, and Wetlands International's other offices.

The exhibition will be a highly-publicised event with extensive media coverage by both the print and electronic media. The local dailies and magazines together with television and radio networks amongst others will help promote the event to the public.

2. Tasik Bera Open Day

This will be a 2-day event planned from 28 February to 1 March 1998 to be held at Tasik Bera Ramsar Site, Pahang. The objectives include promoting nature-based tourism activities at Tasik Bera as one of Malaysia's top ten tourist destinations, and also providing information and raising public awareness about Tasik Bera's environment.

A huge variety of exciting activities have been proposed such as competitions - sampan and canoe races for the adrenaline junkies and drawing and fishing competitions for those who prefer more laidback activities. There are also recreational activities (jungle trekking, canoe trips, etc.), paintings and photography exhibitions, and cultural shows on offer.

Among those expected to participate are various state and government agencies such as the state Tourist Promotion Division, the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, and also organisations such as the Malaysian Nature Society and the World Wildlife Fund Malaysia.

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