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Adaptation of Ramsar's WWD materials

For World Wetlands Day 2003 the Ramsar Secretariat launched a new initiative - making the design files of our WWD materials available on CD-ROM – to encourage users with the appropriate software, or access to it, to print large numbers of copies for distribution, to translate the text into local languages, or customise the publication in other ways, making it more relevant to local situations. Having met with some success in the last few years (read more here on WWD 2003, WWD2004, and WWD2005, WWD 2006 was not one of our best and no translation page exists for this year! And WWD 2007? Read on . . . a great success and we thank you all for your enthusiasm and creativity. Note too that you will find the full reports from almost all of these contacts on the WWD reports page.

Please note: if you have used our design files and we have not recorded this below, please send us an email at

Use of the design files for WWD 2007


In Brazil, the Secretaría de Biodiversidade e Florestas, Ramsar's Administrative Authority, produced 20,000 stickers, 2,000 posters, the leaflet (shown opposite), and the web animation. These were sent to their 27 regional offices, as well as local and international NGOs (WWF, TNC and CI), Ramsar sites, national wetland committees members and fishermen representatives organizations.


In Cambodia, with financial and technical support from World Fish Center and WWF, the Provincial Department of Environment and the Khmer Association for Development of Cambodia’s Countryside produced 100 posters, 400 tshirts, and stickers with the Ramsar design. Posters were distributed to provincial departments and selected ministries as well as locally at the event venue. Stickers and tshirts were distributed at the event.


20,000 posters were produced by the State Forestry Administration, Ramsar's Administrative Authority in China. These were widely distributed throughout China to governments departments as well as international NGOs, academies and research institutions, and international development agencies.

China, Hong Kong

Produced by the Hong Kong Wetland Park, posters and stickers were widely distributed in Hong Kong to bring people to the Park for WWD 2007 celebrations.




Promotional material used at the entrance to the Museo Naval where two exhibitions “A History of Guayaquil Historia” and “Wetland Forum for Ecuador's wetlands".

A range of materials for WWD celebrations were produced by the Ministerio del Ambiente, Ramsar's Administrative Authority in Ecuador, such as the t-shirts shown above and the WWD poster (top).



A 3-page leaflet produced by the Conseil régional d'Île-de-France, in collaboration with the Agence des Espaces Verts de la Région Île-de-France, which draws attention to outings to 10 different wetlands in the region that were organised for WWD 2007.


The poster and sticker produced by the Landkreis Stendal regional government in Germany as part of their WWD celebrations.




The NGO Nimfea in Hungary has translated and made available on their web site the do-it-youself fish and the web animation. Visit their web site here.


The Natural Environment and Biodiversity Section of the Ministry of Environment, the Ramsar Administrative Authority in Iran, produced the Ramsar poster in Arabic, English, Farsi and Russian. Through their efforts, the February issue of the Green Wave magazine was devoted to WWD 2007 and Iranian wetlands.


The poster was prepared by the Wildlife Division of the Nature Conservation Bureau, Ministry of the Environment, Ramsar's Administrative Authority in Japan, and distributed to all seven of the Regional Environment Offices and the two Nature Conservation Offices responsible for the management of National Parks and Wildlife, including Ramsar sites.




The Environment General Authority, Ramsar's Administrative Authority in Libya, produce the Ramsar WWD sticker in Arabic. These were distributed at a full day of activities at Benghazi city attended by representatives from universities, scouts, school teachers, fishermen associations of Benghazi, Local police, Local and National TV, Radio and Press.


Through the Comisión Nacional de Áreas Naturales Protegidas, the Ramsar Administrative Authority in Mexico, the Park authorities at the Bahía de Loreto Ramsar Site and National Park, dedicated their triemestrial 7-page bulletin to World Wetlands Day. The bulletin is targetted at local communities living in and around the Park and visitors to the Park.


The authorities at the Lake Skadar National Park and Ramsar site in Montenegro produced the poster for use during their WWD activities at the park. They also reproduced the Ramsar WWD sticker and distributed these to all attendees on WWD and continue to distribute them to park visitors.


The Myanmar Bird and Nature Society in Myanmar translated the WWD poster into the Myanmar language and used it at a WWD event in Yangon City.

Nepal (1)



Produced by WWF Nepal with support from other partners, the poster was used at four wetland sites where “Fish for Tomorrow?” workshops were held on 2 February 2007, and at the Ghodaghodi Ramsar Site WWD celebrations.


Nepal (2)

A flyer on the importance of sustainable fisheries management produced by the NGO Wetland Friends of Nepal and used in their WWD celebration program among 40 participants including school students (from 3 schools), teachers and representatives of different organizations.


A broad range of materials have been produced by the Pakistan Wetlands Programme, including the poster, calendars, hats and more. See their detailed report on the WWD reports page and visit their web site for more details.



A special WWD banner prepared for a WWD event at Puerto Limón, Peru.

Puerto Rico, USA

G Works Inc. in Puerto Rico produced 3,000 Posters, 2,500 stickers and 2,500 book markers and 600 T-Shirts- all with the same fish image.




The local AirTel Telecommunication Company sponsored the WWD banners for the celebration organised by the Wetlands & Rivers section of the Department of the Environment, the Ramsar Administrative Authority in the Seychelles.


La Consejería de Ganadería Agricultura y Pesca del Gobierno de Cantabria, Spain, produced the sticker (below) for general distribution. Following workshops with school students on the importance of aquatic ecosystems, certificates that included their photo and name (above) were awarded to students who made commitments on the changes they would make in their own behavior they would help in the wise use of water and wetland.


Jointly produced the Ramsar's Administrative Authority in the Ministry of Environment and the Institute for Education, 1600 copies of this poster were distributed to all primary and secondary schools in Slovenia, and to the media and managers of the protected areas.




A WWD package including bookmarks, stickers (shown above), pens and posters were produced by the Nature Conservation Division of the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ramsar Administrative Authority in Suriname, in partnership with WWF; this bookmark and sticker was only part of the WWD package.


This poster was produced in Thailand by the Biodiversity Division of the Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning, Ramsar's Administrative Authority, in collaboration with the Mekong Wetlands Biodiversity Programme and UNDP.

Viet Nam

The poster and WWD hats produced by the Nature Conservation Division of the Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment, Ramsar's Administrative Authority in Viet Nam. 350 copies of the poster were used in Xuan Thuy Ramsar site and Ha Long Bay national celebrations and more posters were printed in other provinces.






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