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University of Windsor

Canada: Paresh Pandya (Dr.)/ (519) 972-7876 and 519-817-2999. Faculty of Education; University of Windsor or 315 Cabana Road East, Windsor ON N9G 1A1 Canada

World Wetland Day is celebrated this year on 2 February, with the Future Teachers of Ontario Canada; school going children and community people; events held to highlight values and challenges of wetlands. We have promoted the World Wetlands Day this year at university campus, Windsor City, and county of Ontario, Canada, and Hindu Temple and Cultural Centre of Windsor. This year’s theme ‘Upstream-Downstream’ highlights how the world’s wetlands are connected to millions of people whose livelihoods, safety, and security depend on them for water supply and their capacity to help regulate floods. We have arranged the mass awareness program through radio, library, and print media. The memorandum has given each year to Ontario and Federal government. We have made face-to-face contact to opinion making people. The sticker, poster, and leaflet distribution to all. We have celebrated Wetlands week from February 2-7, 2009 at the University of Windsor and The Hindu Temple and Cultural Centre of Windsor.

Canada is among the 158 contracting parties to the Ramsar conservation on wetlands, an intergovernmental treaty adopted on February 2, 1971. The convention on wetlands came into force for Canada on 15 May 1981. Canada presently has 36 sites designated as wetlands of international importance, with a surface area of 13051501 hectares. Canada is having 'National Wetland Policy of Canada' for indirect protection of wetlands. We have aware the Canada's Federal Government policy on wetland conservation to all people, so people can understand this policy betters way. Therefore, we have arranged lecture and face-to-face program for the people.

World wetlands day, celebrated annually around the world, may not break routine for Canadians, but it directly link to a subject that is more than a drop in the bucket of Canadian consciousness, our water resources. One of the polls of Canadians conducted and found that 43 % of people surveyed identified water resources, such as wetlands, lakes, and rivers, as the most important focus for environmental protection. However we have ignore 57% of Canadian who don't have real knowledge of wetlands and it's important, so we have focus on face to face program and mass awareness movement. For the Mass awareness movement, we have distributed materials and talk to the people that, wetland habitats are capable of removing over 90% of common nutrient pollutants like nitrogen and phosphorous and over 70% of the sediment that is carried in waterways. This is natural filtering process works so well that constructed wetlands are being used in Canada to clean wastewater like sewage and storm water, this are the things we could put in the mind of people.

We have conveyed the message about one third of Canada's species at risk, are found in wetland ecosystems. Even though, historical data indicate that as much as 70% of wetlands in Canada's populated area have disappeared so that to empower wetland protection, we need to be able to equate wetland loss by mass movement and talking to the students, opinion making class, media, teacher and politician too! On the part of world wetlands day celebration we have arranged exhibition, drawing competition, seminar, workshop, lecture, presentation for all the Canadian.

We have contacted university departments, faculties, New Canadian Centre-YMCA, GEC School Board, GECS Board, CKLM 800AM Radio, CBCC T.V. Mayor, Sandra Pupatello MPP & Minister-Ontario, Brain Masse M.P., Ontario Science Centre-Toronto, Ontario College of Teachers-Toronto, Globe and Mail news paper-Toronto, Windsor Star news paper, Essex Region Conservation Authority, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency.

Report with photographs (PDF)

PowerPoint presentation (PDF format)
7-page fact sheet (PDF)

Paresh Pandya (Ph.D.), Clinton Beckford (Ph. D.)
University of Windsor, the Faculty of Education,
Hindu Temple and Cultural Centre of Windsor,

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