World Wetlands Day 2009 -- India


Young Environmentalists, Mumbai

Over 600 city students participate in Wetlands Day inter-school essay writing competition organised by Young Environmentalists on Feb 2- 2009!

Young Environmentalists Programme trust celebrated World Wetlands Day at the S.M.Shetty International school auditorium on February 2nd, which is celebrated the world over by environmentalists.

Immenent social worker Sudhir Shetty of Powai, Principal of S.M. Shetty school Seema Sablok and celebrity Mukesh Rishi graced the occasion.

Over 600 students participated in the inter-school essay writing competition to find out more about how the earth’s ponds, marshes and rivers which are vital to human life. Their research covered numerous chapters in civics, EVS and biology which are all related to Wetlands, degradadtions, pollution and encroachment which the students learned by celebrating wetlands day. Besides Singapore Intenational schhol, the Hiranandani foundation school, Ryan Intenational group of schools, Gopal Sharma school,,KVIIT Powai,St Xaviers Goregaon, Sishuvan school, St Mary Mira Road,Gundecha high school,Childrens Academy,St.Francis high school,Savitri devi, Cambridge school ,S.M.Shetty school,Pawar School and many others who joined over 500 students from the city schools to celebrate this environment world date.

The Essay Competition is an annual competition and aims at grooming the Next Generation to be Green Entrepreneurs. Vocied Prakriti Negi student of the Hiranandani Foundation school at Powai regarding the homework she did to eventually write about wetlands, "While researching on wetlands I shared the information with my whole family and friends.I t improved my writing skills as well as sharpened my EVS lessons."

Vocied Mukesh Rishi Celebrity campaigning for the environmental cause atthe occassion, "Students make our next generation of citizens and if we can help save whatever it is that’s left of our earth,through our education,the earth will be a better place.Maybe there won’t be a repeat of 26/7/2005 again,if we save our wetlands.Wetlands keep us fed, secure and healthy by providing everything from flood defences and food, rich bio-diversity to medicines and green spaces.But they are disappearing faster than rainforests and in the last century alone, half the world’s wetlands were lost."

Voces Elsie Gabriel, founder president of Young Environmentalists Programme,who has studied Environment Law, "Young people are not only the future, they are also the now. They need to know the environment laws which protect mangroves.The Ramsar convention protects the mangroves internationally ,why can't India have a direct law in saving mangroves? We have to rely only on the environmental protection act which is not sufficient, so when the students research they had to write about how to save them as part of their research too thus sensitizing them to environmental issues."

More than 45% of the world’s population is under 25, with 1.3 billion young people living in developing countries. Added Seema Sablok Principal of the S.M.Shetty International school at Powai hositng the event, "Over the last few years, consultations and research work with youths have demonstrated that they can make a difference in creating environmental wareness through their actions and advocacy activities. Youths are key agents of change, but too often the nature and impact of their projects are not recognized or documented sufficiently, and youth face difficulties being heard and engaging more directly in environmental and civic life. In order to learn how youths can make a difference in reducing environmental issues, the Young Environmentalists Programme has launched interactive EVS education."

The Essay Competition is an annual competition and aims at grooming the Next Generation to be Green Entrepreneurs.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Elsie Gabriel,
Founder President,
Young Environmentalists Programme Trust,
804 Glenheights,Hiranandani Gardens,
Powai.Mum-76 website-
Member-MMRDA-Powai Citizens Commtt.

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