World Wetlands Day 2008 - reporting


Reporting on your World Wetlands Day Activities
to the Ramsar Secretariat

Since the first World Wetlands Day, the Secretariat has tried to publish as many of the activities as we can that have been reported to us from around the world. On our pages, at, you'll find thousands of long and short reports, formal and informal, illustrated and not, in English, French, and Spanish, from nearly 100 countries, going all the way back to 1997.

Why report? If you are a newcomer to WWD celebrations or have never before sent a report, you may be asking this question. Here's why:

Most importantly, the reports serve as a source of inspiration to new and old WWD actors alike about the incredible range of WWD activities.

The accounts of WWD activities can be useful for reporting back to sponsors - both for us in the Secretariat and quite possibly for those of you working in the field who have had support for your activity.

Taken together, the reports make a useful history of the breadth and depth of World Wetlands Day as an environmental movement as it has grown over the years, and, in the end, many of the reports just make very interesting reading!

Time is always short in the Secretariat, and it will help if you observe a few do's and don'ts on reporting:


  • Send your report as soon after WWD 2008 as possible and by May if at all possible, because the work of the Secretariat turns to other pressing matters as the day itself recedes. Some reports may be uploaded after that time, but we can't guarantee that.
  • If you send us just a brief note, it will be posted directly to the reports index page pretty much as you have written it, listing you as having sent it to us.
  • For a longer report, you can send a PDF already laid out, or a Word document with the images embedded in it. In the latter case, we would normally just PDF it anyway, since we haven't time to unembed images already placed into Word.
  • Alternatively, we can create a new HTML page for it if you send us the text as a Word document and any pictures as separate images in JPG or GIF format, with separate captions or clear file names. If you care about how we should lay it out, you can send instructions or a model in Word.

Please don't…..

  • Send very large Word or PDF files - in most cases, about 600-800kb is all we can afford for most reports. For exceptionally grand ones, into which a lot of effort has been put, we could still post larger files, but please don't count on that.

Thank you

The Ramsar Secretariat

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