World Wetlands Day 2008 -- Russian Federation


Dear colleagues,

We are writing to inform you about the way the Amur branch of WWF Russia has started the Year for Ramsar Wetlands in five provinces of the Amur River basin:

On February 1, a wave of press-conferences "Healthy Wetlands - Healthy People" dedicated to the International Wetlands Day swept across Khabarovsk and Amursk (Khabarovskii province), Birobidzhan (EAO), Blagoveshensk (Amurskya province), Vladivostok and Spassk-Dalnii (Primorskii province), and on February 6, in Chita (Chitinskaya province). A total of 35 mass media participated in the event including 16 newspapers, 13 TV-channels, 4 radio, and 2 information agencies. Press release on the event was posted on (in Russian);

Alongside, a number of the event-dedicated actions took place in villages and cities of the Amur ecoregion: photo exhibition "Green Belt of Amur" in the Tsasuchei village (the Daurskii nature reserve) and in the Kyra village (the Sokhondinskii NR); kids creativity exhibition in the Arkhara village (the Khinganskii NR); both photo exhibition and kids creativity exhibition in Komsomolsk (the Komsomolskii NR); presentation "Astonishing World of Wetlands" in 11 villages of Chitinskaya province; holiday "Live the Land of Khasan" in Spassk-Dalnii (Primorskii krai);

50 copies of the poster "Healthy Wetlands of Amur - Healthy People" were published and distributed (attached);

1000 copies of the wall calendar "Green Belt of Amur. Ramsar Wetlands" were published and distributed (attached);

50 copies of the map "Ramsar Wetlands of the Amur River Basin" were published and distributed (attached).

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