World Wetlands Day 2006 in Romania


Celebration of World Wetlands Day 2006 in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reseve

For the celebration of World Wetlands Day, on February 2nd 2006, Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority organised "the Day of Opened Gates at DDBRA". The programme was dedicated to the public who wanted to visit DDBRA's headquarters and it included: information activities concerning the DDBR importance as wetland of national and international value, as well as about the main protection and conservation activities of the reserve; visit of the Tulcea Information and Ecological Education Centre; presentation of documentary films about DDBR, dissemination of information materials.

Also, on February 2nd 2006, at the DDBRA headquarters took place an environmental actions program with the participation of students from the schools in Tulcea and young environmental volunteers who work together with DDBRA and IEWMC (the Information, Education in Waste Management Centre) Tulcea. The program emphasised wetlands importance, functions and value, through presentations and speciality reports, interactive games accompanied by debates.

The specialists who sustained speeches and scientific presentations at this event were representatives from Danube Delta National Research and Development Institute in Tulcea, from the County School Inspectorate and environmental volunteers from the Information and Education in Waste Management Centre, as well as representatives of the local mass-media.

Participant schools: "Grigore Antipa" School, "Alexandru Ciucurencu" School, "Nifon Balasescu" School, the Pedagogic High-School, "Grigore Moisil" High-School, the Agricultural College, Food Industry School Group, as well as students and teachers from Murighiol School.

Similar specific actions took place at the schools within DDBR perimeter: Sulina- DDBRA's Information Centre; Crisan School; Mila 23 School; Caraorman School; Chilia Veche School; Sf. Gheorghe School; but also at the schools in the limitrophe villages: Murighiol School and Mahmudia School Group.

The participant students at the celebration of World Wetlands Day organised by DDBRA have the great pleasure to send you the following message:

"Us too, the students and volunteers from Tulcea, and also the children living in the Danube Delta, we celebrated on February 2nd 2006, the World Wetlands Day.

Within our debates and presentations we talked about the value and functions of wetlands, about their importance, and we particularly commit ourselves to maintain their integrity and beauty for us and also for the next generations.

All of us have to admit that wetlands represent a great ecological, economic, natural, scientific and recreative value for our Planet, and their loss would be irreparable.

With this occasion we send from Romania our friendly regards to all the people that have the same concerns as us, who want wetlands to be sustainably used, for everybody's well-being".

Ecological Education, Information and Visitor Centers Department
Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority Tulcea (Romania)

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