World Wetlands Day 2005 -- Hungary


From: Schmidt András []
Sent: 07 February 2005 12:01

WWD report

Dear Colleagues,

Let me report to you on WWD in Hungary:

This year, we managed to organise a national event together with the Ramsar National Committee, the Koros-Maros National Park Directorate and the Szarvas Irrigation and Fisheries Research Institute. The event took place at the visitor centre of the Koros-Maros National Park Directorate at Szarvas. All ten national park directorates, all twelve water management directorates, local governments, etc had been invited. A radio report announced the event to the public on 29 January, and another, 30-minute report came on 4 February. The event consisted of presentations on the following topics:

Ramsar Convention, its objectives, and the Ramsar National Committee.
The Ramsar sites of the Koros-Maros National Park Directorate.
The Water Framework Directive in Hungary.
Wetland management under the Vasarhelyi Plan to create flood storage reserves along the river Tisza.
Wetlands and fish farming.
Linkages and overlaps between Important Bird Areas, Natura 2000 Areas and Ramsdar sites in Hungary and in Europe.
The practice of waterfowl and habitat protection at Lake Oreg of Tata.

Lecturers included the deputy state secretary for water management, the director of the Koros-Maros National Park, the director of the Szarvas Irrigation and Fisheries Research Institute, the chair of the Ramsar National Committee, as well as representatives from BirdLife Hungary and a local government.

The event was attended by over 70 participants from the level of NGOs and local governments to the local Member of Parliament.

After lunch, a brief "field visit" included a walk through the visitor centre and its 2 km nature trail along the Holt-Koros river, exploring the gallery woodland, and the features of the nature trail demonstrating nature education opportunities, such as a soil section, a "trench" to help adults go down to the level of grasses, beetles etc.

Despite the cold weather and the snow, even the excursion was successful and ended with waterbirds: a flock of about fifty geese including Greater Whitefronts (Anser albifrons) and Greylags (Anser anser) flew over the snowy fields and the enthusiastic spectators.

The poster and one of the stickers has been translated to Hungarian and delivered at the event. They will be distributed with the help of the Ministry of Education to all schools in Hungary.

Yours sincerely

Andras Schmidt

"There's wealth in wetland diversity
- don't lose it!"

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