World Wetlands Day 2005 -- Albania


Public Awareness Program for The 2 February 2005
"World Wetlands Day"

In the frame of the World Wetlands Day, the MedWet Coast Project organized an environmental competition among two schools of Narta project site (which included two communes: Novosela and Poro).

The purpose of the event was awareness rising among youngsters and pupils of local schools on protection status assigned for Narta ecosystem, acknowledging environmental values of their area and committing to higher nature conservation attitudes. In cooperation with "Adriatiku" NGO, Vlora District Education Directorate in collaboration with the schools of Novosele, Bishan, Poro, Delisuf, Dellenje, with the support of MedWetCoast Project. In this activity participated several students and teachers of the Novosela schools, and representatives of local community and Vlora Environmental NGOs, local authorities, representatives of Novosela Commune administration, MedWetCoast Project.

The competition commenced with some greeting notes from the local and MoE authorities and followed according to the theme chosen fro this day: "Knowing and preserving natural resources of our area".

Both representative team of Novosela and Poro schools were seriously prepared based on the reference material drafted by the project office and local experts with focus on the natural resources in the area, habitat and their conservations, cultural and historical resources and their relevance to a better environment, actions for improved management and nature protection.

The organizers conducted e pre-qualification competition (before 2 February 2005), which were organized between the schools of Novosele, Poro, Delisuf, Dellenje. The winner schools on these meetings competed on 2 February 2005. The background readings were left with the pupils of all school existing in this area, which enabled the organizers to pre-select two best schools as participants in the 2 February 2005, subject to better performance and knowledge combined with nature protection and biodiversity conservation issues. Thus teams representing Novosela School and Poro School tested their knowledge on environmental issues and those related to their school curricula on environmental disciplines.

MWC provided al the necessary publicity and thematic posters for this day (photo documentation, photo boards with focus on site views, banners etc. A prominent place was left to the RAMSAR 2 February 2005 promotional material (poster ad stickers).

Along with the competition, several artistic works, verses and imitations were played by the pupil s as dedication to environmental theme (including paintings from the sites views, songs, verses) dedicated to environment as well as to the local traditional social-economic life.

For the winners and participants were prepared and delivered Certificates of Recognition. The activity was presented at local media.

At the all the invited people and participants enjoyed a cocktail - meeting in the premises of the Novosela commune. [The MedWetCoast project has ended but the Web site can be found at (2007).]

"There's wealth in wetland diversity
- don't lose it!"

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